Are you an animal lover seeking job opportunities that allow you do what you love?

You might want to look out for animal-related jobs, as there are lots of these. For many of these jobs, no experience is required. Plus, they offer opportunities for growth you can leverage on.

Animal Care No Experience Jobs Near Me

This article seeks to identify and point out these job opportunities you can take advantage of.

If you’re looking for such information, you’re welcome to read along as we identify these jobs that work with animals and require little to no experience.

So, are you ready for animal jobs near you with no experience? Let’s get to business.

  • Entry-Level Jobs With Animal Without Experience

When it comes to jobs that work with animals, there are lots of these ranging from the most basic that require no training to those that do.

Examples include animal nutritionists, pet groomers, animal control officers, horseback riding instructors, and wildlife rehabilitators.

These job types include animal trainer, farrier, pet store associate, pet sitter, animal care attendant, animal shelter manager, and veterinary technician.

More jobs that work with animals include veterinary sales representative, veterinary dentist, zoologist,, etc.

With some of these jobs mentioned, what do they entail? You’ll want to read on as we briefly discuss some of those included above.

i. Animal Nutritionist

An animal nutritionist’s job involves scheduling appropriate diet and exercise.

As an animal nutritionist, you get to work with all kinds of domestic and wild animals. Getting this job is hinged on having the minimum educational requirement, a bachelor’s degree.

The average annual salary for an animal nutritionist is around $47,308. This increases with experience and education, amongst other factors.

ii. Pet Groomer

Do you find pet grooming interesting? If you do, you might want to make better use of your time by getting a job that pays you to do what you love. The average national salary for pet groomers is $38,104 per year.

Here, no experience is required to get started.

iii. Animal Control Officer

Animal control officers carry out an essential function as they help enforce municipal and state laws that promote the humane handling of animals.

There are several other roles performed by animal control officers you may want to research. There are no standard requirements for this role.

iv. Horseback Riding Instructor

This is another job that involves working with an animal. If you love horses, you’ll find this interesting.

No experience is needed; however, you’re trained on the job. While there are no minimum requirements, many instructors acquire bachelor’s degrees or certificates.

v. Wildlife Rehabilitator

A wildlife rehabilitator job offers an average salary of $12.82 per hour.

As the name suggests, you’ll be working with wildlife creatures in helping them fully recover from injuries before returning them to their natural habitat.

Training is offered to make you knowledgeable about wildlife behavior.

vi. Animal Trainer

With a national average salary of $12.33 per hour, becoming an animal trainer is something you should consider if you’re fascinated by this area of animal care.

Here, you’ll be involved in training animals to develop specific behavior. There are no minimum requirements to pursue a career in this area.

vii. Farrier

Farriers perform an essential function when it comes to animal care as they perform all kinds of hoof-trimming activities.

Here, different techniques are used based on the condition of the hoof. With an average national salary of $12.15 per hour, you’ll need an associate’s degree in Equine sciences.

viii. Pet Store Associate

Pet store associate is another animal-related job you might find interesting.

This job pays you a national average salary of around $11.65 per hour. It involves responsibilities like aquarium maintenance, caring for animals on display, and cleaning animal enclosures or cages, amongst other tasks.

ix. Pet Sitter

A pet sitter is another job that allows you to work with animals without experience. You’ll have to choose what pets to include in your routine.

Some examples include birds, dogs, fish, cats, etc. With a national average salary of $1,252 per month, no educational requirements or experience is needed for this job.

x. Animal Care Attendant

There are no educational requirements for this role. This also applies to experience as you acquire such on the job.

You perform all kinds of jobs as an animal care attendant, including feeding. Work settings for animal care attendants include animal care facilities, pet stores, and veterinarians’ offices.

xi. Animal Shelter Manager

Animal shelter managers handle the management roles of animal care facilities.

They perform all kinds of functions, including making arrangements for the proper care of sick animals. With no minimum educational requirement and experience, you get trained to carry out your task effectively.

xii. Veterinary Technician

Veterinary technicians are required to have received the needed training with a minimum of an associate’s degree and relevant certification and licensing.

As a vet technician, you earn a national average salary of $15.66 per hour. This position involves carrying out all kinds of duties, including administering medications, etc.

xiii. Veterinary Sales Representative

A veterinary sales representative is an important job that involves working with multiple veterinary offices.

You get to market new medications from manufacturers while discussing the effects of existing medicines. The national average salary for vet sales reps is $62,470 per year.

xiv. Veterinary Dentist

Veterinary dentists earn a national average salary of $45.11 per hour.

Their primary responsibilities include diagnosing and treating all mouth and teeth problems. This includes oral surgery where the need arises.

You’ll need to have been trained for this position.

Training includes getting a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and attending a residency program in veterinary dentistry where you gain practical experience.

xv. Zoologist

Zoologist positions offer you the opportunity of working with animals without necessarily having the experience.

Here, you’ll be involved in examining animal behavior, habits, migration pattern, and several other aspects. These cover all kinds of animals, including mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, etc.

The jobs discussed above are good examples of those that allow you to work with animals without needing experience.