This write-up is specially geared for those wanting to become doctors of psychology in New Jersey.

Much has been said about their New Jersey PsyD degrees, entrance requirements, length of programs, tuition fees, work environments, and more.

APA-Accredited PsyD Programs New Jersey

New Jersey is the right place for those wishing to take an essential step toward a fascinating career in clinical psychology.

The state has some universities with solid clinical and other applied psychology foundations.

Entirely thanks to their syllabus that integrates academic work, research expertise, and supervised clinical training.

  • Model of Training

Three kinds of training models are open for PsyD students in New Jersey. These include scholarships and fellowships, clinical training, and internships.

All these training methods are designed to help you put your knowledge into practice. Moreover, they’ll equip you with practical skills in psychology.

  • Scholarship and Research Learning Model

Fellowships and research training are opportunities where you get mentorship in psychological planning and conceptualization. Additionally, it’ll help you develop evidence-informed psychological skills.

As for research training, you can get involved in the research laboratories in the faculty as soon as you start your studies. Before you finish your studies, you can develop an independent search.

  • Clinical Learning Model

Clinical education is a learning model that focuses on educating psychologists so they can be ethically and culturally competent. If you learn under this model, you’ll run some practical courses in your second and third study years.

Clinical hands-on training in New Jersey is typically obtained during the fall semester. You’re expected to finish at least 600 hours of supervised clinical training per school year for three years.

The idea is to help you get established for a doctoral internship and become proficient in the healthcare industry.

Meanwhile, areas where you can complete your clinical internship include in-patient and out-patient facilities.

We mean the hospitals, wellness centers, rehabilitation houses, substance abuse treatment centers, group homes, community mental health clinics, etc.

  • Internships

An internship is integral to the PsyD study in New Jersey. All state universities incorporate the program into their curriculum.

Before you leave school, you must have accumulated several hours of supervised clinical experience. At least one or more years of field experience is sufficient.

Furthermore, the internship is an excellent chance for students to apply their in-class knowledge and skills under the supervision of a licensed psychologist.

7 Great NJ Schools with PsyD Programs


  • Rutgers University

Rutgers University is a great destination to continue your psychology studies. The institution offers an APA-fully certified Psy.D. in clinical psychology.

You will receive training on managing your practice in clinical and applied contexts. Additionally, the curriculum provides a solid basis for clinical practice.

The school also boasts a distinguished faculty team at the forefront of their respective fields of psychology. You must select between PsyD research conducted in schools or clinical settings.

These programs offer a flexible, personalized, encouraging, and supportive learning environment.

With various extracurricular activities and programs, this is done to accommodate each student’s interests and the necessary academics.

Furthermore, the course essentials for PsyD studies in this school include an experiential component for practitioners in tandem with faculty supervision.

You’ll obtain various skills, such as assessment, intervention, and evaluation.

What’s more? You’ll be exposed to an analysis of ethical and legal issues. Furthermore, in many places, the practice and delivery of psychiatric therapies are linked to particular challenges.

You have to finish your dissertation and doctorate internship before graduating from college.

How much time will you devote to your studies, though? Well, that depends on several variables. Your residence status and credit hour total are a couple of them.

Students who attend in-state will pay about $20,600 a year. After that, out-of-state students will have to pay up to $36,000.

  • Saint Elizabeth University

You can realize your aspirations by earning your doctorate in psychology at Saint Elizabeth University. APA and other accreditors completely certify the PsyD courses offered by the school.

You can obtain a professional license after graduation.

Completing your PsyD courses at this school could take four to six years, depending on your entry route. You will complete 73 credits of study and supervision at the doctorate level, totaling about 88 credit hours.

Up to 15 credits may be transferred from master’s degree completion into doctorate programs.

Psychopathology, advanced statistics and research techniques, counseling theories, human growth and personality development, and psychological assessment are just a few subjects you’ll study.

PsyD tuition is around $1,001 per credit hour per year. You may pay more or less depending on various variables, including your credit hour total and residential status.

  • William Paterson University

This is the ideal option for you if you wish to specialize in clinical medicine for your PsyD.

The courses emphasize the practitioner-scholar model and have full APA certification. The state will grant you a professional license once you graduate.

William Paterson University’s PsyD program combines academic study with clinical and research training.

This program is a good choice for you because of the strong sense of community that exists between the students and faculty.

Distinguished and active practitioners and scholars in the field make up the faculty. They will assist each student in receiving instruction in evidence-based intervention and evaluation.

This school requires five years to complete a PsyD program full-time. You will complete many coursework, internships, and dissertation assignments during study time.

You can work in clinical settings in the community, hospitals, medical field, business, clinical research, and more after graduation.

Now, a few factors determine how much this program will cost to attend this school. That is the number of credit hours and your state of origin. State-born students will pay about $731 for each credit hour.

After that, out-of-state students will cost $1,134 for each credit hour.

  • Kean University

The APA fully accredits Kean University’s Psy.D. program in school and clinical psychology.

You’ll be ready for employment in university counseling centers, medical centers, community healthcare facilities, or schools.

The curriculum also integrates doctoral courses in clinical psychology with academic coursework, providing students with thorough training.

Additionally, the curriculum integrates instruction and training in two areas of psychology practice. Students will benefit from this when they take on any role in the sector.

Additionally, it makes them more marketable and flexible in their careers.

At Kean University, a PsyD requires four years of full-time study. You’ll explore various courses, workshops, and mentorship programs during your studies.

