Are there entry-level healthcare administration jobs with no experience? Well, the answer is yes.

You can find vacancies that require zero experience in the field. Just keep swiping down your screen. You’ll stumble on a list of jobs you can earn with little or no experience.

Moreover, you’ll also know about their description, settings, and possibly their annual earnings.

Before we proceed with our discussion, let’s shed more light on what strictly healthcare admin entry-level jobs are so those with little to no idea can understand better.

Healthcare Admin Jobs That Require No Experience

It’s one thing to graduate from a healthcare administration program, and it’s another to get a job that matches your skillset without experience.

Most top-ranking positions require some level of expertise and professional networking to be successful. If you lack these two competencies, you’ll find it challenging to secure such jobs.

  • Do You Know What Healthcare Admin Entry Level Jobs Are?

These are jobs designed for fresh graduates in the field. We mean those who have finished healthcare admin studies but have yet to work in their area.

Such graduates often require on-site training to sharpen their acquired skills and knowledge. Unfortunately, there aren’t many jobs that give such graduates such opportunities.

Various entry-level jobs were developed to help those who recently finished a college or university program in health administration.

You can get hired with any year (s) of professional experience. After gathering knowledge for some years, you can be qualified for upper-level jobs.

How to Get a Job in Healthcare Administration With No Experience

Several job titles accommodate practitioners in this field who need more professional experience.

Graduates with associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees are welcome to apply for these flexible and highly remunerated jobs in the listed list.

  • Long-Term Care Administrator

This job teaches fresh graduates how to become long-term facility care administrators. You’ll also learn how to uphold national regulations in a long-term care facility.

What’s more? You’ll be equipped with competencies to ensure the safety and satisfaction of geriatric or vulnerable patients.

Candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree or a 2-year training program to be eligible for this job. Qualifying for the federal and state nursing home administrator licensure exams would be best.

Serving nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and retirement care centers can lead to an average annual income of $48,500.

  • Medical Scribe

A medical scribe is another fantastic entry-level job you can obtain even without experience. You will assist physicians and other healthcare providers by transcribing medical care into electronic documentation.

A bachelor’s degree in healthcare admin is required for jobs in urgent care centers, hospitals, and outpatient facilities. Your undergraduate certificate will also enable you to sit for the certification exam set by AHDPG.

The annual salary of a medical scribe is around $25,500.

  • Medical Officer Manager

Taking a job like this means you’ll oversee the daily operations of a medical office. These include hiring and training administrative staff, performing team evaluations, establishing office policies, and scheduling.

Medical office managers typically work in medical offices, specialty clinics, health system practices, physician practices, and advanced practice with provider offices.

You’ll need a bachelor’s degree to qualify for this job position.

However, you can obtain billing and health management certifications to boost your resume. Medical office managers take home around $38,500 per year.

  • Healthcare Recruiter

As a healthcare recruiter, your job is to find healthcare clinicians to fill open positions. Practitioners also connect with the hiring facility to understand their ideal candidate.

They also agree upon a plan, manage the interview process, search for suitable candidates, and maintain a database of professional leads.

Healthcare recruiters typically work in the health system, third-party agencies, and hospitals. The educational requirement is at least a bachelor’s degree in health administration.

However, some employers will prefer those with excellent communication skills. The salary is approximately $38,000 annually.

  • Manager of Volunteer Services

Those occupying this position are responsible for recruiting, scheduling, and training volunteers.

They also run program reports and evaluate the need for volunteers. Work settings typically include hospitals, long-term care facilities, health departments, and freestanding health facilities.

You don’t need a degree certificate to qualify for this job position. But having a bachelor’s or master’s degree in healthcare administration can fetch you a top position.

The salary of these practitioners is around $37,500 per year.

  • Home Health Administrative Assistant

The work of this specialist is to assist the person managing an entire home health agency. Because the job is a personal niche, you’ll need interpersonal skills.

Plus, you must be passionate about providing patient care. Places you can work include private resident’s homes and hospice centers.

For this entry-level position, you don’t need a formal degree. Familiarize yourself with medical terminology, communication, and insurance disbursement to proceed smoothly.

A bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration will be essential for your advancement. The salary of these experts is around $27,113.

  • Military Healthcare Administrator

This is another excellent entry-level job for healthcare administrators who need to gain experience. You’ll be appointed to serve in the health or dental facilities.

You can also be deployed or work in the field.

What’s more? You can be mandated to supervise soldiers in the department, follow policies and procedures in military treatment facilities, and recruit other practitioners into the field.

Military healthcare admin positions can be held in the Navy, Army National Guard, Army, or Air Force.

Meanwhile, the job requires a bachelor’s degree in health administration, U.S. citizenship, age, and passing physical medical exams, with a salary of around $35,500 per year.

  • Plasma Center Manager 

The duties of these workers are to coordinate the testing and shipping of plasmids from donors to the health facilities that need them.

They are also responsible for a plasma center’s daily control, compliance, and financial policies. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in health administration, health services, or business to qualify for this position.

Their place of work is mainly in a plasma donation center.

You’ll be equipped with diverse experience and receive specialized certifications as you work. Plasma center managers earn around $35,000 per year.

There are many more entry-level jobs that healthcare administrators can get with no experience.

They include clinical research coordinators, front office administrators, mental health administrators, and regulatory complaint analysts.

Peace Corps health volunteer, clinical data manager, health record quality control coordinator, and entry-level account manager are other positions you can occupy.

The good thing about taking these jobs is that you’ll gain all the experience you need and relevant certifications for advanced roles in the industry.