Best Online Exercise Science Degree Programs

If you’re considering an online exercise science degree program, this article will prove highly useful as we’ve discussed what these programs are about.

What can you do with such a degree, what careers can you pursue, and which work settings can you be involved in?

These and many other areas have been discussed above. To start your journey, you only need to go through the information provided.

Here is all about online degrees in exercise science.

Exercise Science Degree Programs Online

Over the years, online degree programs have increasingly become popular for many reasons.

One of those includes the convenience they offer while helping people expand their horizons and boosting their employability.

Exercise science degree programs are among those provided.

What Career Opportunities are Available?

Enrolling in an online exercise science program significantly boost your chances of having a rewarding career in many positions.

Available career opportunities include fitness & wellness center manager, exercise physiologist, and strength and conditioning coach.

More career opportunities include recreation coordinator, wellness program manager, and sports & fitness equipment sales rep.

There are also personal trainers, health educators/community health workers, coaches or scouts, wellness directors, fitness instructors, and health & wellness coordinators.

Work Settings

With an exercise science degree program, you can work in various settings, including military facilities and fitness & recreational sports facilities.

Others include wellness centers, senior care facilities, state & local governments, hospitals & clinics.

Other work settings include elementary, middle, & high schools, corporate wellness, and university or college athletics.

These many options mean you won’t have to suffer finding a suitable job as an exercise science expert. With that said, let’s shift our focus to online degree programs available.

An Overview of Online Exercise Degree Programs

To better understand these programs, it’s necessary to provide comprehensive information, starting with degree levels.

First, these programs are offered at varying degree levels, including associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral.

These cover a wide range of courses as well as specializations. When pursuing an exercise science degree, it’s essential to only go for accredited online programs.

Accreditation is regional or national and approves the program meets the minimum accreditation requirements.

Online Exercise Science Program Degree Levels

As stated earlier, online exercise science degrees are available at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. Each has a set of courses you’ll need to take in addition to concentrations.

Advanced degrees in exercise science tend toward specializations.

Let’s briefly discuss each of these degree programs.

i. Associate Degree

Enrolling in an online associate’s exercise science degree program equips you to become a physical therapy assistant or personal trainer.

This is a two-year program where you take general education courses and introductory courses in physiology, anatomy, and nutrition.

This associate degree can be a foundation for pursuing a bachelor’s degree. This online degree program is also essential to getting your physical therapy assistant license.

Entry requirements for such a degree may vary slightly from program to program.

ii. Bachelor’s Degree

For an online exercise science bachelor’s degree, you’re expected to take advanced courses in human biomechanics, exercise physiology, and nutrition, amongst others.

There are other courses like coaching, strength and conditioning, and kinesiology.

With a bachelor’s degree in exercise science, many opportunities are open to you, including general program managers at fitness clubs, coaches, nutritionists, teachers, or trainers.

However, part of the requirements for holding such positions may include licensure.

iii. Master’s Degree

This is an advanced online exercise science degree level that tends towards specialization. Your preferred specialty will determine the type of courses you take.

These advanced courses range from applied kinesiology, health psychology, sports psychology, epidemiology, etc.

Part of the requirements for earning a master’s degree in exercise science includes completing an internship.

This degree program includes classes on research methods which end up with project work or research papers. This master’s degree further widens your chances of employability.

iv. Doctoral Degree

If your goal is to become a researcher or professor in exercise science, you can achieve such by earning a doctoral degree in exercise science.

After completing courses in advanced statistical and scientific research methods, you’ll need to conduct a dissertation on an original topic.

  • An Exercise Science Degree can Prove Useful in Several Settings.

As stated earlier, an exercise science degree opens up lots of opportunities as you get the chance to work in several settings.

These include elementary, middle, & high schools, fitness & recreational sports facilities, military facilities, and wellness centers.

As an exercise science specialist, you can work in senior care facilities, corporate wellness, clinics & hospitals, and state & local governments.

University or college athletics departments are more places you can work as an exercise science specialist.

A Variety of Career Opportunities for Persons with Exercise Science Degrees

Completing an online exercise science degree program opens up many career opportunities.

You can work as a fitness/wellness center manager, exercise physiologist, wellness director, strength and conditioning coach, or coach/scout.

More career opportunities include health & wellness coordinator, personal trainer, fitness trainer or instructor, and sports & fitness equipment sales rep.

Health educator or community health worker, recreation coordinator, and wellness program manager are more positions you can hold.

Types of Degrees in Exercise Science

Online degree programs in exercise science are pretty varied. Some examples include Masters of Science in exercise science, exercise science curriculum, health education, and kinesiology.

Some general curricula covered by these online degree programs include exercise physiology, research & statistical analysis, and cardiac rehab.

Others include research and statistical analysis, cellular exercise physiology, kinesiology, and theories about motor development.

Chronic disease and physical activity, pathophysiology, and energy metabolism are also part of the curriculum covered by online exercise science degree programs.

There may be slight variations depending on the program you pick or go for.

Basic information on online exercise science degree programs has been discussed above.

To know what will be most suitable for you, you must go through the many programs available to find one that’s more suitable for you.

best online colleges for exercise science

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