After finishing these courses, you must finish your dissertation and doctoral internship.

The money you’ll spend on your education is contingent upon several factors. These include your background and the number of credit hours you have completed.

Residents paying for their education typically pay up to $21,000 a year. After that, out-of-state residents will pay about $24,600.

  • Felician University

Take advantage of this institution’s PsyD in Counseling Psychology program without hesitation.

They provide courses that the APA and other pertinent authorities have thoroughly approved. That means you can obtain a professional license after graduation.

In the meantime, you should know that this institution’s PsyD programs follow the traditional scholar-practitioner paradigm.

The approach focuses on acquiring the counseling abilities required to be subject-matter experts. Additionally, you’ll acquire knowledge that will keep you up-to-date on psychological studies.

The cost of tuition for pursuing a PsyD degree is high because the university is private. Depending on several criteria, including your residence status, you could spend as much as $20,400.

  • Georgian Court University

When it comes to universities in New Jersey offering excellent PsyDs, Georgian Court University is keeping up.

They provide doctoral programs in school psychology that are fully accredited. You’ll receive instruction on appreciating and comprehending the diverse settings in a multicultural and pluralistic society.

This university will require you to complete your PhD studies in psychology over a minimum of five years. If you enroll in classes full-time, it will take less time than if you study part-time.

You will study 112 credit hours over your term. You will finish your dissertation project and do a doctoral internship.

After completing your education, you will be qualified to work with kids in clinics, hospitals, and schools. Additionally, you’ll be qualified to work in sophisticated environments, assisting clients with various problems.

These include issues with mental health, academic requirements, and other issues about diversity and social justice.

The annual cost of finishing this program is about $969 per credit hour. However, you may pay more or less than this sum based on your circumstances and the number of credit hours.

  • Fairleigh Dickinson University

You will benefit from attending this institution if you are interested in school psychology. They provide a fully accredited PsyD in school psychology from the APA.

At this university, a psychology program takes an average of five years. Numerous topics will be covered, including pupils with learning impairments, child and adolescent intervention, and child neuropsychology.

You will also take Praxis tests, complete a dissertation, and have clinical experience in addition to these courses. After passing, you’ll get a professional license to work wherever you want.

New Jersey PsyD Study Fields

New Jersey academic institutions have numerous areas of study in their PsyD syllabus.

These domains of study are divided into two sections. We have courses for those who got admitted with undergrad and graduate certificates.

Among these studies, fields are child and adolescent counseling, lifespan development, marriage and family counseling, health psychology, multicultural counseling, APA ethics and legal issues, dissertation advisement, Psychopharmacology, clinical theories and intervention, cognitive assessment, research design, biological basis of behavior, and lots more.

Area of focus

Toward the end of your PsyD studies at any university in New Jersey, you’ll need to select a targeted area.

That’s where you build your professional psychology career. In this capacity, there are numerous areas you can focus on during your PsyD studies.

Among these areas are human services, clinical psychology, applied behavior analysis, developmental psychology, marriage and family therapy, forensic psychology, mental health counseling, child/adolescent psychology, occupational therapy, counseling psychology, school counseling, speech pathology, substance abuse/addiction counseling, social work, and lots more.

Learning Format

Universities in New Jersey provide academics with two types of learning formats. They’re online and on-campus studies. Online education is seen as a flexible, low-cost form of learning.

That’s because every course is delivered over the Internet. That allows you to access their programs worldwide. What’s more, there are online study options that let you plan your own lecture time.

Online PsyD studies are inexpensive because you don’t have to cover the costs of studying on campus. You will also have the opportunity to combine school with after-school activities.

Studying on campus is perfect for academics who like to learn in class. Here, all courses will be completed in a university setting. You need to attend school in person to finish your doctoral programs.

However, the cost of studying on campus is somewhat high. You’ll spend more to secure campus housing, transportation, books, health insurance, and more.

Resources & Facilities For Psychology Ph.D. Programs NJ

In New Jersey, several resources and facilities are available to PsyD fellows to enhance their learning.

These resources include a clinical training site, graduate teaching and testing room, research labs, graduate community, and more.

The clinical training suite is a magnificent practice dyad that supports the student’s clinical practice and research. The suite comprises a mentoring and recording room, meeting rooms, and clinical practice rooms.

The graduate teaching and testing room is dedicated to respiratory collection tests, assessments, and media. You’ll find it an ideal location for test teaching and practice administration.

Finally, New Jersey universities have state-of-the-art laboratories where multiple research can occur. Whatever your field of interest, you will find space in their laboratories to perform any analysis you want.

Condition Of Acceptance

It would be best to meet certain conditions before being admitted to PsyD programs in New Jersey. These requirements are set out below.

  • You must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in psychology. Advanced certification in other related courses may be accepted.
  • Your GPA must not be less than 3.0
  • You need to submit your previous undergrad and postgraduate transcripts.
  • Three reference letters will be requested from you.
  • Researchers from non-English speaking countries are required to demonstrate proficiency in English. Acceptable English proficiency outcomes include IELTS and TOEFL.
  • You will need to present yourself for an interview regarding your admission.

The PsyD study is a gateway for those interested in caring for people with mental health problems.

Although it will take some time to finish your education and become licensed, you will be open to several job options when you graduate.

Sign up at one of New Jersey’s universities for your PsyD degree to fulfill your dreams.