10 High-Paying Medical Jobs with Little Schooling

Have you ever wondered if there are high-paying medical jobs with little schooling? While this might sound a bit crazy, it’s something many people think about.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re interested in discovering if such opportunities exist. In this article, we explore this topic in detail.

High-Paying Jobs in the Medical Field with Little Schooling

Primarily, high-paying medical jobs are associated with long years of schooling. While that is generally true, specific assignments in this category require little education. Sounds interesting right?

As long as you’re interested in any of the positions mentioned below, it can be a rewarding career.

  • Are there High-Paying Medical Jobs that Require Little Schooling?

The answer is an absolute yes!

Whenever the issue of high-paying medical jobs with little schooling requirements is brought up, most people doubt that such exists. The good news is that these exist, as you’ll find below.

However, you need to determine if you’re suitable for such jobs.

If you’ve always been fascinated by the healthcare industry, you shouldn’t have difficulty adapting to these jobs.

So, while identifying these high-paying jobs with minimal training requirements, you’d do well to remember the one you’re more comfortable doing.

In other words, this should be a job that fits your personality and interests.

How Much is Pay Considered “High-Paying” for a Medical Job with Little Education Requirements?

Before we go further, it’s essential to determine how much pay is considered significant enough for a medical job with little training requirements.

While this may be relative due to factors like experience level, job type, and location, good pay will mostly be in the region of $35k to $100k annually.

This is significant for a job with little schooling or training demands.

Upon the commencement of training, you’re through within a few years. However, career advancement opportunities for such jobs might require a bit more training in some cases.

The difference becomes wider when comparing this pay range with medical jobs requiring longer, more rigorous, and more expensive training.

Examples of these include surgeons, pediatricians, anesthesiologists, ophthalmologists, podiatrists, and the like, whose pay is around $160k to $300k

There are Clear Benefits

Regarding the advantages of high-paying medical jobs that require minimal schooling, several areas can be pointed out as being responsible for the high interest in such employment.

First, it’s meaningful, offers job security, and increases pay.

Many people go for these types of high-paying medical jobs due to the clear opportunities for advancement being offered, as well as flexible work hours.

You may also be interested in high-paying medical jobs with little schooling requirements, including launching your career sooner and saving on tuition.

While we can go on and on about the benefits of high-paying medical jobs that require little schooling, we need to shift our focus to what these jobs are.

In other words, let’s identify the different medical jobs that pay well and require little schooling. This takes us to the next section.

These Medical Jobs Pay Well and Require Little Schooling

Having provided a background on the topic being discussed, this section focuses on identifying these high-paying medical jobs with little schooling requirements.

Examples include respiratory therapists, physical therapist assistants, radiation therapists, medical coders, and cardiovascular technologists.

There are more of these high-paying medical jobs with little schooling requirements. Examples include medical laboratory technicians, occupational therapist assistants, dental hygienists, veterinary technicians, etc.

Let’s briefly discuss each of these medical jobs as follows:

i. Respiratory Therapist

You can complete your training as a respiratory therapist within two years for an associate’s degree.

Here, you’re taken through training in pulmonary medicine which mainly deals with lung and breathing problems. A respiratory therapist job pays around $50k to $80k a year.

ii. Physical Therapist Assistant

If you’re drawn to rehabilitative patient care, you might want to train as a physical therapist assistant.

You’ll need an associate’s degree to get started. This takes around two years to complete. Plus, the median annual salary for this job is $52k.

iii. Radiation Therapist

This medical job involves administering radiation treatments to patients with life-threatening health conditions.

Radiation therapy training is considerably short for such an important role, with an associate’s degree being earned. The position attracts a salary of around $60k to $100k.

iv. Medical Coder

Medical coders play critical roles in the healthcare industry as they provide a direct link of understanding between payers and service providers.

For this entry-level job, a pay of around $40k to $70k is received annually. As a medical coder, you’ll deal with billing, insurance claims, etc.

v. Cardiovascular Technologist

Another high-paying medical job you might want to consider is a cardiovascular technologist.

Here, you’ll be operating cardiology equipment while also performing tests. These technicians work closely with doctors and other professionals to diagnose various conditions.

vi. Medical Laboratory Technician

Medical laboratory technicians help diagnose and treat ailments. These technicians work under the supervision of medical laboratory technologists.

With limited training requirements and excellent career prospects, these technicians receive around $40k to $70k annually.

vii. Occupational Therapist Assistant

This medical job involves working with an occupational therapist to implement treatment plans.

OTA is considered a high-paying job due to the limited time spent in training and a pay of around $50k to $80k per year being received. As with all other medical jobs mentioned, various factors determine pay.

viii. Dental Hygienist

As a dental hygienist, you’ll work with dentists and other oral health professionals to help patients maintain dental hygiene.

Dental hygienists receive salaries of around $60k to $90k. What more? It doesn’t take long to train as a dental hygienist. This job also has the potential for career advancement.

viii. Veterinary Technician

Veterinary technicians are included in our list of high-paying jobs requiring little training for several reasons.

One is the time spent in school to obtain an associate’s degree. Based on the type of degree and training duration, a median annual salary of $35,320 is considered high.

These are some of the few high-paying medical jobs requiring little schooling. Do you find any interesting? If you do, you can start your journey by researching the opportunity.

To get the best pay, you must consider the different factors affecting income, like your location, employer, etc.