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Let’s check the accreditation status for PsyD Studies in South Carolina.

PsyD Programs South Carolina

South Carolina universities employ the practitioner-scholar model to equip psychologists with state-of-the-art understanding, mastery, and values in the psychological sciences and medical services.

This allows you to work with underserved populations in various contexts. If you wish to become a doctor of psychology, this state is the perfect place for you.

Certification for PsyD Studies in South Carolina

All universities in South Carolina that offer PsyD programs have their studies fully authorized by the relevant regulatory agencies.

Among these agencies are the National Association of School Psychology (NASP), Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System (PCSAS), American Psychological Association (APA), Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE), and Commission for Higher Learning.

These universities must have all the skills to teach advanced psychology to be approved by these regulators.

Study Emphasis

Graduate psychology programs in South Carolina focus on multiple elements. But for now, we’re just going to discuss two: environmental wellness and engaging with the environment.

Community well-being will teach you to incorporate cultural considerations into applied research and practice. Emphasis is laid on understanding the role of societal influences on psychological well-being.

On the other hand, engaging with the environment will prepare you for a career in clinical science research, political leadership positions, service agencies, not-for-profit work, independent practice, and many more.

These community engagements are designed to help you solve societal problems.

Top 20 PsyD Schools in South Carolina

As mentioned, South Carolina has many universities offering graduate-level psychology courses. You can enroll in one of these schools to finish your PsyD education.

They’ll give you excellent instruction to succeed in your chosen area. The top 20 PsyD programs in South Carolina are shown below.

  1. Medical University of South Carolina

Psychology students at the Medical University of South Carolina are said to receive the highest education possible there. They are dedicated to offering the best clinical treatment, research, and training in their PsyD programs.

Additionally, they offer a committed and gifted faculty that will teach you how to treat mental illness and addiction with the highest quality of patient care.

  1. University of South Carolina-Columbia

You can rely on this university to offer top-notch psychology doctoral programs. Their courses give students practical research and clinical experience, preparing them for a stimulating future.

Students can cover topics that pique their interest, select a concentration, and locate a faculty mentor. You’ll also acquire the experience to give them the finest care possible.

  1. University of South Carolina

You can get the best education possible at the University of South Carolina.

APA and other accreditors have fully certified all of their PsyD studies. Pupils will receive advanced training in health service psychology and psychological science.

Clinicians and community psychologists can use bridge programs that address essential individual, family, and community factors.

  1. College of Charleston

You will be happy that this university awarded you a doctorate in psychology.

APA and other accrediting bodies fully recognize these courses. This school can be perfect for students who wish to work as professionals in psychology.

  1. Furman

Furman University is an excellent place to further your psychology studies. Outstanding instruction and research in a variety of fields are priorities for them.

Their demanding graduate program gives students a theoretical and methodological foundation in the fundamentals of psychology.

  1. Citadel Military College of South Carolina

This is one of South Carolina’s most esteemed universities.

Graduate programs there will teach you the foundational ideas of the most significant fields of study. These classes also enhance their understanding of the diversity of human experience.

Before finishing your studies, you’ll develop the skills to conduct research, think critically, come to reasonable conclusions, and effectively communicate your ideas.

  1. Winthrop University

This learning center offers the best instruction you could ask for.

Their graduate psychology programs aim to train professionals who can provide schools with comprehensive psychological services.

These include research, psychoeducational assessment, behavioral intervention, counseling, program planning and evaluation, and consultancy.

You’ll be ready to collaborate with a range of clients from early childhood to young adulthood, including those with disabilities that occur infrequently, as well as with families, educators, and members of the community and schools.

  1. University of South Carolina, Aiken

You’ll be happy that this university awarded you your PsyD degree. They allow graduate students to enhance their knowledge, abilities, dispositions, and self-awareness.

To become highly skilled and moral scientist-practitioners equipped to incorporate multicultural and evidence-based practices into their professional work.

