8 Alternative Careers for Social Workers that Pay More

Here are some highly rewarding careers similar to social work if you want to switch professions.

Social workers are trained to work with various societal groups.

In this capacity, they can adapt to various work environments. That includes hospitals, government agencies, private institutions, non-profit organizations, commercial institutions, etc.

While most social work jobs are highly remunerative, we still have entry-level jobs that are less remunerative.

Jobs Similar to Social Work That Pay More

Social workers who earn so little work in rural regions and organizations that pay less. In other cases, they have weaker educational qualifications and experience.

But anyway, there are alternative jobs for social workers that are well-paid. If you want to find a few alternate jobs, keep reading this blog post.

We’ll describe some of the higher-paying social work-like jobs. Also, we’ll show you what kinds of skills are transferable to these jobs.

Alternative Jobs for Social Workers for  Career Change

Right now, we will list some jobs similar to social work that pay more. Some of these jobs are in a variety of institutions, including online.

Let’s see some non-traditional jobs for social workers in the interest of time.

  • Non-profit Manager

Working as a director of a not-for-profit organization entails several responsibilities. Nevertheless, the job has numerous personal, financial, and professional benefits.

Some of their responsibilities include coordinating social work programs, public events, and other services that promote community health.

To become a non-profit manager, you don’t require advanced certification. Your BSW is sufficiently qualified for this position. But you need some skills such as multitasking and service.

This allows you to work in several regions. The compensation for managers of not-for-profit organizations is approximately $69,600 annually.

  • Director of Corporate Social Responsibilities

As a professional social worker, you can become a corporate social responsibility administrator. Your role will be to develop and implement policies that will positively affect the community.

Other tasks include charitable donations, the promotion of volunteering, and reducing the organization’s carbon footprint. An average corporate social responsibility manager earns $93,400 per year.

  • Veteran’s Affairs, Social Workers

Social workers provide community care through admission, treatment, assessment, and follow-up.

Their responsibilities include discharge planning, high-risk tracing, crisis response, case management, etc. If you work as a social worker in veterans affairs, you will receive an average of $69,454 a year.

  • Career Counselor

Career advisors are experts who use their skills to help clients manage their lives.

They may provide such support for individual or group customers. To become a career counselor, you must have the same skills as a social workers.

Career advisors make between $50,000 a year in compensation for the profession. This is more than what some social work jobs are paying.

  • Human Resource Manager

Are you interested in moving from social work to human resources?

There are many leadership roles that human resources managers can play. They’re expected to coordinate, plan, and direct an organization’s business processes.

Other duties include supervising employee benefits and equal employment opportunities, addressing sexual harassment, conducting employee interviews, and more.

The average yearly salary for human resource managers is approximately $98,529 to $121,220. That is double the wages of specific social jobs.

  • Consultants

There are three main types of consultants.

We have management consultants, technical consultants, and scientific consultants. Whatever consultant you wish to become, your job will be to advise clients and organizations on research and risk analysis.

However, before you can become a consultant, you’ll need specific skills. They include problem-solving, calculating risks, conducting extensive research, excellent communicative skills, and much more.

The average salary for consultants is around $65,000 to $70,000 annually.

  • Real Estate Agent

This is another excellent alternate job for social workers. Social workers with negotiation, communication, technical, and interpersonal skills will find the position appropriate.

Your job will be to assist clients with purchasing and selling properties.

This could be a home, land, or other property. If you work as a realtor, you will return home with an average salary of $95,288 per year.

  • High School Teacher

If you are passionate about teaching as a social worker, you may be interested in becoming a high school teacher. Your work will involve training and managing young scholars in an academic setting.

Other responsibilities you can exercise include caring, supporting, mentoring, and assisting researchers in the struggles of adulthood.

The average income for a secondary school teacher is around $60,320 a year.

Transferable Social Work Skills

Social workers have a large number of skills that they can use in other careers. Below are some of these skills.

  • soft skills
  • technological skills, interpersonal skills,
  • Critical thinking skills
  • excellent communication skills
  • negotiation skills,
  • Complex problem-solving skills
  • organizational skills, etc.

Having all these skills, you can pursue any alternative jobs for social workers.

Ways To Look For A Job Similar To Social Work

There are several ways in which you can employ and find jobs similar to social work.

They include updating your resumé, connecting with people, using appropriate resources, communicating with professionals, developing relevant skills, and attending seminars and career fairs.

Let’s briefly discuss a couple of them to understand better.

  • Keeping your Resume up-to-date

Updating your CV is critical when looking for alternate jobs as a social worker.

For this purpose, your Resume should include work experience, accomplishments, transferable skills, and other qualifications. Once your CV has the listed credentials, you are ready for any job.

  • Reach Out To Individuals

It would be best to build a network with professionals in areas that interest you.

That’s one way of learning and finding new jobs. Therefore, contact professional consultants if you want to become a consultant.

  • Develop relevant Skills

Just as all social work jobs require various relevant skills, the same holds for other alternative jobs.

Some relevant skills you must possess include computer literacy, analytical skills, technical skills, excellent communication skills, and many more.

If you don’t care about any social work jobs, just above are a few alternative jobs you can explore. As you can see, the compensation for those jobs is more than for some social work jobs.

All you need is to be a qualified social worker.