MMPI is short for the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory.

It refers to a widely accepted psychology and personality test generally effective in helping the determination of the nature and extent of personality disorders in adults.

Do you know what questions are on the MMPI test? Well, let’s find out the test structure first.

MMPI Test Online

MMPI has a history that the University of Minnesota Press documents well. The instrument was first designed at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Minnesota Hospital.

The instrument took three years to complete and was invented by a clinical psychologist and a neuropsychiatrist named  Starke R. Hathaway and J. Charnley McKinley.

It was finished in 1940 and proposed to function “as an objective aid in the routine psychiatric case work-up of adult patients and as a method of determining the severity of the conditions.”

This did not fail in any way. The first version of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory test quickly gained acceptance. It proved more valuable than all the other inventories available at the time.

As a result, experts and institutions alike switched over and began utilizing it heavily in research and practice.

Why the MMPI Online Test is Important

Before embarking on any psychology and personality test, you want to know the benefits and how it can help you. As the most widely used and researched clinical assessment tool, it helps measure various psychological conditions essential to better understanding oneself.

Also, any anomalies can be detected and remedied.

Due to its obvious advantages and benefits, MMPI testing has found several applications, including being used as forensic evidence in criminal defense and also for job screenings.

If you wish to subject yourself to such a test, you’ll need information provided here, plus additional research to know exactly what you’re getting into.

More importantly, speaking with a licensed mental health professional will do a world of good in providing all the information you seek.

What’s Measured by the MMPI Test

MMPI tests are used to measure a variety of personality and psychopathology traits. These are hinged on set scales that are numbered 1 through 10.

It’s also important to note that these scales, though numbered, aren’t an absolute measure of psychological and personality conditions as there are overlapping symptoms for some conditions.

That said, let’s identify what the MMPI test measures.

This test measures Hypochondriasis designated Hs on scale one. It also measures Depression (scale two), Hysteria (scale three), Psychopathic Deviate (scale four), Masculinity-Femininity (scale five), Paranoia (scale six), Psychastenia (scale seven), Schizophrenia (scale eight), Hypomania (scale 9), and Social Introversion (scale zero).

Besides these scales are other newer or supplementary versions. However, those do not negate the core clinical scales that have been mentioned.

More research can be done on these for a better understanding of what they represent and how these all work to provide factual information.

Test Validity Scales

When conducting an MMPI online test, you must fully understand all the variables, including test validity scales. These scales are used to measure and classify findings.

Such validity scales have been carefully designed to make MMPI testing more accurate and standardized. With such scales’ help, inconsistent responses are better detected, thus promoting the reliability of findings.

These test validity scales include the L scale (also known as the lie scale), F scale (or infrequency scale), K scale (defensiveness scale), VRIN (variable response inconsistency), and TRIN (true response inconsistency).

We recommend you further research these test validity scales for a more in-depth understanding. This will help anyone taking the MMPI online test to have better and more accurate results.


The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory came with an advantage.

This was because it took away the high possibility of falsified results. Experts significantly encountered this problem while using previous inventories.

Additionally, MMPI brought new test items and an extensive scale contrasting the narrow, ambiguous ones.

Nevertheless, being the first of its kind, there was a need to review the test. This came on the hills of reports that some items were considered provocative, and others were considered less representative of the U.S.

Take MMPI – 2 Test Free

Reviewing the MMPI directly brought about the MMPI – 2. This would be a more localized instrument.

Also, while the standardization committee replaced obsolete and reportedly offensive items, it struggled to align the new job test with the original.

Owing to this, the clinical scales were left untouched. They later published details of the instrument in 1989.


After developing the second MMPI test, Hathaway co-designed the original instrument and joined Monachesi to create another version targeting adolescents.

This was called the MMPI – A.

Of course, there were developmental issues with this version. It would include a lack of relevant items and scales for the target group.