  1. Columbia College-South Carolina

You’ll appreciate earning your PsyD education from this learning center.

The school will teach you the fundamentals of psychological research and practice the evaluation and application of research findings.

They’ll also help you understand behavior from multiple perspectives, including abnormal, social, developmental, cognitive, and biological.

  1. Coastal Carolina University

This university offers fascinating graduate degrees in psychology that you might look into.

Students can choose from the focus areas and specific training these programs provide. You are free to explore any field that aligns with your professional objectives.

The staff at the institution is outstanding; they make lovely teachers and are engaged researchers. These professionals will provide the necessary information to succeed in your chosen field.

  1. Claflin University

Claflin University can provide you with the most excellent education possible. The school offers courses that will equip you to pursue graduate work in various specialized disciplines or start various career routes.

You’ll be prepared with skills in career management, problem-solving and critical thinking, written and oral communication, professionalism and work ethic, and cooperation and teamwork.

  1. Columbia International University

Do you wish to pursue a doctorate in counseling and psychology? Then you should attend this school. Their programs offer a customized learning experience based on your career objectives.

You’ll learn more about the basic principles of psychology. You can acquire specialized training in theory, psychotherapy, occupational psychology, human lifespan development, and more.

  1. Converse University

One of the few women-only universities in the country is Converse College. They provide excellent graduate psychology programs.

This school is perfect for MMFT students who wish to advance their education. You will be provided classroom education and hands-on training in an actual scenario.

  1. Clemson University

Clemson University is an excellent location for PsyD coursework.

The APA ultimately certifies the doctoral psychology programs offered by the school. Essential psychological theories and principles are applied to organizations in the study program.

This aims to equip students with the theoretical underpinnings, quantitative technique skills, research design knowledge, and hands-on problem-solving abilities needed to handle human issues in the workplace.

These are the best universities in South Carolina where you can finish your PsyD program. Select the one you believe will provide the finest instruction.

If none are available, you can look at other colleges nationwide that offer similar programs. We’ve listed a couple of them so you can decide which to select.

  1. Mesa Community College

Mesa Community College in Arizona offers PsyD programs. The curriculum places a lot of emphasis on helping students advance their psychological knowledge and skills.

Graduates can find employment in various sectors, including management, market research, human resources, and social services.

  1. Midwestern University Glendale Campus

A doctoral degree in clinical psychology is offered at Midwestern University. The course has been entirely accredited by the APA and other accrediting bodies.

Giving pupils an in-depth knowledge of the theoretical foundations of clinical psychology is its primary objective. Along with these practical abilities, students will learn how to work in therapeutic environments.

  1. Roberts Wesleyan University

Roberts Wesleyan University offers the best education to which you are entitled.

They provide a range of PsyD programs that give students the knowledge, skills, and values they need to be successful in their chosen fields.

Students have the opportunity to take part in a transformative educational experience at this institution.

  1. Herzing University

Herzing University has been a reputable university, providing excellent education for over 50 years.

The school offers a wide range of programs and degrees to meet the needs of students from different backgrounds. They also work very hard to prepare students for high-paying jobs in fields that are in high demand, including psychology.

  1. University of Colorado at Boulder (UCB)

You can count on this college to provide the best PsyD education available.

DevelopiOne of their objectives is to develop lists that can integrate clinical, theoretical, and resource information to improve people’s quality of life.

One of their objectives is to finish challenging coursework, a dissertation, a research practicum, a clinical practicum, and a full-time internship before graduation.

  1. Servicios de la Raza

Servicios de La Raza has been offering community services for many years. They have strong beliefs in social justice and equality.

The group seeks to uplift and empower marginalized people through various initiatives and services. They will ensure everyone has access to the resources and support they need to thrive in this way.

Finding a school to complete your PsyD studies in South Carolina should be easy.

As you can see, there are several of them that you can explore. Please pick the one that matches your career goals. But before making a choice, ensure you learn more about their programs.

