Free Online Childcare Training Courses with Certificates

Explore free online childcare training courses with certificates for early childhood educators and counselors.

As education becomes more accessible, taking advantage of opportunities presented requires knowledge.

Of particular interest to us is free online childcare training courses with certificates. If you find these kinds of courses interesting, this article gives you all the help you need by way of information.

Through such courses, you acquire practical skills and knowledge of childcare. The crucial areas of child & parent communication, health & safety as well as behavior management are covered, amongst others.

Upon completion of training, you get a certificate that enhances your employability.

About Childcare Training

To start our discussion, we look at the concept of childcare training.

This is a training all childcare providers are required to undergo. It equips them with the skills and knowledge to provide various services, including supervision & care, early education & development, etc.

When embarking on any of these childcare training courses, you get to occupy key roles in childcare. These positions include early childhood teacher, childcare provider, au pair, childcare assistant, babysitter, and nanny.

If this sounds interesting, enrolling in a free online childcare training program is the easiest way to start. With that said, it’s important to note that there are several free online childcare training courses.

The following section provides further details on them.

Online Childcare Training Courses with Certificates

For anyone looking for free online childcare training courses, the good news is this; several such courses offer certificates upon completion.

With such provisions, achieving your career objectives is very much within reach. So, what are these free online childcare training courses to apply to?

Excellent sources include edX, Khan Academy, Coursera, and FutureLearn. You can also take free online childcare training courses with certificates on Care Courses and Alison.

Having mentioned these sources, let’s identify the free childcare training courses you can take under each.

i. Free Childcare Training Courses with Certificates on edX

As a massive open online course provider, edX is renowned for providing free and paid courses, including childcare training. Certificates are also earned upon completion of the course.

Examples of childcare training courses on edX include Introduction to Psychology and The Best Start in Life.

More childcare training courses on edX include Activity-Based Support in Inclusive Preschool & School-Age Child Care and Lessons on Abusive Head Trauma.

Another childcare training course you can take on edX is Early Childhood Development.

On edX, reputable universities offer many Introduction to Psychology courses, like the University of British Columbia, The University of Queensland, Tsinghua University, etc.

Quite a number of these courses are offered free and come with certificates. You’ll need to explore to find your preferred course.

Like a lot of courses on edX, this is a self-paced course and is offered free. The course lasts eight weeks with hourly commitments of about 2 to 4 hours weekly.

It’s a course for teachers, healthcare professionals, as well as other practitioners with interests in biological & societal factors impacting children.

You can enroll in this free, self-paced childcare training course on edX. Offered by Harvard University, this training course spans a period of 7 weeks with 1 to 3 hours per week required.

You can explore further to learn about the course and how to enroll.

ii. Free Childcare Training Courses with Certificates on Coursera

Coursera is another global online learning platform that offers free online childcare training courses with certificates.

Childcare training courses include Motivating Gen Z Learners, Introduction to Early Childhood, and Foundations of Teaching for Learning.

There’re still courses like Understanding Child Development.

On Coursera, you can enroll in this free childcare training course with certificates issued upon completion.

The National Institute of Education, Singapore, provides it. Due to the benefits of the course, it always attracts many students from across the world.

Another childcare training course with a certificate on Coursera is Introduction to Early Childhood.

The State University of New York offers it and mainly targets persons interested in starting a daycare center. Topics covered include fundamentals of early childhood development and many more.

The Commonwealth Education Trust offers the Foundations of Teaching for Learning course.

Here, lessons are taught by experienced professionals from across the Commonwealth. Completion of the course is approximately 11 hours and is offered in different languages, including English.

This is another childcare training course you can enroll in. It’s available on Coursera and offered by Utrecht University.

Languages of instruction are English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Vietnamese, and Italian. This course takes approximately 28 hours to complete.

iii. Free Childcare Training Courses with Certificates on FutureLearn

FutureLearn holds valuable resources on free childcare training courses with certificates. These courses are primarily offered online.

Examples include Caring for Vulnerable Children, Getting Care Right for All Children, Key Characteristics of Childcare Practice, An Introduction to Residential Child Care, etc.

iv. Free Childcare Training Courses with Certificates in Care Courses

Early childhood professionals can also pursue free online childcare training Care Courses.

Several courses include; Discipline in Early Childhood, Introduction to Childcare, Child Development, and Creating a Safe & Healthy Environment.

Care Courses is a valuable resource for finding free online childcare training with certificates. While that is true, we must state that most of its courses are paid.

Examples of its paid childcare training courses include Creating Schedules & Routines and Child Development & Guidance.

More childcare training courses under the paid category include Caring for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Early Childhood Stress: Serious Stress in Children’s Lives, etc.

You only need to explore its site by registering to find out more.

The examples of free online childcare training courses with certificates provided here will help you achieve your goal of pursuing a career in this field.

To get started, you must research each of these free online courses to find the most suitable for your needs or goals.