ABSN Scholarships For Second-Degree Nursing Students

Earning a scholarship is probably every student’s dream. However, it is more than just a dream for accelerated BSN students who must pay massive tuition and related fees.

Here, we will be discussing scholarship opportunities for ABSN programs.

Scholarships for Accelerated BSN programs

Therefore, this article is thoughtfully written to ensure our bright and lovely nursing students know everything they need.

It lists available funding opportunities and details steps to meet the qualification requirements. Could you keep reading to find out all about it?

Accelerated BSN Scholarships: List of 10 Funding Opportunities


· Association of periOperative Registered Nurses Foundation (AORN) Scholarship

The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses Foundation Scholarship is open to nursing students offering a bachelor’s, master’s, or even a doctoral degree program.

The program is run in a university or a well-accredited institution.

PeriOperative nurses are an essential part of surgical operations. They are concerned with preparing, comforting, and stabilizing patients before and after they undergo surgeries.

The scholarship will support the above students with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

The program will pay for it in reimbursements, meaning that students must cover costs themselves before getting the scholarship money.

The successful scholarship recipient must submit proof of payment to a scholarship administrator to access the benefit.

Before this, they would have completed the scholarship application process on the website by filling in all the necessary information and submitting an essay and a personal statement that tells their experience in perioperative nursing and their desire to pursue the course.

· DAR Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship

The DAR Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship is an annual scholarship opportunity that offers financial support to only three students.

To qualify, you must be already enrolled in a nursing program in an accredited institution or at least be accepted into one. You would, therefore, be required to tender a letter of acceptance issued by your institution or a valid transcript.

Applicants for the DAR Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship must also prove their legitimate financial need via a form on the website.

The scholarship offers a whopping $2,500 as support to each successful applicant.

· Coursey Enterprises Student Scholarship

Three distinguishing criteria exist for receiving or applying for the Coursey Enterprises Student Scholarship. The first is that you must be a legal U.S. citizen.

The second criterion for receiving the scholarship is that you must be in your first year of a nursing program.

Registered nursing (R.N.) and licensed practical nursing programs (LPN) are the two accepted programs for this scholarship.

Nursing students must visit the website and carefully read through the application guidelines. They must submit a photo of themselves and an essay on why they need to be nurses.

The reward is a $250 scholarship annually.

· Foundation of the National Student Nurses Association (FNSNA) General Scholarship

The subsequent scholarship on our list is the Foundation of the National Student Nurses Association (FNSNA) General Scholarship. It is a major one open to many accelerated BSN students.

We mean nursing students who are U.S. citizens studying in institutions with state-level accreditation.

The National Student Nurses Association General Scholarship Foundation is an annual award focusing on a different nursing specialty every year.

The entity sponsoring the scholarship program in the year in question determines this specialty and the funds for each successful applicant.

This means that nursing students specializing in one area will have top consideration in the scholarship program only in a year when their specialization is the focus of the scholarship award.

The high side of this is that the award reaches more students by considering every available area of nursing specialization one at a time. Also, there is a chance for more involvement when considering students from one area of specialization at a time.

A downside, however, exists in this method of awarding scholarships.

Many nursing students might complete their entire academic program without having a chance to apply if the scholarship does not focus on their area of specialty within that time.

The scholarship ranges from a massive $1000 to a humongous $7500 yearly. Instead of going straight to the successful applicant, the payment is made to their school authority.

It is then strictly used to cover only their tuition fees, academic fees, and the cost of their school books.

The Foundation of the National Student Nurses Association General Scholarship also has a policy that compels the recipient’s school authority to return all unused funds at the end of the academic year.

· Hurst Review/AACN Nursing Scholarship

The Hurst Review/AACN Nursing Scholarship has an obvious criterion. All applicants must be students of institutions with American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) accreditation.

The scholarship application begins at the website. It offers an award of $2,500 each to two recipients two times a year. With this, each of the two recipients receives $5,000 annually.

· HRSA Nurse Corps Scholarship Program

The HRSA Nurse Corps Scholarship Program is a unique scholarship with several qualification criteria. Its first requirement is that all applicants be citizens or, at least, legal, permanent residents in the U.S.

All applicants must also have no outstanding federal judgment liens or existing payments for a product or service. They must also have no record of overdue national debts.

Furthermore, applicants for the HRSA Nurse Corps Scholarship Program must accept and prepare to work in organizations that urgently need nurses once they finish their academic programs.

The scholarship recipients will receive a monthly stipend and cover their tuition, books, library, and other program fees. After graduation, they sign an agreement to fulfill part of the contract terms by receiving all these.

You must visit the website and follow the application and program guidance instructions to apply. It is also important to note that the scholarship board awards recipients based on their financial needs.

· Cascade Healthcare Nurses Make a Difference Scholarship

The Cascade Healthcare Nurses Make a Difference Scholarship truly makes a difference.

It is open to high school and undergraduate students willing to or already undertaking a nursing degree program in an accredited institution.

