Pharmacy Technician Jobs No Experience | 3 Roles You Should Consider

Is employment as a pharmacy technician attainable with no prior experience?

Yes. But for a thorough response to your query, you’ll need to read this article. We’ll advise you on becoming an expert in this subject without any prior expertise and pointers on where to find work.

Pharmacy Technician No Experience

Now is the ideal moment if you want to work as a pharmacy tech in the United States. 2029, the profession is expected to provide 4% additional job opportunities.

Gainful employment is available in several healthcare settings, including retail pharmacies, compounding pharmacies, hospitals, and assisted living facilities.

Acquiring relevant industry experience is optional when growing into an expert in this field. However, the credential can significantly support your bid in any competitive job market.

Moreover, it will set you apart from other job applicants.

Scope of Practice

To maintain the smooth and efficient operation of the industry, practitioners lacking field experience can perform several essential jobs.

They often work directly under licensed pharmacists’ supervision when doing these duties.

Their responsibilities include ensuring patients receive high-quality care, taking inventory, and preparing prescriptions.

Along with managing different medication types, they can verify the dosage on a client’s prescription order and refill prescriptions under a pharmacist’s supervision.

Becoming a Pharmacy Technician With No Experience

Can you be a pharmacy tech with no experience? Yes.

However, there are specific educational requirements that you must fulfill to work in the pharmacy industry.

These requirements differ from state to state, but in most cases, you will need a high school education. Alternatively, individuals who pass the ExPCT tests administered by PTCB can pursue this career route.

Nevertheless, in some states, being a pharmacy tech requires certification.

An associate degree or a non-degree course are your options. You will complete an internship or externship during or after your studies, regardless of the educational path you pick.

You’ll be able to acquire the valuable talents needed to be successful in the field by doing this. However, you can apply for entry-level positions if you live where certification is unnecessary.

You will gain helpful job experience from your employer and other professionals while employed.

Ways to Get a Pharmacy Tech Job Without Experience

Even if you have not gained experience, there are many ways to get employment in this field.

They include completing an online course, looking for an externship, looking through internet job boards, visiting nearby pharmacies and hospitals, etc.

Let’s go over these routes again.

  • Finish an Online Training Program

A pharmacy tech training course improves your chances of getting hired for more competitive professions.

Your options will increase after completing an online program in the fastest and most convenient way possible. In this discipline, asynchronous online courses are the norm.

It follows that you can proceed through the program at your own pace.

The time it takes to complete this training varies depending on the school and, occasionally, the specialization. However, most programs take a few months to complete.

Spending about $2,000 on this kind of instruction is possible.

  • Searching through Online Job Boards

Looking through internet job boards is another way someone who needs more expertise can get work in this field. They are the most straightforward approach to finding work in your community or a nearby county.

Most online job boards are often updated to give researchers the most recent information.

Don’t give up if there aren’t any open positions right now. Continue to monitor the websites and refine your search. It will take some time for you to receive an open position.

  • Externship

Without experience, an externship cannot help you get a job as a pharmacy technician. However, meeting and connecting with experienced pharmacy technicians is a great chance.

You’ll have the opportunity to discover firsthand what this career entails. Most externships in this profession are short-term, only requiring a few months of work.

3 Pharmacy Tech Jobs with No Experience

Ending this talk by mentioning a few positions that can be obtained without experience is fair. This section will showcase jobs available to pharmacy technicians who meet industry standards.

  • Retail Pharmacy Technician

Assuming this role puts you in charge of dispensing and preparing prescription drugs. Reasonable housing for individuals with impairments is provided with the work.

This will allow them to carry out their primary duties with efficiency. All that candidates require for this job is a high school diploma or GED. Having licenses and certificates could put you in a great position.

  • Pharmacy Technician with William Bros. (Part-Time, On-Job Training)

Without experience in the field, you can still obtain a part-time position with this private company. They’ll let you work in an environment that offers a continuous stream of services to create a lifelong clientele.

But there are specific essential talents that you will need to have. A few are customer service, meticulousness, and enjoyment in public relations.

  • Pharmacy Technician Trainee

This role would suit pharmacy technicians seeking employment opportunities for a prestigious retail company.

You’ll have the chance to influence other people’s lives and health favorably. You’ll also work in environments that uphold the highest skill and moral principles. Plus, adherence to laws and regulations.

You will make sure all pharmaceuticals adhere to patient regulatory compliance criteria in your capacity as a pharmacist trainee.

It will also be necessary for you to uphold client confidentiality and act ethically at all times.

You may also be responsible for completing client transactions, producing drugs for pharmacists, and entering new prescriptions.

While not required, having a license is preferable for entry into the field. For this post, prior work experience is not a must.

Salary of Pharmacy Techs Without Experience

You’ll need to know how much you’ll make before working in this sector without any prior expertise in the industry.

This will assist you in determining the profitability of this line of work. According to the figures, professionals in this industry will make, on average, about $36,740 a year in 2022.

Even so, a few things can affect how much money you can make. They include your work experience, employer or work environment, education level, and geographic region.

It would help if you thought about these things before taking any job.

Without experience, one can still get a job as a pharmacy technician. All you’ll need to do to get started is earn the primary academic certificate.

Licensing and certification come second. But their advancement in your job might require them. You can also view various open positions for specialists in this area without prior business experience.