Does the state of Oklahoma offer free dental implants?

If not, are there discounted programs for dental implants? What are the ways to get free dental implants in Oklahoma? These and other crucial areas have been covered below.

All you have to do is read on for details on how to proceed.

Free Dental Implants Oklahoma

Some dental problems can be life-changing to the extent that they can affect your confidence and overall appearance, for these dental implants are often used to fix such issues.

Here, we’ve discussed how to get free dental implants in Oklahoma. You’d find this helpful as an Okie or Oklahoman needing dental care.

  • Knowing the Types of Dental Implants Might Help

As an Oklahoman interested in free dental implants, you might want to determine your options.

There are three main types of dental implants. These include zygomatic implants, endosteal implants, and subperiosteal implants. So, why are these important?

Knowing these options is essential for several reasons—one of these concerns is determining the type most suitable for your dental condition.

To better grasp this, you must know that each dental implant type is more suitable for specific cases.

For example, zygomatic implants are ideal for persons whose upper jaw teeth are gone. In other words, zygomatic implants will be used to replace such.

Endosteal implants are made of titanium and are also fixed to the jawbone. As the name suggests, subperiosteal implants are installed beneath the gum.

Where to Get Free Dental Implants in Oklahoma

Because the central focus of this article is to identify reliable sources for getting free dental implants, we proceed with identifying what these sources are. They include government programs, dental clinics, and private charities.

Let’s have a look at each of these sources as follows:

i. Government Programs

When it comes to government programs, there are several you can explore for your dental implant needs.

These include the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA), Medicaid, CHIP, Veterans Affairs, Medicare, etc. So, what are these about? Let’s find out.

ii. Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA)

Like other government grants mentioned, it’s important to note that these are only likely sources of free dental grants.

Through its SoonerCare program, the OHCA offers a variety of dental care procedures that may include free dental implants. These are provided to eligible adults and persons with disabilities.

iii. Medicaid

There are restrictions regarding getting free dental implants under the Medicaid program.

For the most part, such is considered not medically necessary unless dealing with persons with disability. Age restrictions (under 21) are also part of the conversation for getting dental implants under this program.

iv. CHIP

While dental coverage is typically included under CHIP, there’s no certainty that such will consist of free dental implants. Free dental implants may only be considered when necessary, especially for disabled persons.

Your best bet for finding the correct answers is to contact your local CHIP office in Oklahoma for inquiries on the extent of dental coverage under its program.

v. Veterans Affairs

As a veteran living in Oklahoma, you qualify for free dental implants. However, you must be enrolled in the VA healthcare program.

What more? A disability connected to your service is part of the eligibility criteria. If you have questions, contact your local VA medical center for answers.

vi. Medicare

Private insurance companies under the Medicare program may offer dental care advantages, including free dental implants.

Your best bet for finding out what they are is by making inquiries. While true, Medicare doesn’t include free dental implants as part of its services.

vii. Dental Clinics

Dental clinics are places to go for all kinds of dental care. Also, these are places that offer free or highly discounted dental care.

Many dental clinics in Oklahoma provide all sorts of dental care services. The best places to look when searching for dental clinics are dental schools.

These dental schools include the Mid-America Christian University, Cameron University, and the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry.

Others are Tulsa Community College, Cherokee Nation Health Services, Fort Sill Indian Health Service, Muscogee (Creek) Nation Health Services, etc.

viii. Private Charities

In Oklahoma, dental charities play vital roles in providing free dental implants.

There are lots of these charities, with great examples being the Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma. Others include the Mission of Mercy, Eastern Oklahoma Donated Dental Service, and the Oklahoma Mission of Mercy.

You can also consider other charities like the Dental Care for Oklahomans and Dental Lifeline. Let’s briefly discuss each of these private charities offering dental assistance, shall we?

ix. Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma

At the Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma, a wide range of assistance services are offered to all, irrespective of whether they’re Catholic, Baptist, or whoever.

This includes dental care that may cover free dental implants. You might want to make inquiries to find out what’s covered.

x. Eastern Oklahoma Donated Dental Service

This charity serves the dental needs of people around Eastern Oklahoma.

This includes free dental implants and others like housing assistance. More assistance services include medical care, mental health care, utility assistance, and more.

xi. Oklahoma Mission of Mercy

As an Oklahoman, you might want to take advantage of Mission of Mercy’s dental assistance.

This program attends to people’s dental needs through its dental clinic events organized across the state at different times of the year. Find out when such will be organized closest to you.

xii. Dental Lifeline

You can take advantage of Dental Lifeline’s dental care services, which include exams, fillings, cleanings, root canals, bridges, dentures, and more.

These cater to a variety of dental care needs. Start by inquiring whether free dental implants are included in the long list of services.

Dental Insurance Coverage as an Option

Usually, not every qualified person will be lucky to get a dental grant. If you miss any, you can use health insurance to cover your dental costs.

Some dental insurance companies that provide coverage include Dental Health Maintenance Organizations (DHMO), Free-for-Service Plans, and Dental Preferred Provider Organizations (DPPO).

But where can I get dental insurance in Oklahoma? Well, several places are open for interested candidates. You can get it from your employers, insurance companies, and the government.

However, you’ll be required to buy an insurance plan to enjoy their coverage. The prices vary from company to company and from plan to plan.

Usually, a comprehensive dental insurance plan costs around $47 monthly.

Then, for preventive care, be ready to spend anything around $26. Contact your employer or insurance provider for accurate details about the cost of dental insurance coverage.

But take note: dental insurance may cover only part of the total cost of treatment. Additionally, some have annual maximum limits for subscribers.

Once you exhaust your limit, you’ll pay for additional treatment from your account.

Finding Free Dental Implants in Oklahoma

To find programs offering free dental implants in Oklahoma, you must look at all places, including your local health department.

You’ll also do well to determine the eligibility requirements for getting these dental assistance services. Persistence & patience are key ingredients.

Various programs offer free dental implants in Oklahoma, as seen above. While that is true, getting these implants isn’t automatic, as you’ll need to be qualified.

A lot of research needs to be done to find these grants.