13 Best Medical / Healthcare Business Degrees [And Jobs]

What are business jobs in the medical field? Here is a list of medical and business careers.

In this article, we’ve discussed the different medical and hospital business jobs or positions to explore. As always, each situation requires a certain degree of expertise.

While these require a full-time commitment, others allow for more flexibility and involve remote working.

Healthcare Business Degrees

Whether you are interested in managerial positions or want to establish your healthcare business, various business degrees can help you.

With a steady rise in demand for healthcare managerial positions fuelled by the aging baby boomer population, amongst other factors, it’s only standard that more people will gravitate towards obtaining healthcare business degrees.

  • Hospital Management Degree Options

Business degrees can help your healthcare career in several ways, including honing soft and hard skills and bringing about tech and innovation.

So, what business degrees can you bring to the healthcare industry? You’ll need to read on to learn more.

  • Are Business Degrees Essential to Healthcare?

Often, people wonder if getting a business degree stops them from holding positions or working in healthcare.

Such degrees are beneficial in healthcare as you hold managerial or administrative positions.

In a nutshell, there are several options or opportunities in healthcare for persons with business degrees.

Apart from administrative positions, persons with business degrees can occupy key positions like budget analysts, healthcare executives, and human resource specialists.

You can also become a pharmaceutical sales representative, community service manager, and marketing communications specialist with a business degree.

More positions include jobs in healthcare management, product manager, medical equipment sales representative, and health insurance sales agent.

With such degrees, you can work in many health settings, including insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and long-term care facilities.

Top Medical Management Business Degrees

While many business degrees exist, not all are linked to or affiliated with healthcare.

We consider those degrees specializing in healthcare management for a more comprehensive discussion. These MBA degrees are designed to help with effective healthcare administration and management.

They include an MBA –Medical Industry Specialization, MBA Health Care Concentration, and Master of Business Administration-Health Care Management.

Master of Business Administration & Master of Public Health, and MBA with a Certificate in Health in Health Sector Management are additional business degrees.

More business degrees linked to healthcare include a Master of Business Administration-Healthcare and an MBA & Master of Public Health.

Others include Health Sector MBA + MPH, MBA-Health Care Initiative, and MBA-Health Care Certificate.

i. MBA –Medical Industry Specialization

This business degree is closely linked with or has a healthcare industry specialization. Courses covered under this business degree program are relevant to the health industry.

They include the healthcare marketplace, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries.

ii. MBA Health Care Concentration

The MBA healthcare concentration is another business degree program closely affiliated with the healthcare industry.

By earning this degree, you’re fully equipped for an illustrious career in different fields such as life science, biotechnology, and healthcare.

Courses typically cover healthcare analytics, the business ecosystem, and healthcare technology commercialization.

iii. Master of Business Administration-Health Care Management

You can earn a business degree with a specialization in healthcare management.

Courses cover health law, healthcare business, quantitative analysis for health systems, and healthcare technology, including a global perspective.

A healthcare MBA degree prepares you for a promising healthcare career.

iv. Master of Business Administration & Master of Public Health

Some programs offer business degrees that run concurrently with a master’s in public health.

It’s a highly competitive degree that you can complete within five semesters. You can choose elective courses covering healthcare organizational management and healthcare technology policy.

Other elective courses cover mass communications in public health and population health economics. Of course, students will be required to gain internship experience during their studies.

v. MBA with Certificate in Health in Health Sector Management

Persons with this business degree get to specialize in health care administration. It includes interdisciplinary studies and covers courses in healthcare provider strategy & operations.

Other courses include healthcare markets, medical device strategy, and biotechnology & pharmaceutical strategy.

vi. Master of Business Administration-Healthcare

Another degree affiliated with health care is the Master of Business Administration- healthcare.

Some schools offer this and provide a deep understanding of healthcare management disciplines.

The Master of Business Administration in Healthcare covers vital areas like healthcare investing, medical technologies, and medical product commercialization.

vii. MBA & Master of Public Health

This business degree effectively serves the healthcare industry as it bridges the fields of medicine, business, and policy. It’s an interdisciplinary program that provides students with experiential learning opportunities.

As evidenced by the name, this degree combines the Master of Business Administration with the Master of Public Health. The program lasts two and a half years, including internships.

However, this may vary from program to program.

viii. Health Sector MBA + MPH

Some degree programs collaborate with business schools to administer health sector MBA degrees.

Courses cover drugs, diagnostics & devices, health sector issues & opportunities, and healthcare delivery systems. This equips you to hold administrative positions.

ix. MBA-Health Care Initiative

Some business degrees are designed to serve as educational programs while providing a pathway for healthcare research and entrepreneurial projects within the healthcare industry.

They include elective courses covering U.S. healthcare strategy, innovation, and transformative healthcare delivery.

x. MBA-Health Care Certificate

Another business degree related to health care is the Master of Business Administration Health Care certificate. It caters to the growing demand for professional healthcare administrators and managers.

Courses cover medicine for managers, healthcare labs, and the economics of the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Business Jobs

As an aspiring or newly qualified medical professional, finding appropriate job placements relevant to your skill is primary.

