How Much Does Medical Transcriptionist Training Cost?

What’s the cost of medical transcriptionist certification training? You’re about to find out soon. Just keep reading this post.

We’ll tell you how much you will likely spend on your activity. But before then, let’s understand who these experts are and their respective duties.

Cost Of Medical Transcriptionist Training

The job of a Healthcare transcriptionist can be both intriguing and rewarding. It offers perks such as the ability to work from home compared to other positions within the wellness field.

Doctors and other medical facilities are looking for skilled practitioners. So you’ll look forward to enjoying a comfortable salary once you finish your short education.

Who is a Medical Transcriptionist?

It’s an expert who listens to recorded dictations from physicians and other healthcare workers and interprets them. They also correct records created with speech recognition technology.

You’ll need to possess several skills before succeeding in this field.

First, practice using the computer comfortably. You might need to use word processing software or a speech recognition program for some activities. Critical thinking and listening skills are also vital.

You’ll use them to identify inaccuracies and transcribe physician dictation.

Average Cost of Medical Transcriptionist Training

Learning about the cost implications when planning to venture into this field. It will help you know whether the training is affordable or not.

Moreover, it will assist you in making adequate plans on time.

Now, the cost of this certification training depends on a few factors—the type of instruction you wish to receive and the study format.

Allow us to review these elements for better understanding.

  • Type of Training

You can get trained to become an expert in this field in two ways. Either you opt for a certificate/diploma or associate degree. Each has its unique expenses.

Most certification programs in the country cost around $2,560 to $27,510. You should expect to pay anything from $6,848 to $32,198 for an associate degree.

  • Study Format

Similarly, you can explore two learning formats and earn a certificate in this healthcare field.

They include in-person learning and distance or online medical transcription training. Each of these learning methods has its unique cost implications.

In-person or on-campus studies typically cost $2,500 to $12,000. You can take such training at a technical or community college.

However, you must know that where you live can impact your learning expenses—for instance, schools like Everett Community College bill residents of Washington $3,741 for medical transcription courses.

Then non-residents are charged $11,137.

For those who prefer online training, the residency will not impact your training costs. Classes are typically held through live streaming, interactive virtual classrooms, and self-placed lessons.

You can take such instructions at your desired pace from anywhere worldwide. However, most online medical transcription courses cost $2,000–$5,000.

Extra Expenses

Besides the actual training fee, other expenses can add to your costs.

For instance, you may require transcription foot pedals that provide foot-activated stop-and-go functions. Such devices cost around $50–$150.

Furthermore, you must be a registered member before becoming a certified transcriptionist. The membership test costs roughly $150 to $230, depending on our status and the test administration.

As for certification testing, it will cost you around $150–$280. Finally, to be eligible for the two tests, you’ll pay $10.

What the Training Program Covers

Certification programs in this healthcare field are extensive. They cover areas such as instruction in medical terminology, anatomy, and training in medical transcription.

Moreover, you’ll be trained on how to use medical transcription devices. We refer to medical-related software, word-processing software, and dictation machines.

We also have some learning facilities, including Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity membership. It’s one of the largest agencies representing experts in this field.

They also assist scholars in medical transcription with tuition.

Any Form of Discount?

Oh yes! Specific certification programs come with a financial offer for eligible students.

For instance, the American Health Information Management Association secures scholarships annually for scholars desiring to study this course.

You can take advantage of such opportunities and reduce your training expenses. Finally, A & H Training Corp. offers a 20% discount for members of the military and their spouses.

Training Duration

You must also know when to earn certification in medical transcription. Remember, there’re two ways to obtain this credential, and their timeframes vary accordingly.

In most training facilities, certificate courses can be completed within six months. That’s if you’re enrolling full-time. It will take part-time scholars about 18 months to finish.

Meanwhile, those pursuing associate degrees can spend up to two years or more. That’s because there are broader and deeper learning opportunities.

Therefore, you weigh both options and choose the one that fits your needs.

How To Pay for Medical Transcription Certification Training

Only some students are financially able to cover their training expenses. Therefore, people who lack the economic means to pay for their training will need monetary aid.

Thankfully, a few easy solutions cover your learning cost without exceeding the budget. You can seek scholarships & grants and student loans.

  • Scholarships and Grants

This is one of the best options for financing your education. You’ll not have to pay back compared to other financial aid.

There’re scholarships and grants specifically for medical transcriptionists. You only need to research schools and organizations that offer such opportunities.

  • Students Loans

You may consider getting a student loan if you need help securing a scholarship. You can do the same if your scholarship covers only some of your training expenses.

However, meeting certain conditions before being issued a mortgage would be best. Additionally, some creditors charge high interest on their loans.

License and Certification for Medical Transcriptionists

Getting any professional licensure or certification as an expert in this field is not mandatory. But to increase your chances of getting employed, you’ll need one.

With two years of work experience, you can qualify for the Registered Healthcare Documentation Specialist (RHDS) certification. Alternatively, you can see the Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialist (CHDS).

The Association of Healthcare Documentation Identification (AHDI) offers both credentials. Each of these documents will validate your breadth of knowledge and raise your employer’s confidence.

It’ll also keep you marketable in the event of a cutback and pave the way for career advancement.

Certificate courses in medical transcription are relatively less expensive than an associate’s degree. You may see a ballpark figure for how much you can spend on a mission like that.

If the pricing mentioned earlier is out of your price range, you can still discover ways to pay for your training costs without going door-to-door.