Edgewood College ABSN Program: Prerequisites, Duration & Tuition Fees

The Edgewood College ABSN program is slightly different from every other ABSN program. Edgewood College is located in the quintessential city of Madison, the capital of Wisconsin.

Madison is known for many cultural displays, such as the Rhythm and Boom, a spectacular music and firework event, and the independent liberal arts college, Edgewood, which adds a sound academic background to its profile.

Edgewood College Accelerated Nursing Program

Being a Catholic college in the Dominican tradition, the institution started in 1927. It offered a friendly, comfortable campus, great learning opportunities, and fundamental support for a just and compassionate world.

The college provides undergraduate or graduate study programs in over 60 different courses. Among these is a post-baccalaureate accelerated nursing program.

The program allows bachelor-degree holders to pursue their nursing education by enjoying experiential learning sessions among bright students and highly-qualified tutors while saving up on the time required to complete their program and savoring the colorful campus and capital city scenery.

Edgewood College ABSN Program Model

The accelerated BSN program at Edgewood College is in two sections; theory and clinical sessions, like every other. It comprises 53 credit hours and a whopping 900 clinical hours.

After undertaking sound classes, students proceed to one of the nation’s best clinical experiences of any nursing program. This training involves efficient hands-on practicals with a meager student-to-faculty ratio of 7:1.

It is summarized into 10 percent interactive experience in state-of-the-art simulation labs and 90 percent intensive on-site expertise.

Other than this, the competitive structure of the Edgewood College accelerated BSN program is evident in the fact that clinical faculty, rather than preceptors, tutor its students and that they are made to, interestingly, undertake clinical practice at up to eight different renowned sites.

Candidate Selection Process at Edgewood College

You must be among 21 cohort candidates selected in any of two admission intakes to become a nursing student at Edgewood College.

The institution claims to follow a wholesome approach to this. It processes students’ transcripts, resumes/CVs, and other documents to check their eligibility.

It then later requests successful candidates to attend an interview in person. This interview is conducted by faculty members who do justice to evaluating prospective students.

After the interview process, the School of Nursing Admissions Committee reviews the interview and performance results before awarding admission to students.

Duration of the Program

The accelerated nursing program at Edgewood College extends for 12 months, unlike similar programs that can last up to 16 or 18 months.

During this one year, students will offer a total of 7 sessions. Students would undertake the Sessions would be conducted in the following manner:

Two Fall Sessions:

The accelerated BSN program at the institution consists of two fall sessions which
are eight weeks long each.


The program also has a short winter session that lasts only two weeks.

Two Spring Sessions:

Again, there are two more sessions in spring, eight weeks long each.

May Session:

The May session at Edgewood’s accelerated BSN program is only four-week long.

Summer Session:

There is a single summer session of the program, which lasts up to eight weeks.

Pre-Requisite Courses for the Edgewood College ABSN Program

The pre-requisite courses for the accelerated nursing program at Edgewood College are a little short.

It includes college-level statistics, general/introductory psychology, life span psychology, and foreign language (two semesters in college or two years of high school with a C average).

The program also requires prospective students to have undertaken four college-level credits, lab-based chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology I and II, and Microbiology with laboratory experience.

Again, it requires the completion of all Math and Science courses within the last five years. Alternatively, students can offer these two courses while earning a degree conferred within five years.

Tuition and Related Cost of the Edgewood College ABSN

According to the institution’s ABSN program website, the program package comes at a one-time charge of $63 400.

This fee covers tuition (50 credits of nursing courses and a three-credit pharmacology course), complete book bundles, parking, ATI Testing (the most comprehensive package for NCLEX prep), lab fees, clinical fees, and student segregation fees.

Also, the institution may charge students $1500 for a course on pathology and $566 per credit unit of religious studies during the 2021 and 2022 school years.

The Edgewood College ABSN Program Degree

Here is the list of degree programs every ABSN student at Edgewood will undertake:

  • (4 Credits) ANRS 210 Foundations of Professional Nursing
  • (3 Credits) ANRS 211 Caring: Nursing Assessment & Intervention
  • (1 Credit) ANRS 315 Caring: Adult Health Nursing Laboratory
  • (3 Credits) ABIO 410 Pathology
  • (4 Credits) ANRS 310 Professional Nursing: Adult Health
  • (4 Credits) ANRS 311 Caring: Adult Health Nursing
  • (3 Credits) ANRS 312 Pharmacology
  • (2 Credits) ANRS 342 Professional Nursing: Older Adult
  • (4 Credits) ANRS 340 Professional Nursing: Long-Term Issues
  • (4 Credits) ANRS 341 Collaborative Practice: Long Term
  • ANRS 390 Research in Professional Nursing (3 Credits)
  • (4 Credits) ANRS 410 Professional Nursing: Families in Transition
  • (4 Credits) ANRS 411 Caring: Families in Transition
  • (3 Credits) ANRS 612 Theoretical Foundations of Role Development for The Nurse
  • (2 Credits) ANRS 440 Adult Health: Advanced Concepts in Acute Care
  • (4 Credits) ANRS 460 Professional Nursing: Health of Communities
  • (4 Credits) ANRS 461 Nursing Care with Aggregates

Available Scholarships

It is important to note that post-baccalaureate students are not eligible for Federal, state, or institutional grants or scholarships at Edgewood College.

However, the institution still mentions that students can receive over $12,000 from the Stanford Loan Program.

Average or One-time NCLEX Pass Rate

Even though the accelerated BSN program at Edgewood College runs for just one year, the institution does the most to ensure that it produces thoroughly-furnished nurses.

It records an NCLEX pass rate of 100% for first-time exam takers who graduate from the institution.


The Edgewood College ABSN program brings the best of both classroom and practical sessions through
its immense structure.

Furthermore, the institution offers students a chance to enjoy Madison’s beautiful city while pursuing their nursing careers.