5 Dental Grants in Missouri for Free Dentures & Care

Most dental grant programs in Missouri target underserved communities, low-income individuals, and households.

Also, persons with disabilities, the elderly (seniors), and those with health conditions that complicate dental health can get dental grants. So, do you belong to any of these categories?

You’ll find this article helpful.

Dental Grants Missouri

With the rising costs of dental procedures, many Missourians cannot foot their oral care expenses. This is one of the reasons why dental grants have become popular, as they significantly lower or offer free services.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a Missourian looking for dental grants. The goal is to provide you with as much relevant information as possible.

When Searching for Donated Dental Services in Missouri

Your search for a suitable dental grant program in Missouri would only be meaningful when the process is systematic. To help out, we’ve included information on things to look out for.

Such includes information on eligibility (who can apply for the grant), grant types, how to apply, and finding the most suitable grant program.

This is necessary because Missouri has multiple dental grant programs, each with unique guidelines, the scope of coverage, target audience, and locations covered.

This makes it necessary to broaden your search by comparing multiple dental grant programs. With this approach, you can find one more appropriate to your needs.

Eligibility Requirements for Dental Grants in Missouri

In your quest to find appropriate dental grants, it’s vital first to determine your suitability. Here, we’re talking about the eligibility requirements for accessing these grants.

It’s no secret that every grant program in Missouri has its set of requirements for which interested persons must qualify. While eligibility requirements may vary from program to program, some similarities exist.

These can be seen in the target location. Some dental grant programs in Missouri are only available to Missourians. In other words, you’ll need to be a resident of Missouri to apply.

However, you’ll find programs with national coverage. You don’t have to live in Missouri to apply as long as you’re a citizen or legal resident of the United States.

For nonprofit organizations applying for dental grants in Missouri, requirements may include the recipient showing a track record of providing dental services to Missourians.

A budget showing how the monies will be spent, an agreement to provide a final report on the project, and a grant proposal outlining goals, objectives, and activities may be required.

Free Dentures and Dental Care in Missouri

Finding the right dental grant can be challenging, especially with limited information. The information here gives you the assistance you require.

With people having varying dental needs, finding one that’s more suitable is essential. Some programs to explore include the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services and Delta Dental.

Missourians can also apply to dental grant programs like the Midwest Special Needs Trust, Dental Lifeline Network, and Dental School grants.

There are more grant programs like Give Kids a Smile (GKAS), Missouri Missions of Mercy (MOM), and Missouri Medicaid (MO HealthNet).

i. Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services

The Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services is one of several programs offering citizens low-cost dental services. Under its program, diversity is the watchword.

Beneficiaries of its dental grant include women, adults, pregnant women, persons with disabilities, seniors, parents, children, and the visually impaired.

ii. Delta Dental

Delta Dental is another grant program offering free and discounted dental treatments. It supports nonprofits, dental clinics, and educational institutions involved in oral health promotion.

So, is Delta Dental the perfect option for your dental needs? You’ll have to find out by contacting the program and comparing it with other alternatives provided.

iii. Midwest Special Needs Trust

Are you a Missourian with a verifiable social security disability? If yes, the Midwest Special Needs Trust grant is one you can apply to for your dental care needs.

With grant amounts of $2,000, this has helped many Missouri residents without quality access to dental care to find discounted treatments.

Want to explore the opportunity further? Visit its site today.

iv. Dental Lifeline Network

Take advantage of the Dental Lifeline Network grant to cover all your dental care needs.

The grant requirements include being over 65, proof of permanent disability, and a clear need for medically necessary dental care.

This grant is available to persons in the following counties: Audrain, Boone, Buchanan, Cape Girardeau, Clark, Cole, and Greene.

Grant applications are also accepted from Missouri Counties like Henry, Jackson, Knox, Laclede, Lewis, Livingston, Marion, Osage, Pettis, Phelps, Platte, Pulaski, Scotland, St. Charles, and Vernon.

v. Dental School Grants

Dental schools are known to offer discounted dental services to people in need. In Missouri, you can take advantage of these by visiting two of its finest university dental schools: A.T. Still University – Missouri School of Dentistry & Oral Health, Kirksville, MO, and the UMKC School of Dentistry – Kansas City, Mo.

How to Apply 

For your application to be successful, knowing how to apply for dental grants is necessary. This starts with detailed research about grant options available.

Not every grant may align with your needs. This is why you need to find out what’s available and the scope of coverage. If you’re reading this, you’ve already started researching grant options.

Preparing your application should be the next step in applying for a dental grant. Here, you’ll need all the relevant documents.

These may include personal information, letters of support, organizational information, a resume or CV, a proposal, and any other document requested by the grant program.

You’ll need to find this information by exploring each grant opportunity to know exactly what’s needed. Complete and submit your grant application, including a compelling proposal.

After submission, the wait begins. Patience must be exercised as grant application review may take some time. You’ll also have to follow up on the process to know the progress and determine if additional information is required.

Missouri Dental Insurance

Grants aren’t the only option to foot the bills for oral care in Missouri. You can also get health insurance that covers part or all of the treatment costs.

All you need to do is ask your insurance provider or employer if such opportunities are available. If yes, check their policies to select the best one.

That said, the government or private entities often provide insurance coverage for dental care in Missouri.

Interested candidates are required to pay premiums to buy a dental insurance plan. There are monthly, quarterly, and yearly packages you can choose from. Everything depends on your preference.

Meanwhile, dental insurance coverage in Missouri typically covers three areas of oral care. They include preventive, primary, and significant services.

Preventive services consist of cleanings, X-rays, exams, and more. The essential services include fillings and other non-surgical operations.

But are there oral treatments that aren’t covered by health insurance? Oh yes! There are certain oral care products that most insurance companies don’t include in their policies.

Such treatments include teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, and orthodontics or braces. Before applying for an insurance plan, ensure you know how they work, where to get them, and how much they cost.


Your dental treatments don’t have to be costly with grants available.

These significantly discount the process or offer treatment for free. Dental grants in Missouri are varied, and it’s best to compare the different options to find one that’s most suitable.