How Much Does A Medical Assistant Make?

Do you know how much a medical assistant makes? You’ve come to the right site, so don’t worry.

This article discusses the median wages of employees at MAs., focusing on their functions and hourly or annual pay. After reading through, you should be able to choose a career path that will suit your financial needs.

Here, we will also review the certified clinical medical assistant salary.

How Much Do CMAs Make?

Medical assistants are essential workers in the clinical industry. They perform various administrative and clinical duties under a physician’s direct instruction and supervision.

A few of their duties include scheduling appointments, taking vital signs and medical histories, maintaining medical records, and more.

To become an expert in this field, you’ll typically need an associate degree or complete a medical assisting program. After meeting the academic requirements, you may obtain certification from a recognized agency to earn an excellent job.

Who is A Medical Assistant?

In the clinical industry, some unsung heroes handle critical tasks. M.A.s are heroes as they provide healthcare professionals with essential admin and medical support.

In addition to the abovementioned roles, these experts draw blood, dispense medications, and handle instruments during surgery.

MAs perform various tasks, such as taking patients to the operating room, getting them ready for surgery, and stitching patients as needed in clinical settings.

Now, let’s look at the salaries of certified medical assistants.

How Much Does a Medical Assistant Make?

MAs made an average annual salary of about $39,416 as of August 27, 2023—nevertheless, the salary ranges from $36,335 to $58,670.

You can find an entry-level job as a graduate and start a career in this sector to gain experience. But if you already have experience in medical assisting, you can grow beyond an entry-level wage.

You can approach the national average and earn better pay.

Factors that Influence the Pay of Medical Assistants

You must know that some key elements can influence the salary of MAs.

They include geographical location, level of education and experience, certification, area of specialty, and work environment. Allow us to discuss these factors in detail.

  • Geographical Location

Your workplace significantly impacts your income as a medical assistant. Places with high living costs or higher demand for MAs tend to pay well.

For instance, your annual payment will be higher than in other areas if you work in states like Washington, New York, or California. The reason is to help you cover the living expenses in those areas.

Meanwhile, the case is different for practitioners working in rural environments. Your earnings may be lower than expected because such regions have lower living costs and demand for MAs.

  • Level of Education and Experience

Your current academic background and years of experience can determine how much you’ll earn in this field.

Practitioners with certificates from medical assisting programs often begin their careers with entry-level jobs. Such experts start with low salaries while gaining experience on the job.

However, medical assistants with bachelor’s or master’s degrees receive higher salaries. Such practitioners have gained experience during their studies.

An MA with less than one year of experience earns around $17.38 per hour. Then, practitioners with over ten years of experience receive about $21.92 per hour.

  • Certification

Attestation also plays a crucial role in determining your salary.

After completing your education, you must earn a certificate from a recognized agency. Such a qualification will demonstrate your competency in the field to potential employees.

Most medical assistants who obtain CMA or RMA certification are likelier to earn high salaries and secure jobs in multiple settings. So, it’s essential to get certified after you’ve completed your clinical assisting program.

  • Area of Specialty

There are many areas of specialization in the field of medical assistance. How much you’ll earn in this field depends on which sites you specialize in.

For instance, workers in nuclear medicine make about 75% more than the national average of M.A.s salaries. Similarly, those specializing in dissection earn 37.07% more than the average.

  • Place of Work

As with other professions, the type of healthcare facility you work in can affect your pay.

Usually, MAs working for insurance carriers or consulting services earn higher salaries than their counterparts. We refer to those working in smaller clinics or physician’s offices.

Other industries that pay handsomely include management, scientific, and tech consulting services, junior colleges, and scientific research and development services.

You’ll earn around $49,300 to $51,410 annually if you work in any of these facilities.

Cities that Pay Medical Assistants the Highest Salary

The highest salary for MAs is known to be paid in a few select American cities.

Metropolitan areas like Sacramento, Vallejo, San Jose, Santa Francisco, and Rosa offer an average yearly salary of $51,530 to $58,670.

Medical assistants in urban areas like Washington, DC, CA, MA, and Alaska earn between $44,200 and $47,320 annually.

Tips for Increasing the Salary of Medical Assistants

If you’re unhappy with your pay, you can employ specific actions to raise your wages. Staying updated on healthcare changes is crucial.

Expanding your knowledge through training programs or continuing education courses can make you a valuable employee, potentially leading to increased pay.

Secondly, while advancing your knowledge, you may consider specializing in a particular area of healthcare that interests you. Most medical assisting fields that require unique skills and expertise can increase your market value and salary potential.

What’s more? You can increase your income by improving your professional network. It can also open doors to better job opportunities and higher-paying positions.

A few ways to build a strong network are to join professional associations and attend industry conferences.

Last, you must hone your negotiation skills when seeking a new job. You can also inquire about the salaries of medical assistants in different regions and sectors once you’ve started.

Doing so will leverage your qualifications and experience to negotiate a competitive salary.

How much does a medical assistant make yearly?

There you have it!

Medical assisting is highly rewarding for those with advanced certificates and years of experience. As you can see, other factors can influence the remuneration of this profession.

So, to earn handsomely, you must obtain advanced degrees and aim for top positions. You can also consider moving to metropolitan areas for greener pastures.