DHHS Financial Support Program – Grant Types & Requirements

Also known as the Depart of Health & Human Services, DHHS is an agency of the U.S. government saddled with the responsibility of providing critical health funding for underserved communities.

This is done through the DHHS financial support program. If you’re looking to apply for support, the information provided here should help in that regard.

Is DHHS Financial Support Program Legit?

What are the DHHS program grant and its scope? What are the DHHS program requirements? Does it apply to all states? Who can apply?

These and many other DHHS financial support program questions have been covered below. If you wish to apply, you’ll need to follow the tips provided below.

With that said, let’s learn more about DHHS’s grant program.

  • About DHHS Financial Support Program

The DHHS grant program only came on board during the COVID-19 era (in 2021) and responded to individuals and families who needed financial help, as most economic activities were either slowed down or ground to a halt due to the pandemic.

Individuals and families could cope with movement restrictions by funding such programs.

Now to the type(s) of support offered by the DHHS program, these aren’t only limited to financial (cash assistance) but also include job training & placement.

Other aspects of the DHHS financial support program include housing assistance, food stamps, medical care, energy assistance, childcare, housing assistance, transportation assistance, and legal aid.

As stated earlier, low-income individuals and families qualify for the DHHS financial support program. You must start the grant application process to learn about other eligibility criteria.

A detailed guide is provided on the grant program’s website.

How Much Can I Get in Financial Assistance from the DHHS Grant Program? 

Before applying to any grant program, you’ll need to know how much it offers in financial assistance and whether such a grant amount is sufficient to cover the basics.

The amount individuals and families receive from DHHS isn’t standard or set but depends on various factors. In other words, DHHS grants are offered based on need.

  • Who Qualifies for DHHS Financial Support Program?

So, what factors come into play when offering these grants? DHHS assesses your current economic conditions, health status, educational level, and employment status.

More factors are used to determine the grant amount you get. These include the state you live in. Certain states (especially those having higher living costs) attract more funding than others.

What more? Your family size matters a lot. Logically, larger families will require more funding compared to smaller ones.

Income also plays a crucial role in determining the financial assistance you get from the DHHS grant program. The lower your income, the more assistance you should expect from the program.

Your current economic condition plays a role in determining the amount of financial assistance you get from the DHHS. What DHHS program are you applying to?

This raises the question; are there multiple grant types offered by the DHHS? There are! This will take us to the next section.

Types of DHHS Grant Programs

As mentioned earlier, different DHHS grant program types exist. These mainly vary in scope and objective. Speaking of grant types, these include formula grants and discretionary grants.

Other DHHS programs include categorical, block grants, training, research, and technical grants. Let’s discuss each of these for more clarity.

i. Formula Grants

As the name suggests, formula grants offered by the DHHS follow a calculated formula where resources are channeled to ongoing programs considered essential.

Indices used to measure financial needs include poverty rate, population size, and other similar indicators.

Based on these, the DHHS program’s formula grants target ongoing programs like the Child Care and Development Block Grant, Medicaid, and Title I Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

You can research more about these for additional information.

ii. Discretionary Grants

What’s the DHHS discretionary grant?

This grant type is offered under the DHHS financial support program that’s offered solely at the program’s discretion to organizations or entities deemed necessary to achieve the program’s objectives.

Discretionary grants from the DHHS have targeted organizations like The National Institute on Minority Health Disparities (NIMHD) Research Grants and the Office of Minority Health (OMH) Discretionary Grant.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) Block grants are part of discretionary grants offered by DHHS.

iii. Categorical Grants

Categorical grants are another type of funding by the DHHS grant program to support specific programs.

Speaking of categorical grants, some examples include The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Categorical Grants and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration Categorical grant.

The DHHS grant program provides Other categorical grant types, like the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) categorical grant and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) categorical grant.

iv. Block Grants

The DHHS also has the block grant type that caters to specific program needs of certain jurisdictions or states.

These grants coordinate and provide stability and flexibility in using funds for various programs by states. To get this funding from the DHHS, states must meet minimum requirements.

v. Training Grants

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) also has a training grant program that provides critical training to social workers and healthcare providers.

This grant also extends to training for public health professionals. You can take advantage of this grant program to get the needed training. However, you must meet all minimum requirements set by the program.

vi. Research Grants

DHHS’s financial support program extends to research. Here, all research activities relating to health and human services are targeted by this program.

Research grants provided by the DHHS are of different types, including infrastructure, categorical, clinical trial, and discretionary research grants.

So, who qualifies for this grant? If you’re involved in research on human services, you might want to explore the eligibility criteria for such grants.

vii. Technical Grants

The DHHS also plays a vital role in technical assistance provided to health & human services organizations. Such technical grants include data analysis, training, and consulting.

Others include peer-to-peer sharing and other technical assistance provisions. To know more, contact the DHHS directly for all the details.

As discussed above, the DHHS financial support program covers many vital areas through its multiple grant types.  To benefit, you only need to research more on each, including the requirements.