Do you have a strong desire for traditional work with underserved populations? So, think about being a doctor of psychology. You will be skilled at managing various clinical roles in the psychological industry.

Furthermore, you can work with other professional and competent psychologists.

You should get your PsyD in New York if that’s the case. The state houses some universities that provide psychologists with in-depth knowledge and practical experience.

Here are the best PsyD programs in New York.

APA-Accredited PsyD Programs New York

In addition, all New York doctoral psychology programs are 100% certified. This means you’ll have no problem processing a state license after graduation.

You will benefit significantly if you continue scrolling through this page. Further details will be provided concerning PsyD’s studies in New York.

You will learn about their PsyD degrees, courses, student programs, psychological skills, and admission criteria.

However, we will begin by examining learning outcomes in New York.

  • What Can I Learn in New York PsyD Programs?

There are a few things that you’ll learn if you study at one of New York’s Universities. Right now, we will describe a few of them so you can see the benefits of studying in this state.

  • You will gain training and experience in critical mental illness, dialectical behavior therapy, and interventions with high-risk families.
  • By engaging in clinical research and awareness, you will have the opportunity to acquire various clinical psychology research experiences.
  • You will receive intensive training in cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic therapy.
  • Through internships, you receive high-level supervision from faculty members, clinical managers, test supervisors, and community supervisors.
  • You’ll receive community mentorship through peer mentoring programs, face-to-face advisement, and alumni mentorship programs.

New York Ph.D. Psychology Doctoral Programs

There are lots of PsyD degrees in New York. It’s just a matter of what you want to specialize in.

Among these varieties of degrees are child/adolescent psychology, applied behavior analysis, counseling psychology, marriage and family therapy, forensic psychology, school counseling, developmental psychology, social work, clinical psychology, substance abuse/addiction counseling, human services, industrial/organizational psychology, and lots more.

PsyD Classes in NYC

The syllabus for PsyD studies at New York universities presents many fields of study.

This includes core courses and specialized areas. You will offer some of these classes in your early years of study, while others will be near the end of your studies.

In this capacity, some of the PsyD courses in New York include assessment of children, cognition, perception, and cognitive therapy, personality assessment, advanced psychopathology, behavioral assessment, clinical psychology in the public interest, psychological statistics, professional development, introduction to clinical research, ethical practice in clinical psychology, group intervention, biological basis of behavior, etc.

Schools Offering PsyD Programs in New York


  • Pace University

You’ll not regret completing your PsyD studies at Pace University. Their programs will prepare you to work as a leading health service provider with tremendous skills in the field.

This is entirely thanks to their study curriculum, which features a practitioner-scholar training model. It will train you to offer direct experiences with didactic preparation.

During your first year, you’ll complete your coursework in psychological assessment, diagnosing learning disabilities, and developmental psychology.

Then, in your second to fourth year, you’ll take more courses, including practicums, proficiency tests, and comprehensive exams.

Your fifth year will consist of an internship, which lasts only one year, plus a doctoral project.

How much you’ll spend on your education depends on whether you’re a state resident; however, the tuition averages around $1,352 per credit hour.

You can get more details about the school by visiting their official website.

  • Hofstra University

At Hofstra University, you’ll be prepared to become highly skilled in psychology.

APA fully accredits its PsyD courses and emphasizes community service training in diverse environments, including school settings. The area of focus is school-community psychology.

Moreover, their learning model is designed to educate you in the traditional roles of school psychology. These include psychological assessment and intervention, encouraging family and child functioning, and more.

You’ll spend up to $27,144 annually to obtain your doctorate in this field.

  • Long Island University

This is another fantastic institution where you can complete your PsyD studies.

The school offers a specialty in clinical psychology. Those who want to practice as clinical staff will find this program an excellent match.

During your studies, you’ll be asked to choose a concentration area. Available options include dialectical behavior, severe mental illness, therapy interventions, high-risk families, and more.

You must balance coursework with clinical training in your second year. Such training is to be completed in a certified patient-care facility.

Then, your third and fourth years will be satisfied with a supervised externship at a training facility in the state.

The amount you’ll commit for your education is about $52,000 annually. You can find more details about their PsyD courses by visiting their official website.

  • University of Albany

Do you want to have a doctorate in school psychology? Then this institution is for you. They offer a PsyD in clinical psychology to prepare learners to work in the reflective practice of the field.

You’ll take courses such as psychological theory, research, and practice. This will help you contribute to the potential of children and families while respecting individual and cultural diversity.

Moreover, their program is designed to teach you how to integrate psychological research theory and establish scientific inquiry methods in practice.

Tuition-free at this school is around $21,000 for in-state students and $44,400 for learners out-of-state.

  • Adelphi University

Similarly, this institution offers a PsyD in school psychology.

The aim is to prepare you for advanced careers in the academic sector. As a graduate in this field, you can positively impact the lives of students, families, and immediate communities.

Moreover, you can extend your exemplary skills and training in the clinical, consultative, and diagnostic areas.

How much you will spend on your education depends on a few factors. These include your residential status and number of courses, among others. While true, you’re more likely to spend up to $1,395 per credit hour.

  • Roberts Wesleyan College

If you want to specialize in clinical and school psychology, consider enrolling in this institution.

