This guide will cover everything you need about labor and delivery medical assistants.

These include OB-GYN medical assistant roles, place of work, average earnings, and how to become one. Let’s open our discussion by reviewing whether MAs can work in delivery and labor.

Labor and Delivery Medical Assistant

Generally, medical assistants (MAs) work alongside certified doctors to provide seamless patient care.

They handle clinical and admin duties to ensure the clinical industry runs effectively. However, an MA can consider specializing in labor and delivery if interested in pregnancy and babies.

Practitioners in this field will specifically work in women’s healthcare. They will assist with parental checkups and procedures like IUD insertions, among other tasks.

  • Are MS employees permitted to work in the Labor and Delivery Unit?

The answer is yes. MAs can work in the labor and delivery unit.

However, they might not play hands-on roles with the patients. They will work in an obstetrician’s and gynecologist’s (OBGYN) office.

Their work will be to assist in preparing patients for doctor’s examinations. These include taking blood pressure, responding to questions, and taking temperature readings.

Some clerical roles they will play include filing, setting up appointments, calling pharmacies for prescriptions, and transcribing reports.

Others are answering phone calls, restocking supplies, taking down mothers’ medical histories, and more.

OB-GYN Medical Assistant Education Requirements

You don’t need an extensive formal college education to work in this field. All you need to get started is a high school diploma or GED.

This credential qualifies you for certificates or associate degrees in OB-GYN medical assisting. You can complete such education at community colleges or vocational centers.

Depending on your chosen program, finishing your studies takes as little as four months to two years. Earning a certificate or associate degree is necessary to secure a better-paying job.

Most employers prioritize candidates with such qualifications.

After you’re done with your studies, you can proceed to take the certification exams. Such a credential is necessary, as it will showcase your industry knowledge and skills to potential employers.

So once you pass the test, you’ll be given an attestation of competence.

Work Settings for Labor and Delivery Medical Assistants

As an expert in this field, you can work in several environments. These include women’s health clinics, smaller private offices, large hospitals, and community health clinics.

Because of their unique skills, the demand for labor and delivery medical assistants increases daily. Anyone holding such qualifications can serve in both rural and urban communities.

Essential Skills for Labor and Delivery Medical Assistants

Since practitioners in this field play pivotal roles, they’ll require specific, specialized skills.

This will enable them to care for patients safely while adhering to industry standards. Some vitals you’ll need entail a simple awareness of health terminology, empathy, and computer skills.

Others are innovative thinking, phlebotomy aptitudes, talent, hard work, and leadership skills. All these abilities will allow you to handle delicate subjects such as sexual fitness.

Plus, they support physicians in doing office procedures, handling urgent cases, and giving fixes to vital problems.

OB-GYN Medical Assistant Salary

When weighing a profession in this field, you must determine how much you’ll make.

Such details will aid you in deciding if or not to step into this field. According to the study, the national median pay for labor and delivery MAs is about $37,000 annually.

You can get more or less than this sum, contingent on some key variables. These entail your living location, work context, level of schooling, and years of experience.

Before accepting a job offer, you should consider these elements.

Open OB-GYN Medical Assistant Jobs

There are many work chances for MAs who specialize in labor and delivery.

These positions are open to candidates with high school diplomas, certificates, or associate degrees. You can choose anyone from the list below who matches your career needs.

  • Procedure Assistant 

MAs working in this position will assist with ambulatory procedures and outpatient surgeries.

Additionally, you’ll execute other patient care duties and clerical activities to ensure high-quality care for children and adults.

You’ll need a high school diploma or equivalent to qualify for this job. Graduates from certified MA studies are also welcome to apply.

You’ll also be required to have patient care experience, such as working in ambulatory, surgical, and inpatient office settings.

  • Clinical Assistant, Family Birth Center

Practitioners with MA qualifications often join the team of clinical professionals.

You’ll be providing exceptional healthcare services throughout the country. You’ll also assist nurses and physicians in performing various healthcare procedures.

Eligibility essentials include a high school diploma or GED and finishing a nurse aid course with certification. Those who also completed the nursing fundamentals can also send their request letters.

But you’ll also need one year of industry experience.

  • Certified Nursing Assistant, Labor and Delivery

The job description of this position includes taking vital signs, dressing wounds, bathing and feeding sick mothers, cleaning rooms and linens, and providing emotional support to clients.

You may also perform environmental and inventory tasks to keep the facility safe, clean, and well-equipped for visitors, patients, and staff.

You’ll need a high school diploma or GED certificate regarding the job requirements.

In addition, you’ll need certification in BLS and CPR, the ability to pass clinical competency tests, and the physical ability to satisfy the job duties.

  • Staff Nurse SEIU: Labor and Delivery

Anyone working in this position takes orders directly from RNs and must follow the hospital policies, protocols, procedures, and standards of practice.

Some tasks you’ll execute include the provision of direct clinical and support services and maintaining accountability for fiscally sound and quality patient outcomes.

To be eligible for this position, you’ll need a high school diploma, experience in an acute hospital setting, and certified nursing assistant training.

Moreover, you’ll need to enroll in a nursing course and finish two cycles of clinical rotation.

As an expert in this field, you’ll provide a family-centered childbirth experience. These include labor, delivery, and recovery for normal and low-risk maternity patients.

Eligibility criteria include a high school diploma, finishing a recognized medical assistant program or related qualification, and gaining at least one year of industry experience.

Labor and delivery medical assistants are essential workers in the healthcare sector. They assist certified physicians in treating and caring for pregnant women.

If this field is what you desire, you can see what it entails above you. Use the guide to venture into a stable and rewarding career.