Despite this setback, Hathaway and Monachesi completed the instrument and published its details in 1992.

MMPI – 2 – RF

It might be a little challenging to understand the purpose of the MMPI – 2 – RF.

However, in simple terms, this version provided new and distinct scales they did not include in the MMPI – 2.

As mentioned earlier, standardization of the MMPI test directly created the MMPI – 2.

This changed certain test items, but the clinical scale was left untouched to maintain a resemblance with the original inventory.

Therefore, MMPI – 2 – RF implemented necessary scale changes through the Reconstructed Clinical Scales.

With this, the instrument features vast items similar to those on the MMPI–2 coupled with Specific Problems and Interest Scales, Higher-Order Scales, and improved PSY-5 and Validity Scales.

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Online Test

The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory collects questions, data, and components that help assess users’ mental conditions and personalities.

Each MMPI, therefore, consists of various test items and scales to measure personalities and psychopathy.

For example, the original MMPI test contains 500 items. MMPI–2, on the other hand, has 567 different things and takes about 60 minutes from start to finish.

Alternatively, you could take the MMPI – 2 – RF test.

This offers a more robust evaluation since the instrument utilizes components from the MMPI – 2 and its extensive set of non-heterogeneous scales.

Test items on the MMPI – 2 – RF are 338 in number, and the assessment could last between 35 and 50 minutes.

The five scales available in the MMPI – 2 tests are the L Scale, which tells the “presence of virtues in greater abundance than the norm,” the K Scale, which describes that recognized problems are at a minimum; TRIN, which stands for True Response Inconsistency, and marks specific opposite responses as being true, then VRIN, which means Variable Response Inconsistency, and tries to point out unplanned responses.

Cost of MMPI Online Test

Taking any of the different MMPI online tests will surely cost you money.

Some sources say this will be between $100 and $800. The cost variation depends on the institution or website hosting the test and the MMPI test version.

Results and Scoring

Earning a score of 65 or more could reportedly be interpreted to mean passing an MMPI test.

However, the MMPI–2 presents results in an interpretative fashion. Furthermore, it displays scores in a range between 30 and 120.

This information is combined with

Applications for the MMPI Online Test


  • Company Recruitment Exercises:

More and more companies are exploring the potential of MMPI online tests as a tool for understanding candidates’ skills and expertise.

Information from this exercise is used to decide who is the best fit for what role.

  • Psychiatric Evaluation and Diagnosis:

The primary purpose of the MMPI is to aid healthcare evaluation and diagnosis.

Revised versions like the MMPI – 2 – RF improve the quality of results obtained by mitigating and detecting lies, faking of characters, and other things.

  • Personal Assessment and Development:

Individuals are advised to avoid taking MMPI online tests to understand the process and cheat the system.

This is because candidates familiar with the system cannot offer trusted results, directly impacting the extent of psychiatric healthcare they receive.

MMPI online tests are sometimes utilized for personal assessment and development, for example, when trying to work on a negative character trait.

In this case, it offers valuable insights into the progress of building a positive character. The tests also allow candidates preparing for high-risk jobs to evaluate their potential and chances.

Is the Online MMPI Free Test Reliable? 

Before conducting an online MMPI test for free, it’s necessary to consider its reliability.

Reliability is hinged on multiple factors, including the process used, test quality, whether the test is well developed, and more.

If the objective is to conduct diagnostic testing, you’re better off letting a trained and licensed mental health professional handle the task.

Free online MMPI might serve several purposes but cannot replace more comprehensive tests performed by trained and licensed mental health professionals.

In other words, such free tests aren’t as reliable.


There are many possible benefits to taking the MMPI online test, whether you are applying it personally or on behalf of a company. However, the catch is that only a few websites provide access to the test.

This is because the instruments are guarded.

The majority of assessments out there are, therefore, test practices. While this is an excellent place to start, you must remember not to take the MMPI online test or training as a way of learning to cheat the system.