Doctoral Psychology Degrees in South Carolina

There are various PsyD degree options in South Carolina.

These degrees are awarded based on the specialty areas you select while studying PsyD. As such, you should choose a size consistent with your career goals.

Among the kinds of PsyD degrees available in South Carolina are behavioral psychology, marriage and family therapy, social psychology, human service, counseling, cognitive psychology, social work, occupational therapy, industrial psychology, speech pathology, substance abuse/addiction counseling, clinical psychology, applied behavior analysis, child/adolescent psychology, and lots more.

PsyD Courses in South Carolina

The syllabus for doctoral psychology programs is extensive. It includes courses allowing you to acquire academic knowledge and experience in advanced psychology.

Among the courses you’ll offer in your PsyD studies are Advanced Research Methods and Statistics, the Teaching of Psychology, The Biological and Affective Basis of Behavior, Internal Doctoral Practicum, child and Family Systems and Intervention, Multicultural Psychology, Professional Consultation in Health Service Psychology, advanced cognitive psychology, external doctoral internship, dissertation, etc.

  • Elective Courses

Various electives are included in the PsyD syllabus in South Carolina. You’ll offer some of these electives while completing your doctoral studies.

That’s to broaden your knowledge in other fields related to psychology.

Some PsyD electives you’ll take include leadership, groups, and teams, school-based consultation, advanced quantitative methods, management, human resources, advanced seminars in clinical psychology, health and disease, cognitive process, health care, aging, etc.

South Carolina PsyD Competencies 

PsyD studies in South Carolina focus on mastering professional competencies based on evidence-based practice. These competencies include assessment, therapy, monitoring, and counseling.

Field Placements

All PsyD fellows in South Carolina are required to complete hands-on training under the supervision of a registered psychologist. This idea is to allow you to apply your theoretical knowledge.

As you work under the guidance of a registered and professional psychologist, you’ll be equipped with practical experience. This will help you carry out your clinical work in an effective manner.

Meanwhile, schools in South Carolina have partnered with several agencies to accept PsyD students on practicum.

They include correctional centers, counseling centers, hospitals, the criminal justice system, community health services, recovery homes, and much more.

School Facilities

Schools in South Carolina feature magnificent modern facilities to offer students the best education. Among these facilities are several evaluations and therapy rooms for clinical psychology students.

The therapy rooms are equipped with advanced video capture and conferencing technology.

In addition to this facility, they have reception centers, laboratories, an extensive library of test materials, an office dedicated to students, sports activities, gymnastics centers, and much more.

Conditions of Entry

To get admission to South Carolina, you have to fulfill certain conditions. This is to prove that you qualify for their PsyD education.

Some of these essential elements are set out below.

  • You must have a BSc or Master’s degree in arts or sciences
  • You must submit at least three reference letters from former employers.
  • Academics from non-English speaking countries will need to demonstrate proficiency in English.
  • You’ll have a minimum GPA of at least 3.3-40
  • Candidates should submit their previous transcripts.
  • Some universities in South Carolina may request GRE scores from you.
  • You’ll be required to sit for an interview.

Working With Other Professional Psychologists

Licensed South Carolina psychologists are recognized domestically and internationally for their expertise and excellence in the advanced practice of psychology.

You can work with them to improve your mental, emotional, and behavioral understanding.

Cost to Become a Doctor of Psychology in South Carolina

We can’t say whether it costs a lot to study PsyD in South Carolina or not.

That’s because it comes down to a few things. This includes your residency status, the type of university, and the specialty area you choose.

Those who study in private universities will spend more than in public ones. As well, residential researchers pay less than those outside the state.

In South Carolina, the median school fees for residential school students are about $14,270 a year. However, students living outside the state pay about $37,128 annually.


Time is not on our side. Otherwise, we will tell you more about the PsyD studies in South Carolina. But the least we’ve talked about is enough to help you.

All you have to do is prepare your documents and submit your application.