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Doctoral Psychology Programs in California

Would you like to become a trained psychologist? Think of studying and becoming licensed in California.

Their academic institutions offer graduate degrees in psychology, including PsyD. If you attend one of their universities, you will be endowed with advanced knowledge and practical experience in psychology.

This will help you work at the upper echelons of society.

Are California PsyD Programs Fully Approved?

The relevant organizations fully endorse all academic institutions in California that offer PsyD education.

This means they meet all the standards required for doctoral studies in psychology.

Such regulators include the American Psychological Association (APA), the Commission on Accreditation (COA), And the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Universities that Offer PsyD Programs in California


  • Pepperdine University

Consider this school if you want to obtain a PsyD in clinical or forensic psychology. Their program is a top contender among other APA-certified PsyD courses in the state.

Students will be prepared for work as certified experts in their respective communities. The study curriculum features 82 credit hours, including internships and dissertation projects.

It takes approximately four years to finish a PsyD studies at Pepperdine University. You’ll take several psychometrics and cognitive assessment courses during your learning period.

Others include clinical psychopathology, professional ethics, advanced treatment, and more.

  • Loma Linda University

You can count on this school for excellent PsyD studies.

It’s a private, non-profit institution offering clinical health, child psychology, and neuropsychology concentration tracks. The program typically lasts five years, and you’ll be qualified for licensure.

However, the study curriculum qualifies students to practice with a specified group of people in different settings. You’ll cover about 168 credit hours, hands-on training and clinical practice, and doctoral research during your studies.

Some courses you’ll take include quantitative research methods, wholeness and health, clinical assessment, psychological science, wholeness and health, and more.

Moreover, you’ll receive practicum placement and complete one-on-one academic research alongside a clinical mentor. Such placement typically takes place in the hospital and other community health centers.

  • Biola University

This is another fantastic school where you can obtain your PsyD in California.

APA has been fully accredited for its program since the early 1980s. They offer a concentration area in clinical psychology that blends empirical science with spirituality and ministry.

Their primary objective is to prepare students to nurture a person spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and professionally within a clinical setting.

The study duration is typically 5–6 years, depending on your entry format. During these periods, you’ll cover a total of 133 semester hours.

You’ll take systems psychology, developmental psychology, and psychoanalysis theory courses. You may also take courses in religion and theology before moving on to doctoral research.

After completing your coursework, you must pass several qualifying exams. This is to test your abilities in the field.

  • Fuller Theological Seminary

As with other universities, you can obtain your PsyD in clinical psychology at this institution.

Their program has been fully certified by the APA and WASC since 1972. They aim to train students to become experts who can provide clinical services and implement innovative treatment plans.

The study lasts five to six years, depending on your entry route. During your studies, you’ll take a minimum of 258 credit hours. These courses place a high emphasis on field training.

You’ll also gain clinical experience at the eight local community programs operated by the campus psychological center and placement in the greater LA area.

  • Alliant International University

Consider enrolling in this school for a PsyD in clinical psychology, marital and family therapy, or organization development.

Their courses aim to focus on hands-on training, mentoring, and multiculturalism. Students will also be prepared for professional psychological services across diverse populations.

The study duration is typically four years. You’ll cover topics in multicultural community psychology, family/child and couple psychology, clinical health psychology, and more.

After completing your coursework, you must intern before completing a dissertation project. The tuition cost ranges between $37,975 and $49,000.

  • The Wright Institute

Are you looking for a hyper-focused specialty school offering only academic psychology training?

Then this is the right place for you. The university provides a PsyD in clinical psychology, which has been accredited since 1998. Their program typically lasts around five to six years.

You’ll take several courses during your studies to help you manage the clinical psychology sector efficiently. In addition to coursework, you’ll also complete an internship and dissertation project before you finish.

  • Azusa Pacific University

In California, this school is among the Christian colleges that offer PsyD degrees in clinical psychology.

Their program is fully certified by relevant authorities such as APA, WASC, and COA. Moreover, it has a licensure rate of about 81%, which is among the highest for California PsyD courses.

The PsyD program at Azusa Pacific University employs the practitioner-scholar model. This is to apply the science of psychological theory to clinical practice in a wide range of healthcare settings.

During your studies, you’ll take about 133 semester units to be completed within five to six years. There are two entry pathways for those interested in the program.

For those with an MA in psychology, there’s only one pathway.

  • John F. Kennedy University

JFK University is another renowned institution that offers Psy.D. studies.

Their courses have been authenticated by APA since 2003, with a licensure rate of 70%. The school aims to train students to provide comprehensive and culturally sensitive services.

Moreover, it’s aimed at preparing you to serve multicultural communities as a clinical evaluator, assessment expert, and critical consumer of psychological research.

Therefore, you’ll be required to finish a dissertation project plus 144 credit hours of coursework during your studies. In addition to coursework, you’ll also take 36 units of internships, either full-time or part-time.

