How Much Does Pharmacy Technician School Cost?

In this article, we’re going to explore pharmacy technician school costs. We’ll also discuss ways to pay for your studies without breaking the bank.

Before we conclude, we’ll tell you the certification cost for practitioners in this field. Let’s get going.

Cost of Pharmacy Technician Training

Pharmacy technology has recently been among the most lucrative careers. The field offers golden opportunities to help others while earning a decent salary.

Moreover, you can enjoy maximum job security compared to other healthcare careers. The primary job of pharmacy tech is to assist certified pharmacists in improving patients’ lives in the clinical sector.

If you’re considering becoming an expert in this field, you make the right choice. But you’ll need to know the cost implications of your mission for several reasons.

One of them is to help you make adequate preparations regarding your finances.

Typical Cost of Pharmacy Tech School

Several pathways are opened for those interested in becoming practitioners in this field.

To get started, you can consider getting a certification or associate degree. But if you want to excel in your career, obtaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree will be necessary.

Now, how much you’re going to spend on your education depends on your program type. However, most pharmacy technician schools cost between $400 and $40,000.

Keep reading to become familiar with the cost of each program.

  • Cost of Certificate Courses

A certificate program is the minimum academic requirement to become a pharmacy tech. Such courses provide students with basic knowledge and hands-on experience in the field.

In other words, the studies cover what you need to know to serve in the field. You’ll not be required to write, do fine arts, or take mathematics courses as part of your higher degree.

Moreover, you can finish a certificate course at a community college in under a year, depending on your entry route. As for how much you’ll spend, it depends on your program type.

But the cost generally ranges from $1,000 to $10,000.

  • Cost of Associate’s Degree

As stated earlier, you must have advanced qualifications to assume higher roles in the pharmacy sector. This makes getting an associate an excellent move.

You can obtain such a credential at a community college or university. But how much you’ll spend depends on a few factors, including program type.

While true, the average cost of an associate degree in pharmacy tech is around $40,000. At Saint Paul College, the typical cost of pharmacy tech schools is about $13,500.

Then, at North Seattle College, you should be ready to spend nothing less than $12,500.

The tuition cost for this course doesn’t include expenses such as books, transport, accommodation, health insurance, and lots more. So, before making any significant moves, consider these elements.

  • Cost of Online Pharmacy Tech School

You can also become a certified practitioner by completing an online course.

Self-paced pharm tech programs often allow students to complete their education within their preferred timeframe. You’ll receive live video lectures online at a specific time until you graduate.

The benefits of online learning are numerous that we can’t mention. In addition to finishing your studies at your desired pace, online schools are significantly cheaper.

You’ll not be required to pay for equipment or arrange a contract with pharmacies. But you’ll get a well-designed curriculum.

Fishing an online pharmacy tech school costs around $500 to $800. You can finish such programs within six months or a year, depending on your commitment and entry route.

  • Tuition for Campus-based Programs

Campus-based courses are for those who love learning within the four corners of a classroom.

The syllabus combines both theory and real-life practical training. Additionally, they provide students with better facilities and training to yield better results.

The actual cost of campus-based courses ranges from $3,000 to $4,000 annually. You can spend more or less depending on your institution and program type.

Cost of Pharmacy Tech Certification

Certification is an option for entering the pharmaceutical sector. However, most employers prioritize candidates with such credentials.

That’s because it showcases their industry skills and knowledge. Moreover, it will set you apart from other job seekers in a competitive labor market.

That said, there are two main pharmacy technician certifications. Each of them has a different cost, as well as different essentials for registration and recertification.

One of the pharmacy tech qualifications you can obtain is PTCB’s CPhT. The credentials cost around $129. When the time comes for renewal, you’ll spend up to $49.

Another certification you can explore is NHA’s ExCPT Certification. The certificate fee is $117, and recertification is around $55 every two years.

How to Pay for Pharmacy Tech Schooling or Training

Of course, the tuition cost for this study can be overwhelming for most students.

This is true for those coming from low-income backgrounds or underserved communities. As highlighted above, you should consider free funding options if you cannot afford the cost of pharmacy tech school.

Luckily, financial assistance is provided to students who need help with their school fees. Among them are grants, scholarships, savings, employer sponsorship, student loans, and more.

  • Scholarships and Grants

Scouting for scholarships is an excellent way to pay for your education without breaking the bank.

Several organizations, including those owned by the government, provide scholarship opportunities for aspiring pharmacy technicians.

These opportunities are available in universities, colleges, and certificate programs.

However, most scholarships for pharmacy techs are awarded based on certain factors. These include severe financial need, socioeconomic status, background, and ethnicity.

Beneficiaries of this funding will not be required to pay back any money issued to them with interest.

  • Student Loans

If you need help securing a scholarship or grant, consider taking out a student loan. There are federal, state, and private student loans you can explore.

Which one is the best depends on your preference.

However, a federal student mortgage is the best option. That’s because they come with excellent repayment options, lower interest rates, and the possibility of loan forgiveness.

Private student credit, on the other hand, is a bit unfriendly. High interest rates, rigid repayment schedules, and more accompany them.

  • Employer Sponsorship

Some employers sponsor their workers who want to advance in their education.

However, the sponsorship comes as a reimbursement if you commit to working for them for a specified period. Most reimbursement is paid in chunks every few months or years you work with your employer.

Employer sponsorship usually means that your employer will reimburse you for your education if you commit to working for them for a specified time.

Generally, tuition reimbursement is paid in chunks, with payments awarded for every few months or years you stay with the company.

Becoming a pharmacy tech requires a monetary commitment. Regardless of the qualification you desire, you’ll spend thousands of dollars.

If the abovementioned cost is too high, you can explore easy ways to pay for your education.