10 Best Dental Grants for Single Mothers

Here is how to find dental grants for single mothers.

Single mothers are known to face all kinds of challenges that are finance-related as well as with their health and well-being. Critical help, by way of dental grants for single mothers, is provided.

Single Mom Dental Grants

If you’re a single mother reading this, you’ll need all the help you can get in identifying the available grants.

Do these grants cover all oral health needs? Are they easily accessible to single mothers? Do they extend to the children? These and several other questions have been fully addressed below.

You don’t have to bear the burden alone as qualified (single mothers) persons can leverage these grant opportunities.

Dental Grant Coverage or Scope

As a single mother exploring grant opportunities for dental conditions, you should be interested in the scope or extent of coverage for dental procedures these grants provide.

Most importantly, dental grants include procedures like tooth extractions, preventive care, and gum disease treatment.

Dental grants may also cover restorative treatments, emergency dental care, tooth decay, jaw pain, oral cancer, missing teeth, etc. It’s important to state that not all dental grants cover these areas.

Each grant may be specific to a dental or set of dental conditions.

The best way of going about this is by moving beyond identifying available dental grants for single mothers to knowing exactly what type(s) of services are offered.

The reason for this is simple: you must know if your dental condition is included or covered under the grant provision.

How Much Should I Expect?

You might want to determine the grant amount before applying for a dental grant as a single mother. This helps you decide if it’s the right grant for you.

Dental procedures are pretty expensive, and you’ll need to find grants offering substantial amounts that cover most dental procedures.

Some grants may be designed to alleviate the cost of dental procedures. As such, they won’t cover the entire dental procedure, especially when such practices are significant.

Regarding the amount to expect, partial to complete coverage of dental expenses may range from $1,000 to $3,000 or higher.

It depends on the dental grant you’re applying to. Most grant-awarding organizations provide no fixed amount. You’ll need to research the options available before deciding which works best.

Some grants may not necessarily involve the actual disbursement of funds. Such may provide free dental services to a variety of dental needs.

Whatever the grant type, you’ll need all the help with your dental needs. With that said, let’s proceed to identify some of these dental grants for single mothers.

Dental Grants for Single Mothers

As a single mother looking for free or discounted care or funding, options to explore include dental schools and Medicaid for dental care.

Others include the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Supplemental Nutrition Program, employer-assisted grants, United Way, and the Dental Lifeline Network.

More dental grants for single mothers include Give Kids a Smile, America’s Dentists Care Foundation, and the Samuel Harris Fund.

Other grant types include Access to Care, Smiles for Everyone, Dentistry from the Heart, Children’s Dental Health Fund, Give Back a Smile, and Smile for a Lifetime.

i. Dental Schools

Have you considered the dental school option for fixing your dental needs at discounted rates or completely free? You should!

As a single mother, all kinds of assistance are provided by these schools whose students practice various dental procedures on students.

ii. Medicaid for Dental Care

Explore the Medicaid program for all dental needs, especially for children. Under this grant program, dental services for children cover areas that include maintenance of dental health, relief of pain and infections, and restoration of teeth.

iii. Employer-Assisted Grants

Does your employer provide any form of assistance for dental care? Some employers do. If you have doubts about such provisions, it’s important to inquire.

You might be surprised that there’s a grant that caters to your oral health needs. If there isn’t, consider the other options provided here.

iv. United Way

United Way is a nonprofit providing all kinds of assistance, from education, economic mobility, and health resources to needy families.

By exploring its provisions, you can determine the types of dental assistance you get as a single mother.

v. Dental Lifeline Network

Are you faced with a permanent disability as a single mother?

Are you also dealing with a severe illness with no access to dental care? You might want to use the Dental Lifeline Network’s grant program.

This nonprofit also caters to people over 65 years old.

vi. Give Kids a Smile

The American Dental Association Foundation, through its Give Kids a Smile program, assists children from low-income households. Single mothers can apply to this grant program to enjoy the benefits.  

vii. America’s Dentist Care Foundation

America’s Dentist Care Foundation offers critical charitable support to dental clinics through pre-clinic guidance, dental clinic equipment, and many more.

Are you wondering how to benefit from this program? Start by finding partners or dental clinics in partnership with America’s Dentist Care Foundation.

viii. Samuel Harris Fund

This is another American Dental Association program that awards dental procedure grants to persons in need, including single mothers.

Here, the grant’s primary focus is children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

ix. Smiles for Everyone

With a presence in eight countries and over $43 million disbursed in dental grants, Smiles for Everyone is a reliable option for your dental care assistance needs as a single mother.

Since it commenced operation, it has provided free dental services to over 58 thousand and still counting.

x. Dentistry from the Heart

Because many single mothers cannot afford dental care, grant programs like those provided by Dentistry from the Heart cater to such needs.

Hundreds of events are organized yearly to cater to various oral health needs. You might want to explore this option for your dental care needs.

xi. Smile for a Lifetime

As a single mom, you can take advantage of this dental grant offered by Smile for a Lifetime.

Your children’s dental needs are catered to by this nonprofit, which provides tailored orthodontic treatments. This program targets low-income households as well as underserved communities.

Dental Insurance For Single Mothers

Are you a single mother looking for ways to lower your dental costs? You can consider buying health insurance coverage for tooth care.

While the government provides some insurance plans, others come from private hands. However, you can explore options to pay part of the total cost of treatment.

Some insurance companies that provide coverage for dental include Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO), Dental Health Maintenance Organizations (DHMO), Discount Plans, and more.

How much you’ll buy an insurance plan depends on a few factors.

These include the type of company, levels of coverage, and benefits. But be ready to commit tens of dollars to purchase monthly comprehensive and preventive care plans.

There are many perks to buying insurance for single moms. One of them is the reduced cost of non-preventive dental care. You’ll also have access to sound oral health without breaking the bank.

No matter the number of your kids, you can receive sponsorship from these firms. Finally, you’ll pay zero cash for preventive oral care.


Have you found this article helpful enough? All information included help finding the most suitable dental grants for single mothers.