12 Highest Paid Medical Assistant Specialties List

What type of medical assistant makes the most money?

This article will highlight the highest-paid medical assistant specialties. While we do that, we’ll briefly review their job description.

After finishing a medical assistant program, the next thing that comes to mind is finding a job. But when hunting for one, you may wonder which is the best-paying job in the field.

What is the highest-paying medical assistant job? Several of them exist.

Best Paying Medical Assistant Jobs

Medical assisting jobs will continue to boom, and so far, the healthcare industry continues to thrive. The job description usually involves offering essential clinical services to clients.

These include taking vital signs, preparing specimens for lab analysis, and drawing blood.

They can also file billing and insurance claims, make and return official calls, maintain the stock of office supplies, and more.

Medical Assistant Specialties List

This field offers numerous lucrative jobs, which can be chosen based on one’s academic background and experience level.

  • Anesthesiologist Assistant

Anesthesiologist assistants are clinical practitioners who work under the direct supervision of a licensed anesthesiologist, providing a guaranteed path to increased income.

They evaluate patients before any surgical or other clinical procedures.

These include reviewing patients’ medical histories, selecting and administering appropriate anesthetics, and monitoring patients during anesthesia.

They also manage potential complications, perform invasive procedures, assist with airway management, and more. The average national salary of these experts is around $195,987.

  • Physician Assistant

This is a healthcare professional who works directly under the supervision of a licensed physician.

They perform various essential duties in the clinical industry. These include reviewing patients’ medical histories and conducting physical exams to diagnose them.

They can also treat common illnesses and injuries, prescribe medications, interpret diagnostic tests, assist with minor operations, and more. As a physician assistant, you can earn around $115,766 per year.

  • Optometric Assistant

You can be sure to earn handsomely from this specialty. Experts in this field perform various support tasks to assist optometrists.

Their duties range from greeting patients to identifying their eye and vision care needs. They also gather patient histories and other details, prepare and assist clients with vision tests, and administer eye drops.

In some facilities, you may also perform clerical tasks such as processing documents, handling calls, and processing documents. You can liaise with external partners, adjust and repair glasses, and more.

The average annual salary of an optometric assistant is around $98,734.

  • Occupational Therapy Assistant

An occupational therapy aid helps patients develop or recover critical skills to perform daily tasks.

They can also assist with exercise programs, document patients’ progress, and teach them how to use adaptive equipment.

What’s more? They help rehabilitate clients with injuries or help them regain independence and quality of life. The annual salary of these experts is around $74,262.

  • Podiatry Medical Assistant

Those working in this field help podiatrists care for feet. They also venture into toenail removal, bunion correction, and overall foot care.

You’ll need an associate’s or bachelor’s degree and certification in clinical assisting to get started. The annual pay of these workers is around $65,000 per year.

  • Clinical Support Specialist

These specialists perform various tasks in the wellness sector.

They set up patient appointments, provide additional support to coworkers, and collect patient data & insurance information. Moreover, they also assist physicians in conducting research studies.

The position requires a high school diploma or GED certificate, while clinical support specialists need a bachelor’s degree, strong analytical skills, and clinical experience for advanced roles.

  • Dermatology Medical Assistant

If you’re interested in medical work, this is another excellent career you can explore.

You will assist physicians with patient exams, collect lab specimens, and keep patient records. You’ll also perform skin testing & treatments and maintain familiarity with standard practices.

Furthermore, you’ll also ensure the environment is kept healthy at all times. So you’ll supervise the cleaning and disinfection, prep patients for surgeries, stock examining rooms with supplies, and more.

With all these responsibilities, a dermatology medical assistant receives $37,050 to $52,000 annually.

  • Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant

These are practitioners who work under the supervision of certified SLPs. They help patients with speech and language disorders.

Moreover, they can also conduct therapies, document patients’ progress, and improve communication with people with such conditions. SLP aids receive an average annual salary of $54,704 per year.

  • Medical Internship

Working in this field means you’ll attend to patients’ needs while under the supervision of a licensed physician.

Some interns will be required to produce the necessary reports and documentation. They may communicate with patients and families and participate in more challenging cases.

  • Medical Assistant Supervisor

As a supervisor in this field, your job is to oversee the daily workflow of clinical staff.

You’ll also assume duties such as training, hiring, and reviewing employees. What’s more? You’ll also coordinate staff schedules and ensure compliance and the achievement of departmental goals.

Moreover, you’ll monitor the performance of other workers and the facility. You’ll take home around $51,500 a year as a clinical supervisor. Medical interns typically receive around $50,843.

  • Fertility Medical Assistant

These experts help people who are struggling to become pregnant. Therefore, they perform procedures such as in-vitro fertilization and hormone injections.

Fertility medical aid can also work with expecting mothers throughout their pregnancy. However, the average salary of these experts is around $45,387 per year.

  • Medical Research Assistants

Practitioners in this field perform various support tasks in a lab or related environment.

A few of their duties include gathering and organizing samples and preparing labs for research practices. They also compile and manage data, conduct tests and analyses, and update databases.

In some facilities, medical research assistants liaise with clients, coordinate with them, and maintain an active line with researchers. The average salary of these practitioners is around $40,303.

How to Secure Top-Paying Medical Assistant Jobs

Knowing about lucrative clinical assisting occupations doesn’t automatically award you one. It would be best to do certain things to enhance your chances of grabbing any of these jobs.

Firstly, you’ll need to look for assisting jobs that are in high demand. Secondly, acquire experience through internships, volunteering, or entry-level wellness jobs.

You should also consider specialized roles like the ones we’ve highlighted above. Moreover, build a professional network to help you learn about job opportunities and connect with potential employers.

You can attend job fairs and professional networking events to boost your connections.

Finally, negotiate a salary when offered a job. But before you do that, use a guide like ours to learn about the average salary of your desired occupation.

Many more medical assisting jobs are super lucrative than the ones above. We’ve just handpicked a few that are popular. However, you must know that certain factors can influence the earnings of these practitioners.

These include location, educational background, work settings, and experience level.