The prospective scholarship recipient must have a CGPA of or above 3.0. They must also be 18 years old and U.S. citizens or possess a valid student visa.

Once selected, the student will receive a $1,000 award paid to their account. The award is to help settle their tuition and other related fees.

· AfterCollege-AACN Scholarship Program

AfterCollege began as an idea in a Stanford University dorm room in 1999.

It helps connect graduated students with relevant companies and job opportunities and offers scholarships to lighten the burden of education financing.

The AfterCollege-AACN Scholarship Fund considers students working towards a nursing educator role, students in RN-to-BSN or RN-to-MSN programs, and students undertaking an accelerated nursing program.

The funding program shares an amount of $2,500 to successful applicants once every quarter.

Applicants must note that only accepted and enrolled students (as against being only accepted) in AACN-accredited institutions are eligible for the scholarship program.

· AMRI’s Scholarship Program for Healthcare Students

The American Medical Resource Institute (AMRI) describes itself as the most extensive stand-alone Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) training program in all of America.

Its scholarship program for healthcare students is specially designed for those looking to become nurses, nursing practitioners, EMTs/Paramedics or other first responders, pharmacists, physicians, physician assistants, and respiratory therapists.

The scholarship application process includes writing a 2000-word essay divided into two parts that answer questions set by the scholarship board. The article is submitted through email.

One applicant with the most compelling essay will be chosen by the program and awarded funds to the tune of $1,000 to help offset the cost of their tuition and other educational fees.

· ExceptiopnalNurse.com Scholarship

As the name implies, the ExceptionalNurse.com Scholarship program recognizes disabled nursing students and rewards their efforts and commitment. It began in 2001 and has reached out to many of these students.

The application process begins with a form on the website. Applicants must then submit three letters from non-relatives attesting to their academic prowess and upright personal characters.

An essay, official transcripts from high school, and medical verification of their disability are also required from prospective scholarship recipients.

· Mae & Mary Legacy Foundation Fund

The Mae & Mary Legacy Foundation Scholarship is strictly for African-American students pursuing a career in the healthcare profession. The foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable, educational nonprofit organization.

Applicants of the scholarship program must be based in the U.S. They must also be graduating High School Seniors and attending a two or four-year university or technical school.

To apply, the scholarship organizers require supporting documents that include two letters of recommendation, one personal essay, current unofficial or official transcripts, a creative letter, and a resume, among other things.

The scholarship varies each year and is awarded based on the organizers’ considerations of academic excellence and financial needs.

How To Apply For Accelerated Nursing Scholarships

Applying for accelerated BSN scholarships is simple. Here’s how to go about it:

· Subscribe to updates on second-degree scholarships for nursing

It would be best to start your scholarship journey by subscribing to updates through newsletters from scholarship websites and other trusted channels.

This is important since most scholarship openings are made at slightly varying times yearly.

· Find Out the Scholarship Requirements, Terms, and Conditions:

Once you receive an update about a scholarship opening, the next step is to find out all you can about the scholarship.

Some scholarships are for a specific group of students or bear certain contractual agreements, and you would not want to overlook that.

This step would also lead you to find all the supporting documents the organizers require about the scholarship applicants. Get these ready before you start your application.

· Head to the Organizer’s Website and Start Your Application:

You should begin your application only when you can complete it and in an environment where you can focus. If these conditions are met, head to the scholarship website and start your application.

It would help if you did not rush overfilling your application, nor should you click the submit button once you are finished. Why?

Errors in your submission or a double entry (erroneous request) could lead to disqualification.

Value of ABSN Scholarships

The information above reveals the value of most accelerated BSN scholarships. As it points out, this ranges between $250 to $7,500.

Scholarship programs provide precise details of the award amount that successful applicants receive. Be that as it may, the actual scholarship amount offered to a student often varies.

The award is based on the organizers’ consideration of the financial needs, academic performance, and a combination of these or more factors concerning the recipient.

Meeting Qualification Requirements

Most accelerated BSN funding programs in the U.S. would typically require you to be a native citizen or an international legal student studying in the country.

You would also need to be pursuing a healthcare career to qualify.

Another essential thing to note is whether the scholarship organizers only care if you have been, at least, accepted to start a nursing program or if they bother more about your enrollment into a program or an institution.

Specific funding programs consider only first-year students for this criteria, while others consider applicants in their first two years of study. The bulk of scholarship organizers, thankfully, leave this option open.

The following popular funding qualification requirement is a high Cumulative GPA (CGPA). Scholarship organizers request the CGPA of their applicants to determine their academic performance.

A CGPA of 3.0 on a scale of 5 is considered okay. It is, therefore, set as the benchmark for successful applicants in most programs.

Finally, different scholarships may or may not ask for a written essay from applicants. Programs that request this often use it to test the creativity and knowledge of these applicants in the desired field.

Scholarships for Second-Degree Nursing Students

There are many scholarship opportunities open to students of various accelerated BSN programs. We hope this article leads you to one that successfully cuts the cost of your nursing education.

Do remember to leave a comment letting us know that it did.