Healthcare Management Jobs | 10 After-Degree Career Options

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This article will list medical management positions and roles you can assume as an expert. Your typical yearly take-home salary and the academic essentials for these jobs will be discussed.

Here are the best jobs for a healthcare management degree.

What Can I Do with a Degree in Healthcare Management?

The wellness sector is quickly expanding and has a wide range of jobs. These positions call for precise learning, abilities, and competency.

  • Outlook for jobs with a Bachelor’s in healthcare management

While this is true, those looking to work in medicine may find healthcare management a compelling career option. The discipline provides both job growth and salaries that are competitive.

The BLS predicts a 32% increase in job openings for medical executives between 2019 and 2029.

So, experts looking to take the next step or begin their wellness career can unlock the door to many exciting career chances.

If your resume is spectacular, you can serve in high-profile roles, like CEO of a hospital.

Healthcare Management Careers

People with expertise in wellness managerial training have a variety of job options. Many students study medical administration to develop the organizational skills necessary for careers.

Do you need information on jobs with a healthcare management degree? 

Below are the best career options.

  • Assisted Living Administrator

Experts in this field focus on the intellectual stimulation, sociability, and personal wellness aspects of elder wellness.

They also oversee daily operations at the institution, approve nutrition programs, and participate in scheduling and budget talks. Then what? By helping others, they improve their quality of life.

The job requires a master’s degree in business administration, medical management, or wellness admin. They make about $49411 on average annually.

  • Quality and Improvement Manager

You’ll make sure the firm conforms to current care requisites. Additionally, you’ll be in charge of analyzing present procedures to identify areas that need change.

In addition, you’ll conduct training sessions and workshops to assist members in staying current with best practices.

This post requires a bachelor’s degree, but additional years of experience and qualifications are needed to distinguish oneself from others.

  • Consulting Health Care Administrator

By accepting this position, you will use your expertise to help the organization flourish. Both large and small businesses will require your services.

Healthcare administrator positions offer flexible work schedules, remote work, and freelancing options, requiring a master’s degree in business admin, clinical management, or clinical admin and a salary of approximately $78,293 per year.

  • Healthcare Department Manager

Experts in this area are in charge of particular teams or divisions. Some are the nursing division, surgery, physical therapy, and other departments.

This role requires years of experience and a bachelor’s or master’s degree in medical management to perform various tasks in your specialty area.

  • Hospice Administrator

In this role, you would oversee a hospice agency’s daily operations.

This position requires a bachelor’s degree in nursing or medical admin and requires expertise in managing funds, controlling the workforce, and adhering to rules.

But a master’s degree in management or healthcare admin is also relevant.

You must fulfill additional coursework standards and take business or admin training to achieve your academic objectives. On average, workers in this field earn $84,370 annually.

  • Healthcare Finance Manager

Are you interested in business administration healthcare management jobs?

These professionals’ job is to supervise the daily financial operations of a wellness center.

These include creating budgets, assessing remuneration, and managing financial flow. You can also oversee and report on the financial status of a department or organization.

A bachelor’s or master’s degree in this field is crucial for job qualification, and extensive experience will enhance the visibility of your CV.

  • Medical Clinic Manager

Experts in this field are needed to keep the wellness facility effective.

They make sure everything is running well. Other duties include managing the finances, looking after the property, and employing and developing qualified staff.

They also manage billing, supervise clinic and office employees, organize schedules to ensure adequate coverage, and conduct staff meetings. Having a bachelor’s degree or above for this position would be best.

However, you can be prepared for various roles with a master’s in health admin or clinical care oversight. On average, professionals in this field earn $71,759 a year.

  • Physician Practice Manager

As a medical practice manager, you will be in charge of the business strategy of a clinical center.

A bachelor’s degree is required for starting the role, which involves managing spending, implementing daily operations, and developing creative initiatives for the agency’s growth.

However, most employers choose applicants with a master’s degree in wellness admin.

  • Health Information Manager

These experts guarantee that every device and treatment is in flawless working condition.

They are also in charge of bridging the knowledge gap between direct clinical care practitioners and computer data processing experts.

What else? They are in charge of safeguarding patient data and computerized medical records.

You’ll need a master’s degree in health informatics or medical information management to have a higher chance of landing this job. You can earn $55,210 per year on average.

  • Hospital Administrator

A hospital admin is in charge of managing a medical facility effectively and efficiently. Whether the organization is small or huge, you will control every department.

Hospital management jobs involve creating budgets, offering professional development opportunities, hiring qualified staff, and evaluating employees.

The institution must ensure compliance with all pertinent ethical and legal regulations. For this role, you must possess a master’s degree in leadership, medical admin, or business admin.

The yearly salary is roughly $874,655.

  • Research Manager

If you have a degree in wellness leadership, you can work as a research manager. You will oversee the research team, organize study activities, analyze data, and report your findings to stakeholders.

The majority of employers prefer clinical leadership Ph.D. candidates. The average salary for experts in this field is $91,258 per year.

There are numerous more jobs for people with degrees and certificates in medical admin.

Some potential positions include medical coding specialist, admins of a mental clinical facility, admin of a nursing home, and administrator of a pharmacy.

But ensure you meet all the criteria regarding training and expertise before doing it. As you can see above, most healthcare management careers require people with master’s degrees in this field or a closely connected discipline.