Scholarships for Healthcare Administration Students

Here are the top scholarships for healthcare management programs.

Do you need more funding to pursue a degree in healthcare management? Don’t worry. There has been a boom in scholarships for candidates who want to take this career path but need more financial means.

As you hang around, you’ll come across several healthcare management scholarships.

Healthcare Management Scholarships

Healthcare management is a new field that’s snowballing. Many want to pursue it to benefit from its gainful employment and salary structure.

However, funding a degree or certificate program in this field is expensive. This is true for many working professionals and young adults.

Healthcare Management Scholarships for International Students

Several scholarships are open to students seeking a career in this field.

The government, private organizations, prestigious NGOs, and learning institutions provide these grants. Before qualifying for these grants, you must meet certain conditions.

Let’s see what’s on the table.

  • Bill and Mary Rusell Scholarship

Do you live in Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, or Iowa? Then, this grant is rightfully yours.

It’s intended to provide financial assistance for learners pursuing a career in nursing or any health-related field. Fifty percent of the fund is mainly channeled toward assisting nursing students.

Then, the remaining fifty percent are for learners in other clinical or patient care programs. The grant is worth $500 and is awarded to qualified candidates.

  • AHIMA Scholarship

The acronym above stands for the American Health Information Management Association.

The organization grants undergraduate and graduate students who must complete at least six credit hours of courses for eligibility. It would be ideal if you had a GPA of at least 3.5.

Interested candidates must be active members of AHIMA. Besides academic performance, the scholarship committee evaluates candidates on another basis.

These include commitment to community service, essay quality, and interest in health informatics. The scholarship is worth $77,000 and is awarded to 56 applicants who are found eligible.

  • Forster G. McGaw Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship is sponsored annually by the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE).

They are designed to aid MPH, MBA, or MHA healthcare management students with covering their educational costs. Around 15 students receive financial aid totaling $5,000 every year.

Interested candidates are required to submit an essay, three letters of recommendation, and a magnificent article. Students in doctoral studies aren’t eligible to apply.

Only members of the student chapter of ACHE are allowed to apply.

  • Harry J. Harwick Scholarship

This is another fantastic grant for students who graduate from programs accredited by CAHME.

Those who finish their studies in programs that are members of AUPHA are also eligible to apply. However, applicants must submit a letter outlining their goals and objectives before doing so.

You’ll also be required to provide a resume with your employment history and a job narrative. Moreover, applicants must provide three letters of recommendation and attend a school certified by AUPHA or ACEHSA.

  • Jack Kent Cooke Program

The JKCF Foundation offers outstanding awards to assist students with serious financial challenges.

Along with financial aid, they help students transition from a two-year program to a four-year bachelor’s degree. What more can be said? To assist candidates in academic success, they offer academic counseling.

Furthermore, most applicants for the JKCF scholarship are also awarded a Pell Grant by the federal government. They offer eligible individuals up to $40,000 annually.

  • HIMSS Scholarship

Healthcare Information Management Systems is a nonprofit agency that aims to improve health through more effective information technology.

Therefore, they award scholarships to students currently enrolled in master’s or doctoral-level programs.

The grant is worth $5,000 to each applicant who is found qualified. Winners will also have an all-expense-paid trip to the awards banquet at the annual HIMSS conference.

Until then, applicants must be active members of HIMSS. Students must also be enrolled in a certified bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral program related to healthcare information or management systems.

Undergraduate students must be juniors in their first semester when the scholarship is awarded.

  • Corris Boyd Scholarship

You can use this grant to finance your education as well.

Financial help for health management students is offered by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA). For all qualified applicants, the grant is worth $40,000.

However, applicants must be members of racial or ethnic minorities.

To apply, candidates must enroll in full-time master’s degree programs at AUPHA-member colleges or universities, have a minimum GPA of 3.0, provide an official transcript, and submit three recommendation letters.

  • CSHEMA Scholarship

The Campus Safety, Health, and Environment Management Association also offers financial aid to healthcare management students. They aim to advance environmental and occupational health, safety, and related research.

Undergraduate and graduate students of all majors are eligible for the grant, but enrollment in at least 12 credits per semester is necessary.

Those who win the scholarship will be invited to attend the CSHEMA annual conference. The scholarship is worth $2,000.

  • MGMA Midwest Section Scholarship

Are you involved in managing medical practices? Then, you are eligible for this grant.

The MGMA offers scholarships to students pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in fields related to medical practice management.

These include healthcare management, healthcare admin, and healthcare business admin.

This grant is open to North Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, and South Dakota students.

The scholarship is available to students in western states like California, New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Utah, ranging from $1,000 to $5,000.

  • New England HIMSS Dvora Brodie Scholarship

This association offers financial assistance to deserving students in healthcare informatics or management. However, applicants must meet certain conditions before receiving the grant.

These include being an active member of HIMSS, attending a school in New England, and students from certified undergrad, master’s, and doctoral programs in healthcare information management systems.

However, an undergraduate student can apply in the first semester of their junior year when the scholarship is open. The same goes for the winner of the previous foundation scholarship.

The grant is worth $5,000.

More scholarships are available for students studying healthcare management. Before the above accolades, many others were taken into consideration.

Choose a financial institution that meets your needs, but learn about its policies and procedures before applying.