Free Dental Implants for Disabled | 10+ Grants & Aids

This article on free dental implants for the disabled looks at the different dental programs to meet the oral care needs of people with disabilities.

As a disabled person seeking help with your dental care needs, this guide on finding free dental implants can prove highly useful.

Dental Grants for Disabled

Here, you’ll learn about some organizations offering such assistance, including resources you can use to search for accessible or affordable dental implants.

The challenges faced by disabled persons are pretty numerous. Many provisions are made to make their lives much more manageable.

Dental Insurance for the Disabled

Whether you’re an adult or a child with a disability, you can receive coverage for your dental costs. Several health insurance companies often pay for tooth services for children and adults under 65 with disabilities.

However, you’ll be required to pay a premium to enjoy their coverage. But how much you’ll spend depends on a few factors, including the level of coverage, type of provider, and benefits.

Now, in some places, you can get insurance coverage for dental, including your workplace. Many employers provide such sponsorship for their employees as part of their benefits.

But you’re unlikely to get long-term coverage to adequately protect you as an employee. Even if you get it, you’ll lose all the benefits once you leave the job.  

Besides employers, there are other fantastic places to buy insurance for disability. One of them is an online comparison shopping site.

They have tools to help you find the most suitable dental disability insurance policy.

You can get non-cancellable and own-occupations policies with residual protection and future increase options. ADA and independent agents are other options to explore.

The Case for Free Dental Implants for the Disabled

It’s apparent why persons with disabilities are offered comprehensive support in various areas, including oral health.

First, the cost of these implants can be prohibitive, plus disabled persons are mostly low-income earners. Also, the difficulty associated with getting dental care is another reason.

These and many other situations require dental assistance services like free implants. Speaking of disabilities, not all types of disabilities are covered under this type of intervention.

Different donor agencies or organizations will have their unique preferences.

For most, conditions covered or included under accessible dental interventions include persons dealing with oral health conditions like cancer, tooth decay, etc.

Persons with medical conditions like Down syndrome & autism may be included. The same goes for persons with physical disabilities.

Dental Help for Disabled Adult

This section focuses on identifying the different free dental implant options for people with disabilities.

Good examples include Dental Care for the Homeless, The Smile Generation, Dentistry from the Heart, local community health centers, clinical trials, dentistry schools, and the Disabled American Veterans program.

You can apply to the Special Care Dentistry Foundation and the National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped.

Other programs to get free dental grants include the Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program and the American Dental Association Foundation. Let’s discuss some of these.

i. Homeless Not Toothless (HNT)

You might want to explore opportunities available under this dental assistance program.

Homeless Not Toothless focuses explicitly on veterans with disabilities, including those suffering from PTSD. Here, all kinds of dental services are offered, including dental implants, at no charge to the recipient.

ii. The Smile Generation

The Smile Generation can be a valuable resource for finding free dental implants for disabled persons.

Besides implants, this nonprofit also provides dental services like dentures, cleanings, dental exams, fillings, bridges, crowns, root canals, and extractions.

With a network of 1,000 dentists across 300 dental schools, The Smile Generation offers valuable help to disabled kids. You might want to explore further the opportunities presented by contacting the nonprofit.

iii. Dentistry from the Heart

Dentistry from the Heart is a well-known dental care organization with a long list of partners that help fund all dental procedures.

This includes the provision of free dental implants. So far, it has assisted over half a million people and is still waxing strong.

iv. Local Community Health Centers

Local community health centers are places to find free dental implants. Disabled people can use this to get the much-needed help they need.

It’s important to state that not all local community health centers offer such assistance. Consider doing some research while making inquiries.

v. Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are performed to test specific dental treatments.

This option can be helpful for persons seeking free dental implants. While there are risks associated with the procedure, the utmost safety measures are taken to ensure the patient isn’t negatively affected.

vi. Dentistry Schools

Dentistry schools have always been the go-to destinations for persons seeking affordable or subsidized dental care. Part of the services provided includes free dental implants for everyone, including people with disabilities.

Visit these schools’ dental clinics to take advantage of their dental services.

Some renowned dentistry schools include the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and the New York University College of Dentistry.

Others include Washington University in St. Louis School of Dental Medicine and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Dentistry.

vii. Disabled American Veterans Program

As a veteran with a disability, this program is one to consider for your free dental implant needs.

However, not every veteran qualifies as a variety of factors are considered in selecting beneficiaries. You’ll need to explore all the provisions and requirements for joining the program.

viii. Special Care Dentistry Association

Under the Special Care Dentistry Foundation’s program, the dental needs of special needs individuals are assessed and covered.

Of course, this includes the provision of free dental implants. If interested, you’ll need to explore what this organization does and look for ways to leverage the opportunities presented.

ix. National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped

Disabled persons can also apply to the National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped to access dental care. Free dental implants may also be provided.

To determine the extent of the program, you’ll need to do your research.

Like for most programs listed, there are no assurances you’d get free dental care. Your chances are primarily hinged on whether or not you qualify based on various requirements. Find out what these requirements are.

x. Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program

This grant program caters to low-income individuals, including people with disabilities. It caters to a variety of dental programs.

However, qualifying will require a complimentary oral health assessment by a certified dental practitioner. The findings will determine whether you qualify for inclusion in the program.

To fully take advantage of the provisions of this grant, you’ll need to research the opportunity. Application is only made once, and grants obtained don’t have to be repaid.

It’s also important to note that funds provided may only apply to elective cosmetic procedures.

xi. American Dental Association Foundation

Disabled kids with dental conditions enjoy the services offered by the American Dental Association Foundation.

Services offered may include the provision of free dental implants. Are you wondering if your kid qualifies? Research the opportunity further to find out.

Free dental implants for people with disabilities aren’t in short supply as long as you know where to look. We’ve provided some options to explore.

By taking the time to go through each, you can determine what’s best for you.