12 Week (3 Month) Pharmacy Technician Programs

This content will shed more light on 12-week or 3-month pharmacy tech programs.

You’ll learn about the study curriculum, what you stand to benefit from, career chances, tuition costs, and more. Before we proceed, let’s grasp who this expert is.

12 Week 3 Month Pharmacy Tech Programs

Do you want to step into an ever-increasing healthcare job? Then opt for pharmacy tech programs.

You’ll have the chance to learn so many things in the medical field. These include giving out medicines, managing insurance claims, and how to run a pharmacy effectively.

You’ll also uncover how to make medicine orders and care for clients.

You serve with pharmacists and other medical workers at the end of your studies. Moreover, you’ll get more work choices to grow your career.

Now, do you wish to create a niche in a high-demand area? Then stick around.

Who’s a Pharmacy Technician?

Pharmacy techs closely collaborate with pharmacists. They help deliver safe and effective medicines that sick people need.

Other roles of these experts include preparing and storing medication for patients, using technology to keep accurate patient records and inventory, and working alongside patients, caregivers, and other medical workers.

What You Should Know About Accelerated Pharmacy Tech Programs

A few elements must be understood before deciding on a 12-week pharmacy tech study.

First, you’ll receive your training relatively cheaply. Secondly, several cohorts are accepted in the studies annually, and you can finish up within three months.

Moreover, you’ll have first-hand expertise in multiple practice contexts and be hired full-time. The passing rate for most pharmacy tech exams is 95%.

After graduation and passing the exams, you’ll be promoted to a licensed pharmacy technician position.

Course Breakdown

The study syllabus for this accelerated course features several courses.

They include the history of medicine and pharmacy, competencies, associations, settings for technicians, and drug information references.

You may offer additional classes for medication safety and error prevention, bulk repackaging and non-sterile compounding, dosage forms and routes of administration, aseptic technique, and sterile compounding.

Study Modules

The three-month study modules of pharmacy tech programs are divided into two classes. We have the primary and calculation course modules.

Allow us to look into these sections for a better understanding.

Basic Modules

The introductory course is all about becoming a pharmacy technician. As such, you’ll learn how to handle prescriptions and explain the laws that affect pharmacies.

Moreover, the modules will teach you the roles of pharmacy technicians. Plus, the different ways medicines can be given.

You’ll also learn how to mix medicines and keep everything clean and germ-free. Finally, you’ll be shown how to handle billing and insurance claims for prescriptions.

Some courses you’ll offer in the basic modules include the history of medicine, pharmacy law, ethics, regulatory agencies, patient & medication administration, and institutional pharmacy practice.

Calculation Modules

Courses under this module concern the critical math you need to know as a certified pharmacy technician. They’ll teach you how to use formulas and conversions for pharmacy calculations.

Some lessons you’ll cover include introduction and measurement basics, dispensing calculations and business math, and single-dose calculations.

Entry Requirements

It would be best to meet certain entry conditions before enrolling in a 12-week pharmacy tech program. These conditions differ from one institution to another.

But generally, you must be 18 years old to apply for such studies. Moreover, applicants must take a reading comprehension and math assessment test before course enrollment.

You’re to pass the test with nothing less than 70 %.

Potential students should hold a GED document or be high school graduates. You’ll also be asked to show your ability to speak English.

These include both reading and speaking skills.

Tuition Cost

You must be aware of the cost implications of attending these accelerated studies. By doing so, you can have sound choices for your economic setup.

Now, the cost of joining a 3-month pharmacy tech studies relies on the school of your choice. While the cheapest price is around $500, you can get programs that amount to $2000.

Mode of Entry

Registering for three months of pharmacy tech studies has two entry routes.

They include online and face-to-face trials. Online pharm tech courses are suited for candidates with tight schedules who need flexible study options. All classes will be conducted via the Internet.

This means you can finish this study from the comfort of your home.

Meanwhile, the on-campus study track is ideal for scholars desiring to learn in a classroom. All lessons will be conducted in your assigned faculty or lecture room.

You’ll have the chance to meet your instructors and colleagues in person.

Job Opportunities for Pharmacy Technicians

As you plan to step into this medical field, it’s essential to consider its job prospects. Luckily, the area of pharmacy technicians has more employment options.

Entirely thanks to the training and hands-on experience provided in the study curriculum. It will give you real-world abilities, allowing you to succeed at all tiers.

Analysts say there will be numerous jobs for these workers in the future. They estimated the number to be more than 750 job vacancies from 2018 to 2028.

With this, you don’t have any reason to delay enrolling in pharmacy tech classes.

Job Settings for Pharmacy Technicians

As a certified pharmacy technician, you can serve in various places. These include community and hospital drugstores and clinics.

You can also operate in a physician’s facility or mail-order pharmacies. This will allow you to cater to a broader range of clients. You can also excel alone or behind the scenes.

Perks of Choosing 12-Week Pharmacy Tech Programs

There’re several perks to choosing a three-month pharmacy tech study. First, you’ll enjoy a flexible, self-paced schedule and access to a complete training program.

This will get you ready for a successful career. You can regularly track your growth and check how close you are to wrapping up your studies.

Moreover, the program will fully prepare you for successfully passing the CPhT exams. Plus, to find your way into the job market as a certified pharmacy technician.

Finally, the studies are interactive and engaging. After each class, you’ll do many class assignments. Doing so lets you grasp the subject matter before moving on to the coming lesson.

You’ll also have the chance to access the pharmacy simulation platform. This will help you practice interacting with patients.

A 12-week or three-month pharmacy tech program is an exciting and rewarding career. It’s also an excellent option for those interested in the healthcare field.

You’ll not undergo rigorous years of training like those in conventional programs. Having read to this point, you can see valuable details about this program.

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