9 Best-Paid Medical Assistant Jobs In Schools

This guide will focus on medical assistant jobs in schools. As you read further, you’ll come across the various positions opened for MAs in the educational sector.

In addition to the list, we’ll outline the duties, qualifications, and essentials of these positions. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Medical Assistant Employment Opportunities in Schools

As a medical assistant (MA), you’ll be equipped with several skills and knowledge during your training. This will help you work in different settings, including schools.

However, you’ll be working under the direct supervision of a higher authority. We refer to registered nurses who oversee the medical operations of the school.

Roles of Medical Assistants Working in Schools

MAs serving in an academic setting play pivotal roles. They keep and update the clinical records of students, provide education and guidance, and collect samples for testing.

Moreover, they can also serve as communication channels between nurses, teachers, students, and parents, provide education and guidance on matters concerning their health and more.

Some Medical Assistant Jobs in Schools

Several work possibilities for MAs are open in the academic sector. You can select anyone, depending on your qualifications and state laws.

Most jobs are for practitioners with high school diplomas or finished certificate programs. But those with undergrad certificates may also apply.

  • School Health Technician (Kahuku Complex, Medical Assistant, or CNA)

An MA can serve as a school health tech but will work under minimal supervision.

You will coordinate school health tasks such as medical promotion, data entry, health education, and school-wide screenings. Moreover, you’ll cover the health needs of students, collect data, and monitor disease, etc.

You’ll typically need a high school diploma or GED, CPR, and first aid certification to qualify for this position. You’ll also need work experience in a clinical setting, attestation of competence as a registered MA and more.

  • Medical Assistant Instructor

You can also serve as an MA instructor in schools. The job comes with a flexible schedule and professional development assistance.

Some roles you’ll play include providing individualized and safety instruction, developing a syllabus and performance objectives, and maintaining clinical records & state essentials.

Furthermore, you’ll monitor lab supplies and classrooms, monitor scholars’ health progress, provide employability skills, and promote career awareness.

Eligibility essentials include having an associate degree in health-related fields and work experience for at least five years.

  • School Health Assistant

Consider this school job if you want to make a difference in an innovative and dynamic non-profit agency.

You’ll have the chance to provide specialized care for students with chronic illnesses or who are medically fragile. You’ll also maintain urgent contact records, offer papers to medical billing, and provide training and modeling for staff.

Administering first aid for minor cuts and injuries, caring for students until parents arrive, notifying parents of illness, etc., are additional duties for practitioners in this position.

You’ll need at least a certificate or diploma in a health-related field to be eligible for a school health assistant job.

Moreover, it would be best if you had industry experience working with medically fragile or chronically ill people. Some facilities may demand that you have CMA certification with additional experience.

  • Health Room Assistant, High School

This school job is specifically designed for those interested in working in high school.

You’ll perform several tasks to promote the health of learners. These include administering daily medication when needed, monitoring immunizations, and handling hearing & vision screenings.

Moreover, you’ll monitor and track unique health concerns, provide first aid to students with minor injuries, and support learners in the classroom, hallways, and launch room.

You’ll need a high school diploma or GED and work experience to qualify for this position.

Candidates must have basic computer skills and be able to interact and work with students, staff, and parents. Health room assistants may be involved in record-keeping.

  • Office Assistant

As an MA, you can also take the office assistant job in school.

Your work will verify insurance coverage, coordinate referrals, maintain confidentiality of workplace and client details, and collect payments based on insurance essentials.

You may also be asked to pick up calls and reply to accurate messages.

The job comes with numerous benefits and incentives. These include 12 weeks of paid parental leave, two retirement planning offerings, full medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and tuition assistance.

  • Cashier Receptionist

Working as a cashier or receptionist means a lot of responsibilities.

You’ll greet and assist patients, follow client check-in policies and procedures, verify and update all demographic details, and determine patients’ membership.

Other duties include creating accounts as necessary, capturing and populating workers’ compensation data, managing electronic in-baskets, getting patient medical record numbers when necessary, and more.

Eligibility for this school position includes having a high school diploma or equivalent and work experience for at least six months.

  • Virtual Medical Assistant

A medical assistant can take this position in schools. Your work includes handling inbound and outbound calls and assisting patients with intake for scheduled clinical meetings.

Moreover, you’ll use a call system to document clients’ calls, provide superb services based on effectiveness, and determine effective resolutions to complaints.

You’ll need a high School Diploma or GED to work in this position. Some institutions prefer that you have an associate degree and a little work experience. Your ability to answer multi-line and high-volume telephone calls is essential.

  • Surgical Materials Assistant

You can take this job as an MA and make an excellent living. However, the position comes with many roles to play.

You’ll assist with the training and orientation of new staff, build case carts for basic surgical procedures, conform to standard procedures and methods, and ensure prudent use of resources.

Moreover, you’ll need to have skills in identifying and responding to urgent or status requests and seeking resources for direction when necessary.

Candidates interested in this position must satisfy certain conditions.

These include holding at least a high school diploma or GED, knowledge of computers, and existing experience in supply distribution, sterile processes, or operating rooms.

Moreover, you’ll need to know medical and surgical supplies and can follow policies and procedures regarding all aspects of an assignment.

  • Credentialing Assistant (Remote)

As a practitioner in this position, you’ll handle several tasks, including record-keeping systems and maintaining filling.

You’ll also perform admin support, keep expirable for clinical staff, take minutes during meetings, monitor various email accounts, and track enrollment while meeting regulations.

Eligibility criteria include a high school diploma or certificate from certified programs and years of clerical, secretarial, or office support work. You’ll also need two years of work experience in clinical settings and one year of credentialing experience.

There are many more school jobs available for medical assistants. The ones we’ve highlighted above are just but a few. However, they can help you kickstart a stable and rewarding career.

All you need to do is get the necessary qualifications and apply.