Are you worried about lab band surgery costs without insurance? Don’t stress yourself out by worrying.

This article will focus on the expenses associated with this procedure without insurance. We’ll also discuss some available and affordable options.

Until then, let’s introduce the topic at hand.

How Much Is Lap Band Surgery Cost Without Insurance?

Do you wish to reduce your weight? Diet and exercise together may be a helpful way to lower total body fat. Other options, though, are worthwhile to think about.

One is the Bariatric Surgical procedure, such as the Lab-Band system. It’s among the most common metabolic surgery procedures for addressing obesity and weight-related disorders.

However, bariatric surgery is pretty costly, and insurance coverage for such a venture is limited. This makes the procedure unaffordable for low-income families, seniors, and individuals with physical deformities.

That said, how to pay for this surgery without insurance becomes a critical question for most patients.

Is Lab Band Surgery Covered By Insurance?

This process is also popularly known as gastric surgery. Since 2001, the Food and Drug Administration has licensed only one technique.

Laparoscopic surgery is often carried out by sticking a tiny camera into the stomach. This will let the physician complete the procedure without making a primary pelvic incision.

The top of the stomach will also take a silicone ring with the camera. Then silicone will be tied to a tiny plastic tube. This permits the stomach size and the band’s tightness to be altered.

After surgery, the patient’s stomach can only hold about one ounce of food. You will feel satisfied more quickly, thanks to the modified stomach.

You will also feel full more swiftly, thanks to the altered stomach.

What’s the Cost of Lab Band Surgery Without Insurance?

Lab band surgery is pricey, as said. Costs range from $9,000 to $18,000, but a few insurance providers cover these surgeries. The initial expenses are often high.

But long-term, health benefits can significantly reduce lifelong patient health costs.

Besides surgery costs, other unexpected fees may amount to hundreds of dollars or more. Sometimes, patients must pay for a consultation with a nutritionist or psychologist.

Such appointments are fixed before and after the surgery.

Moreover, you may be asked to pay for special meals and vitamins. Uninsured clients will be asked to pay part of the fee for a sleep study.

The after-sleep is fixed to determine whether their weight is causing sleep problems.

Coverage firms can also use it to decide whether or not to pay for the procedure. On occasion, you could be asked to pay cash for lodging.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Band Surgery Without Insurance

You must know that certain elements can affect the price of this procedure.

They include location, surgeon’s level or experience, specific clinic, complication, who administers anesthesia, and follow-up care. Let’s briefly review these factors.

  • Location

Where you live can impact the cost of this surgery, with or without insurance.

Generally, metropolitan areas have higher rates than smaller or less developed cities. Moreover, the costs could increase if you live in regions with fewer bariatric surgeons.

Some states with the highest lab band surgery prices include Minnesota, Idaho, and New Mexico. The costs in such regions range from $18,952 to $22,500.

The states with the lowest costs for this procedure include Oklahoma, Texas, and Nebraska. Such areas charge from $8,800 to $10,680.

  • Surgeon Level of Experience

A lab band is considered an outpatient procedure because it has minimal complications. However, it still requires complex surgical procedures performed under general anesthesia.

For that, an experienced surgeon has to come in and execute such a procedure. Such experts often put high prices on their services.

To lower expenses, you can look for a physician member of the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeons.

Such associations mandate that members be certified and perform at least 25 successful bariatric surgeries within two years. Such experts may be willing to reduce the cost of this procedure.

  • Place of Surgical Procedure

The type of healthcare facility you’ll have during your surgery can impact your cost.

Usually, such a procedure at a surgical center is less expensive than at a hospital. Since lab band surgery is less complex than most bariatric procedures, you should do it at a surgical center.

But ensure it’s certified for safety by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (ASF).

Patients with high-risk diseases like heart conditions or diabetes may undergo hospital surgery. In case there’s a complication during surgery, emergency help will be close at hand.

  • Follow-Up Care

After a successful surgery, you’ll require regular follow-ups and band adjustments.

Before you recover fully, you may have about 6–10 lab band adjustments each year. For every adjustment, there’s a fee for that. So when budgeting for this procedure, ensure it’s included.

Is It Possible to Get Lab Band Surgery Without Insurance?

The answer is yes! You can get this procedure without insurance once you meet the medical eligibility conditions.

But it would be best to make adequate plans to cover the costs without insurance. We have some hospitals and doctors who can provide emergency care as the law requires.

But when it comes to bariatric surgery, they will only respond positively if you have insurance coverage.

If you can pay from your pocket, they’ll agree that they do so because uninsured clients are likely to have higher morbidity due to poor access to medical services.

Remember, lab band surgery and other associated care are super expensive. Covering such costs without insurance is often the most critical question for patients advised of this procedure.

In most cases, uninsured clients are left with few options.

Paying for Lab Band Surgery Without Insurance 

Are you delaying a decision that could improve your life because it will cost too much money?

Do not fret. If you are not covered, we have a few choices for paying these costs. These alternatives include medical loans, hospital payment plans, health savings accounts, and personal mortgages.

Lab band surgery is among the costliest bariatric treatments for patients suffering from obesity. Consider the cost of surgery without coverage and consider solutions if the price range is out of your budget.