Now, all medical and hospital business jobs are being advertised daily. Knowing what these are and applying them to them is crucial.

  • What Jobs Can You Get in Healthcare with a Business Degree?

The business health jobs you can apply to will depend on your specialization.

Many include physician assistants, dental hygienists, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, registered nurses, physicians, home health aides, and occupational therapists.

Medical professions include licensed practical or vocational nurses, diagnostic medical sonographers, and dental assistants.

More medical specializations include physical therapist assistant, medical assistant, medical or clinical laboratory technician, and pharmacist.

There are other specializations like surgeon, surgical technologist, radiologic technologist, emergency medical technician or paramedic, and dentist, to name a few.

We won’t cover these medical specializations as that isn’t the focus.

Instead, we focus on identifying typical medical and hospital business jobs you can apply to. These jobs are constantly being advertised based on the demand for skilled labor.

The following section identifies some of these and discusses them.

Medical Business Jobs

When searching for medical and hospital business job openings, there are lots of options to pick from.

As mentioned earlier, your skills and experience will determine the right job. The jobs being advertised come with minimum requirements that applicants must meet.

Some medical and hospital business jobs you may encounter include senior administrative assistant, security, and site manager.

Others include billing specialist I, patient access specialist, director of business development, hospital & campus operations, and president.

Medical and hospital jobs include junior business intelligence developer, executive assistant-hospital operations, and business support specialist.

Business office associate, accounting clerk, cashier, buyer I – hospital purchasing, and dental business assistant are other medical business jobs.

Many other related jobs are essential to the medical field, including hospital cleaners, billing representatives, marketing directors, and patient access representatives.

Let’s find out what some of these positions are about, shall we?

i. Senior Administrative Assistant

Professionals in this role operate with minimal supervision.

As a senior administrative assistant, your main objective is to provide administrative support and coordination for a department or division.

Like many medical and hospital business jobs, recruitment opportunities are always advertised.

ii. Security Site Manager

The security site manager is another type of medical and hospital business job opening you can engage in.

Part of the functions of this position includes maintaining a safe and secure environment for clients. You’ll need to search for open jobs being advertised to get started.

iii. Billing Specialist I

Medical and hospital business job opportunities allow you to work from home. A billing specialist position is one such.

Here, most employers prefer candidates who have completed college coursework in accounting, healthcare administration, or business.

iv. Patient Access Specialist

As a patient access specialist, part of your primary role includes the promotion of revenue cycle efficiency.

This medical and hospital business position requires you to communicate professionally and effectively with third-party carriers, vendors, patients, and hospital contacts.

v. Director of Academic Design, Literacy

This is another position open to people with solid business operations backgrounds and experience planning and implementing new business processes and systems.

Most employers have a preference for applicants with advanced degrees.

vi. Outpatient Field Auditor

As an outpatient field auditor, your roles include communicating with hospital personnel for easy and effective case resolutions and audit closure.

Here, you’ll mostly interact with the business office and health information management departments.

vii. Staff Accountant

The staff accountant helps with all accounting procedures, including cost reports, tax packages, and annual or quarterly internal audits.

This medical and hospital business job involves reconciling various general ledger accounts. Here, job openings are never in short supply.

viii. Executive Assistant-Hospital Operations

This is an administrative role that comes with several responsibilities.

Such includes scheduling appointments and meetings or conferences for departmental personnel. You’ll also need to utilize interdepartmental or hospital-wide computerized scheduling systems.

ix. Business Support Specialist

A business support specialist position can be part-time or full-time. This medical and hospital job position requires candidates to have practical communication skills.

You’ll communicate with patients, visitors, and hospital staff. The hospital may also include some clerical work in your job description.

x. Business Office Associate

As a business office associate, your primary responsibilities include assisting patients, visitors, providers, and office staff.

This is done in a friendly and courteous manner. Of course, you must perform duties in a timely and efficient manner.

xi. Accounting Clerk

The services of accounting clerks are also crucial to medical and hospital businesses. Hence, the many positions are frequently advertised.

Most employers prefer applicants to possess an associate’s degree in business, accounting, or other related experience. Having work experience also boosts your chances.

xii. Cashier

A cashier position is among many medical and hospital business jobs you can apply for if you meet the requirements.

Here, applicants must have the necessary experience and skills in data entry, billing/accounts, receivable, and accounting experience. Customer service skills are also vital.

xiii. Dental Business Assistant

Employers require dental business assistants to have work experience in a medical or business office. Other requirements for this position include a high school diploma or its equivalent.

You must be self-motivated as well as professional to get considered.


Apart from those mentioned above, many other business degrees are linked to the healthcare industry. You only need to pick what serves your specific needs.

Your career choice will be much impacted by what you go for. So, it’s essential to determine what business degree to go for.

There you have it! We’ve discussed different business degrees linked to healthcare. You must note that these are only a few of the many others you can choose from.

So, all you have to do is find one that sounds interesting and learn more about it.

There are tons of medical and hospital business jobs being advertised every day. Based on your expertise or training, you’ll have to find one you’re more suited for.