How much you’ll spend on your education depends on a few factors. These include your residential status and number of credit hours, among others.

However, the price is around $38,098 annually.

  • University of La Verne

Don’t hesitate to enroll in your PsyD studies at this institution. It’s a private and not-for-profit university with a clinical psychology concentration.

Their program has been fully approved by APA since 2003 and has a licensure rate of 79%. This means that after your graduation, you’re more likely to get certified.

The University of La Verne’s PsyD courses deliver the knowledge and skills to prepare competent clinical psychologists. That way, they can promote the mental health and welfare of individuals, groups, communities, and the public.

The study duration is typically five years when taken full-time. You’ll be required to take an empirical dissertation and 1,500 clinical practicum hours during this period.

Moreover, you’ll be required to complete at least 1,500 hours of internship to meet all pre-doctoral licensure essentials in the state.

How much you’ll commit to your education depends on a few elements. A few include your residential status and total number of credit hours.

However, you’re more likely to spend up to $37,600 annually.

California Psychology Doctorate Study Fields

There are many courses in the PsyD academic syllabus. These include specialty areas, electives, and fieldwork. It would help if you chose a specialized area to become your career path.

Have a look at these areas of research below.

  • Clinical psychology
  • Psychology of Resilience and Response to Trauma
  • Psychoanalysis in Psychology
  • Strategies of clinical supervision and consultation
  • Evidence-based Practice/in Psychology
  • Supervision of clinical interventions
  • Applied health psychology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Behavioral neurosciences
  • Psychology of Spirituality and Religion

Acceptance Rate for PsyD Studies in California

Getting admission to study for a PsyD in California is pretty tricky. The reason is that most universities across the province have meager acceptance rates.

This makes entry highly competitive. However, interested applicants who have satisfied all admission standards are more likely to be accepted. Now you can see the ball is in your court.

You only need to acquire the credentials to study for PsyD in California. You will learn about California’s PsyD intake standards as you continue reading.

Criteria for PsyD Admission in California

Intake standards for PsyD programs in California vary by university. So, your choice of university determines the means you have to meet.

However, we have listed a few standard requirements for PsyD studies in California.

Check them below.

  • Candidates must have a minimum GPA of 3.0. However, certain universities only accept a minimum of 3.5 to 3.8
  • Scholars must have an MSW or BSW in Psychology or other related courses. Please note that your certificate must be obtained through an approved institution.
  • You must submit letters of recommendation from your old school or employer.
  • Most schools in California demand GRE scores for PsyD studies. You may present its equivalent if there is an absence of GRE scores.
  • Interested candidates will be invited for an interview regarding their education.
  • Most universities in the province will require you to write a dissertation concerning your career goals in psychology.
  • You may also be required to submit previous academic transcripts for review.
  • Admission requests must be completed through the Internet. There is a fee for such a request.

These are essentially the requisites for PsyD studies in California. Visit your institution’s official webpage for more details on their entry essentials.

How Long Does it Take to Finish PsyD in California?

Two factors affect the length of PsyD studies in California.

They include the type of university and the field of specialization you select. Typically, doctorate programs in psychology in this area are designed to last for four years.

However, some courses last five or six years. Perhaps it’s because they have many teaching credits.

California PsyD Study Delivery

California academic institutions provide two study options for PsyD fellows.

These are campus-based and online studies. You can take either of these teaching methods part-time or full-time. Let’s talk a little bit about them.

  • On-Campus Studies

Learning on campus means attending classes and other classroom activities on the school premises.

Most scholars prefer this learning format because it’s a chance to build relationships. You will also have a structured course, time, and an answer to your questions immediately.

However, the study delivery is accompanied by additional expenses. It would be best if you handled campus housing, transportation, health insurance, books, etc.

  • Online Studies

This option will suit those looking for a flexible, inexpensive, practical study method.

It offers scholars the chance to connect with classmates across the globe and has chosen conference schedules. On top of that, you can combine school with other extracurricular activities.

The only downside to this learning style is that you don’t have room for an in-person discussion. What’s more, you need a PC and good Internet connectivity.

Otherwise, you might encounter a network failure course of receiving lectures.

How Much Does A Doctoral Degree In Psychology In California Cost?

Your tuition depends on the type of university and your chosen field of interest.

Another factor that could influence your tuition costs is the availability of scholarships. Meanwhile, keep in mind that private universities in California are more expensive than publicly funded schools.

Studying PsyD in California costs an average of $28,560 to $42,978 per term. Therefore, if your study term is four years, be prepared to spend around $114,240-$171,912.

We have universities in the province asking for as much as $270,000. Everything depends upon the factors listed above.

Now, you can see great schools in California offer PsyD-certified programs. These institutions can give you the skills you need to practice psychology.

Moreover, you will be open to various employment opportunities within the state. Sure, you know the salary of PsyD grads in California is pretty cool.

So why wait? Go ahead and register.