Top 7 Surgical Tech Programs In Maryland

This guide will be looking into surgical tech programs in Maryland.

We’ll highlight some courses you can take and what surgical tech schools offer them. This will help you make the right choice of career path. Without any delay, let’s get started.

Top Surgical Tech Schools In Maryland

Do you want to work alongside physicians to care for patients, including surgery? Then, consider becoming a surgical. It’s an exciting healthcare career.

You’ll be allowed to operate in a dynamic setting with plenty of possibilities for growth. These include hospitals, physician offices, operating rooms, ambulatory surgery centers, and more.

However, becoming an expert in this field requires formal education at a certified institution. You can take such courses in many states, including Maryland.

Their programs are fully accredited by ARC/STSA and CAAHEP. So after finishing your studies, you can sit for the professional test or begin work.

Accredited Surgical Tech Programs in Maryland

As highlighted above, there are many institutions in Maryland offering such courses. You can choose anyone from the list below who matches your career needs.

  • Anne Arundel Community College

Do you want an associate of applied science (A.A.S) in surgical tech? Then this school will be ideal for you.

Their program is designed to prepare you for professional positions in the field. You’ll be open to dedicated faculty instructing you in preparing the operating room.

These include setting up instruments and equipment, working with other surgical team members, preparing and transporting surgical patients, and more.

Coursework will emphasize topics that will equip you with the needed knowledge and skills to begin work.

  • Baltimore City Community College

You can also complete your surgical tech studies at BCCC. Their courses are fully certified by CAAHEP and will prepare you to sit for the professional test.

Therefore, you’ll be exposed to more comprehensive learning experiences necessary to perform well in the surgical field.

Any student applying to this program must be eligible for all college-level courses. The school has a maximum enrollment of 16 per class.

  • Chesapeake College 

This institution also offers an associate of applied science (A.A.S.) in surgical tech. Their courses are designed to prepare you for vital roles in the operating room.

They set high standards for you to acquire the needed knowledge and skills to become an integral part of the surgical team.

Moreover, their classroom instruction and hands-on experience are geared toward assisting in surgical procedures. You’ll receive training in operational techniques and operating room equipment.

This will help you provide the highest standards of care during the preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative phases of surgery.

  • Community College of Baltimore County

Surgical tech courses in this school are aimed at preparing you to become a valuable surgical team member.

Therefore, you’ll taught how to set up an operating room by assembling and maintaining tools used for surgical procedures. Their programs also provide didactic, lab, and clinical instruction to function excellently in the field.

After completing your studies, you’ll be eligible to sit for the certification exams provided by NBSTSA. You can pass the test with the knowledge and skills you’ll obtain from this school.

  • Fortis Institute Baltimore

Taking a surgical tech program in this school means you want quality education and skills to work alongside surgeons and RNs.

Don’t worry; this is precisely what you’ll get and even more. They have dedicated faculty who will guide you through a comprehensive and balanced coursework.

They aim to train you to become vital to the operating room and provide excellent patient care during and after surgical procedures.

After completing your studies at this school, you can take entry-level positions in the sector.

  • Frederick Community College

Come to this school if you want a surgical tech program focusing on theory and skills essential for work.

Their study syllabus is built on the fundamental principles, protocols, and practices applied during extensive clinical experiences in surgical tech.

Moreover, it emphasizes critical topics to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed. Upon graduation, you can work in private and public health facilities.

  • Montgomery College, Takoma Park

MCTP offers an associate of applied science (A.A.S.) in surgical tech. The program is designed for students wanting to advance into surgical tech careers to upscale their skills.

The curriculum focuses on both didactic and clinical experience. This will give students a broad base of surgical skills to function as integral surgical team members.

After finishing your studies, you can take the certification test provided by NBSTSA.

You can also work in different settings, including operating rooms, surgery centers, hospitals, labor and delivery, and freestanding minor operating centers.

However, every student must meet all prerequisites in their first semester. Additionally, you must have a grade of C or higher in each surgical tech course.

Important Note: Before enrolling in any program in this field, it’s advisable to confirm whether or not the program or school you choose is certified.

Finishing an authorized course of school may disqualify you from sitting for a professional test or license.

How to Become a Surgical Tech in Maryland

The steps to becoming an expert in the field are simple for any interested candidate.

You can start by finishing a certified course in the field. We mean classes that CAAHEP and ABHES accredit. Usually, a high school diploma or equivalent is the prerequisite for such programs.

Such credential means you’ve acquired the foundational knowledge to work as a surgical tech. Some institutions may demand you pass background checks and health tests before admission.

Meanwhile, most applied science programs take an average of nine months and two years to finish. For those going for degree programs, you may spend up to four years or more.

Everything depends on which entry route you choose.

After your studies, you can take the NBSTSA certification test highlighted above. The exams are intended to evaluate your knowledge and skills in the field.

Once you pass the exams, you’ll be issued a certificate of competence to portray your industry knowledge and skills to potential employers.

There are many surgical tech programs and schools in Maryland that you can enroll in. The ones we’ve listed above are just but a few.

However, you can choose one of them to begin your journey to a rewarding career in healthcare. But before you do that, ensure you learn everything concerning the institution and program of your choice.