Online Exercise Physiology Masters Degree Programs

Here, the aim is to identify online exercise physiology master’s programs.

Reading through this article gives you a grasp of the requirements, possible career paths, what you’ll learn, etc.

Online Masters in Exercise Physiology

Earning an advanced degree in any exercise science and physio is one way to advance your career or broaden your professional horizon.

Many advanced degree programs are easily accessible online and serve the needs of people interested in pursuing preferred career paths.

Exercise physiology is where our discussion will mainly dwell.

A Masters Program in Exercise Physiology is Suitable.

Before studying for or attending an online master’s program in exercise physiology, you’ll determine if it’s the right decision.

A master’s program in exercise physiology is most suitable for graduates of a bachelor’s program in exercise science or other related fields.

This will also be an excellent degree for public health and rehabilitation specialists. What more? Earning a master’s degree in exercise physiology is an ideal path for career advancement for wellness professionals.

Speaking of career advancement, this advanced degree opens up several possible paths.

A Masters Program in Exercise Physiology Opens up Multiple Career Paths

As mentioned earlier, there are many possible career paths to pursue after attending an online exercise physiology master’s program.

These include rehabilitation specialists, cardiac rehabilitation, exercise physiologist, and pulmonary rehabilitation.

Career paths include physiology researcher, wellness center program director, public health specialist, corporate fitness director, and lead trainer.

If you’ve ever wanted to launch into any of these fields, getting an advanced degree in exercise physiology sets you on the path.

Where Can I Work with a Masters in Exercise Physiology?

Having obtained your online master’s in exercise physiology, you can work in different settings covering health and education.

Examples include corporate wellness centers, university athletic training programs, military installations, and hospitals.

Fitness centers and rehabilitation clinics are more work settings persons with advanced degrees in exercise physiology can work.

With the knowledge obtained, you’re fully equipped to provide vital services to all patients, including those suffering from pulmonary diseases, cancer, cardiac problems, diabetes, etc.

Online Exercise Physiology Masters Classes

Irrespective of the exercise physiology masters program you attend, students get to hear or take various classes or courses.

Examples include thesis planning, critique & design of research, statistics, exercise testing & prescription, and ECG for clinical exercise physiology.

More classes include exercise prescription & chronic conditions, clinical exercise physiology I, clinical exercise physiology II, biogenetics, and thesis proposal.

Others include internship I: clinical physiology, internship II: clinical, thesis dissertation & defense I, and thesis dissertation & defense II.

Psychology in sport, health & disease, nutrition in sport, and health & illness are more classes or courses you’re likely to take.

However, it’s necessary to point out that there may be slight variations like courses from program to program.

What You stand to Gain

Apart from the career advancement opportunities presented by pursuing a master’s program in exercise physiology, there’s the knowledge gained through such training.

First off, hands-on clinical experience is among the primary benefits derived.

Also, you get to work with healthy, at-risk, or patients with known conditions or diseases deemed chronic. This advanced degree or training allows you to provide primary and secondary prevention & rehabilitation strategies aimed at improving physical fitness.

What more? You can apply physical activity and behavioral interventions to patients with clinical diseases or health conditions. Such are offered to promote therapeutic and functional benefits.

An online exercise physiology master’s program further equips you to handle professional roles by demonstrating commitment to professionalism.

This is grounded in standards, professional guidelines, Benedictine values, and servant leadership.

You can conduct high-quality clinical research for health improvement with the knowledge acquired.

Quality of care and life is also impacted by such training, thus leading to excellence in healthcare delivery.

Hybrid vs. Strictly Online Exercise Physiology Masters Programs

One of the things you’ll notice when searching for exercise physiology programs is the availability of hybrid and strictly online program formats.

Each option serves a specific need and allows students to go with what fits their particular requirements.

As expected, hybrid exercise physiology masters programs consist of online and in-person classes. In other words, some classes will have to be in-person while others are online.

On the other hand, online exercise physiology master’s programs are solely performed online.

Irrespective of your chosen program format, practical training is administered to you. However, it would be best if you were sure you’re going for the right program, as some are considered better than others.

It’s best to go with well-recognized and accredited programs.

Is an Online Master’s in Exercise Physiology Enough to Start Practicing?

After completing a bachelor’s and pursuing a master’s in exercise physiology, it’s common to assume that you can apply for a job and get hired immediately.

However, that isn’t entirely accurate, depending on the employer. A lot of employers will require further certifications before hiring.

Such certifications and accreditations may be accompanied by hands-on clinical experience.

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Exercise Physiologist (EP-C), the ACSM Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CEP), and the Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist (RCEP) are three levels of professional certifications.

Other certifications are offered by the American Society of Exercise Physiologists and the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

These include the Behavior Change Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, and Corrective Exercise Specialist.

Some of the Best Online Exercise Physiology Masters Programs

So you want to go for the best online masters programs?

This is understandable and the right thing to do. While there are several top-rated programs, we’ve only included a few due to want of space and time.

Southern Utah University offers an online masters in exercise physiology. The same applies to Missouri Baptist University etc.

The information on online exercise physiology master’s programs discussed above provides you with the basic background information needed to start your journey.

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