9 EMT / Paramedic Program Training Scholarships and Grants

We’ll list some EMT paramedic scholarships you can explore. All you have to do is keep scrolling down the screen.

EMTs play essential roles in any disaster management effort. They arrive first at the accident scene and make split-second life-saving decisions.

Most of these experts are commonly found in ambulances and fire departments. While some EMTs are paid employees, others are volunteers.

However, both practitioners must pass through extensive training at a certified institution.

EMT Scholarships And Grants

There are college-level programs that you can complete in two or four years. Certificate and diploma studies often take an average of two years to finish.

Then, degree programs include graduate-level EMT studies, each requiring relevant coursework. While true, EMT schools can be expensive.

For that, many paramedics and first responders look out for scholarships and other financial aid to cover their schooling expenses.

If you’re one of them, then this article is rightfully yours.

Scholarships and Grants for EMT Training

Financial aid exists for people who want to grow into experts in this field.

While the government sponsors some financial assistance, others come from individuals, businesses, and reputable NGOs. However, it would be best to meet specific conditions to be eligible for such grants.

  • Virginia EMS Scholarship Program

This partial financial aid supports students accepted into an approved EMT, EMR, Advanced EMT, and paramedic program in Virginia.

The Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Service manages the scholarship. Before receiving this financial aid, you must meet certain conditions.

First, you must be a resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia. You must also be 16–17 years of age and older, pay tuition for the studies you enroll in, and have a valid social security number.

Candidates should not have any current Office of EMS-imposed enforcement action from the Division of Regulation and Compliance.

  • NAEM Foundation Scholarships

One of the sole objectives of NAEM is to strengthen and build a better future for EMS. For that, they provide funding for EMS education and research.

Students interested in pursuing a career in this field can take advantage of this opportunity. Eligible candidates are those wishing to attend an EMS school or program to become certified EMT, EMR, or AEMT.

Those who respond first will be given the chance to earn EMT-Basic credentials. With the association’s help, each winner can receive $500. Then, if you’re a holder of an EMT-Basic certificate, you’ll be allowed to pursue EMT-Paramedic education.

The scholarship will support you with $5,000. As a paramedic, you can earn an award of $2,000 towards continuing EMS education.

However, the selection process isn’t automatic. You’ll be required to meet certain conditions. These include demonstrating solid financial need and commitment to entering the EMS profession.

Dedication to society and the ability to serve as excellent ambassadors in the field are additional requirements.

  • Texas EMS Scholarships

If you reside in Texas, you have no problem sponsoring your EMT paramedic training.

The Texas EMS scholarship fund is set aside to train and educate EMS personnel. The Texas Regional Advisory Councils (RACs) distribute the grant at different levels.

The first level is $2,000 per student to complete their EMT training. The fund will cover tuition, books, materials, and one NREMT exam.

However, you must commit to one year as an EMT. Level two is worth $3,200 per student for their advanced EMS (AMET) classes, books, and one NREMT exam.

Likewise, you’ll be required to commit to two years as an advanced emergency medical technician.

Then, the last level is $8,000 per student to finish their paramedic studies. The money will cover tuition, books, learning materials, and one NREMT exam.

Meanwhile, you’ll be expected to commit two years as a paramedic to upgrade your certification.

  • The Iowa Emergency Medical Service Association

For those living in Iowa, this is a fantastic grant for you. The agency distributes academic scholarships to motivate EMS students.

The budget is worth $1,000 each, depending on your chosen EMS area. However, certain conditions must be met before receiving such aid.

First, you must demonstrate substantial financial need. Secondly, students must be residents of Iowa. Other eligible candidates include IEMSA members and their immediate families.

But such members must be 18 years of age and older.

  • Rockingham Regional Ambulance Association

You can also count on this paramedic scholarship to offset your training expenses.

The association offers two fantastic scholarships annually for students who qualify based on merit or solid financial need. How much you’ll receive will depend on the available funding.

Until then, you’ll be expected to meet specific requirements.

  • N.C. Association of Rescue and EMS Scholarship

If enrolled in a North Carolina degree program, you can explore this grant to cover your study expenses. Members of the association are also eligible to apply.

The scholarship is divided into two categories. The first one is for students in four-year degree courses. The second is for learners pursuing a 2-year certification program.

How much you will receive depends on the type of program you enroll in.

Nevertheless, the maximum amount is around $4,500. You can get more details on the scholarship by clicking on the official web page of the association.

The EMT paramedic scholarship is undoubtedly the most sought-after financial aid for students. However, they frequently necessitate further work, such as potential essays and interviews.

The money given to pupils is not, however, subject to repayment. If you’re unaware of which scholarships are accessible for EMT paramedics, you can look at many.

  • Rehmar Paramedic Scholarship

The San Francisco Paramedic Association financed this grant. Students interested in growing in EMT can seek this financial aid to cover their academic expenses.

But before then, specific conditions must be met. These include having high academic records and belonging to nine countries surrounding San Francisco Bay.

  • Minnesota Paramedic Scholarship

This financial aid is awarded explicitly to EMT students who reside in Minnesota. The grant is a temporary scheme instituted by the legislature in 2023.

It’s intended to increase the number of licensed paramedics in the state. About $3 million will provide approximately 600 scholarships, of which $5,000 will be shared with each qualified candidate.

Students eligible for this grant are Minnesota residents attending certified paramedic studies such as EMT.

Some selected programs include Inver Hills Community College, South Central College, Ridgewater College, Anoka Technical College, and more.

  • The Deb Duethorn Memorial Scholarship Fund

You can also count on this financial aid to sponsor your education.

The funding is provided through the Central New York Community Foundation in memory of Duethorn. She was one of Onondaga County’s most remarkable professional young women.

She was a gifted registered flight nurse and an outstanding paramedic who dedicated her hours of prehospital emergency care to her patients.

The grant is offered at least once a year. Eligible candidates will receive up to $1,000 to assist them in pursuing their education in the field.

Scholarships for EMT Programs

There are many more scholarships you can explore to finance your EMT education. The ones highlighted above are just but a few.

Nevertheless, you can win either of them and cover your schooling expenses. But you’ll need to research more about the grant you want to opt for.