Their PsyD is a four-year study that includes desertion and deals with issues linked to the practice of school and clinical psychology.

During your studies, you’ll take up to 96 credit-hour courses. You’ll offer subjects like advanced developmental psychology, cognitive-affective bases of behavior, assessment and psychological measurement, group dynamics and counseling, etc.

The tuition fee range is around $1,010 per credit hour. You can pay more or less than this amount, depending on your residential status and number of credit hours, among other factors.

  • Yeshiva University

This institution will be ideal for those interested in PsyD in clinical and school psychology.

For over five decades, they have been offering these studies with the approval of the APA. The study lasts four or five years, depending on your chosen entry route.

During your studies, you’ll be provided with doctoral-level training in the empirical and conceptual foundations of the field.

You’ll cover some courses: therapeutic approaches, lifespan development, psychoeducational assessment, child therapy, adult psychopathology, and more.

Before you finish, you’ll be mandated to complete an externship. It usually occurs in a school, mental health clinic, or hospital. Students must complete at least 1,750 hours of supervised clinical training before they finish.

But how much does tuition cost? Well, it depends on a few factors, including your residential status. However, you’re more likely to spend up to $35,100 annually.

  • Alfred University

You can also include this university in your list.

They offer a PsyD degree with a concentration in school psychology. The course is fully approved by APA and designed to help you practice advanced psychological skills in school, family, and child settings.

The studies are also geared toward preparing students for leadership positions in different areas.

These include supervision and administration, hospitals, applied research, higher education, mental health agencies, and more.

Therefore, the study curriculum follows a practitioner-scientist model to achieve the goal.

The program duration is three years of full-time coursework and practice. You’ll also spend a year on a full-time doctoral internship and complete a dissertation project.

Once you’re done with your coursework and dissertation, you are fit to be called a graduate. This is where you’ll obtain your license to operate unrestricted.

  • St. John’s University

You’ll learn a lot if you obtain your PsyD at this school. Their courses are fully certified by the APA and other certifying bodies. The program typically lasts five years and consists of three tacks.

They are bilingual, general, and advanced standing track. The bilingual track is aimed at preparing you for bilingual certification. You’ll cover special practicums and coursework.

Some courses you’ll take include developmental psychology, psychoeducational assessment, cognitive psychotherapies, interviewing skills, and more.

After completing your coursework, you must take a comprehensive exam and write a dissertation.

Finally, the advanced standing track requires the completion of 50 credits at minimum, including dissertations, practicums, and school psychology internships.

Elementary Education Model

Most universities in New York use the Primary Educational Model for their PsyD studies.

This is an advanced education model based on the practical application of knowledge. It is designed to provide clinical psychologists with hands-on competencies.

All doctoral psychology programs under this New York educational model are compatible with a redefinition of a scientific-practical relationship.

They build their program on two theoretical guidelines.

They consist of psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral orientations. You’re encouraged to use these scientific methods in clinical thinking and practice.

Doctoral Expertise In Psychology

Every New York university aims to equip PsyD students with diverse skills for effective psychological practice. That’s why they integrated excellent skills into their core syllabus.

These skills include psychological ethics, individual and cultural diversity, research and assessment, professional development, evaluation, counseling and supervision, intervention, and focus.

NY Psychology Students Organizations/Programs

Universities in New York have diverse, enriching programs and organizations from which PsyD researchers can benefit.

These programs can provide a support network of students sharing a common interest in diversity. They also promote cultural and minority awareness.

Also, professional psychologists in the community will share their experiences and expertise with you. This way, you will learn from them and enhance your existing skills.

Among New York universities’ student programs/organizations are the Peer Mentor Program, Doctoral Student Association (DSA), Safe Zone Project, Students for Multicultural Advancement in Research and Training (SMART), Spanish for Mental Health Professionals, etc.

PsyD Alumni in New York

One of the exciting things about PsyD studies in New York is that its academic institutions have strong Alumni. These former students provide various opportunities for PsyD students in the state.

The aim is to improve their education both theoretically and practically.

Other opportunities available include mentoring, research assistantships, disparity of service, fellowship projects, community supervision of psychological service centers, and many more.

Term of NYC PsyD Programs

Doctoral programs in psychology in New York usually run for 4 to 7 years.

However, how long your studies last depends on several factors. That’s the type of university, specialty, and certificate you gain admission with.

Those who enroll with an undergraduate degree spend five to seven years in school. At the same time, those who have been admitted with a master’s degree spend 4-6 years.

Entry Criteria for New York PsyD Studies

You must meet specific admission requirements before being accepted to study PsyD in New York. These requisites are described hereunder.

  • You must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in psychology or other related fields.
  • You must submit three letters of recommendation from previous educational institutions and workplaces.
  • Researchers in non-English speaking countries must submit proof of their English language proficiency.
  • Some institutions will ask you to write about your skills and how they will assist you in your psychological practice.
  • You’ll be required to submit your previous academic transcripts. Please note that an international organization must translate transcripts into non-English languages.
  • All PsyD admission requests should be completed via the Internet. More so, you must pay a certain amount to apply.

There are many great PsyD programs in New York. You can venture into one that fits your career goals. However, you ought to be aware that there is intense competition for PsyD programs and jobs in the state.

In this capacity, you must ensure that you have all the necessary documents for admission.