Chiropractic Schools in Louisiana | Top 5 Programs to Consider

As you read on, you’ll encounter a list of chiropractic schools in Louisiana. You’ll learn about their study duration, courses, accreditation status, average tuition, etc.

Do you want to enter a career-focused program? Then, consider chiropractic care. It’s one of the largest alternative medical professions that focuses on teaching you to diagnose and treat mechanical disorders.

These include musculoskeletal systems like the spine, nervous system, and more.

Chiropractic Schools in Louisiana

A doctorate in chiropractic care will prepare you for several career opportunities in and outside of healthcare.

You can become a solo or group practitioner, researcher, administrator, and educator. Additionally, you can join the sports team, work in hospitals, and more.

Finding a chiropractic school is typically the first step to becoming an expert in this field. Several learning institutions across the country offer this program.

  • Accredited Status

When finding a chiropractic school, one thing to look at is whether it is accredited.

Attending a certified school will qualify you to take the professional exams after graduation. Having passed the test, you can obtain your certification or state license to operate unrestricted.

Are chiropractic schools in Louisiana fully certified? Oh yes! Most, if not all, learning institutions in the state that offer this program are accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) in conjunction with its Commission on Accreditation. Other authorizing agencies are CHEA and ASPA.

This means they have met all the criteria set by the authorizing agencies.

Some of these standards include assessment and planning in areas such as governance and administration, services and policies, facilities, and instructional program objectives and content.

Other areas are faculty qualifications, outcomes assessment, clinical competency, admission requirements, research, and more.

  • Program Type and Duration

You can explore several degrees and certifications at a chiropractic school in Louisiana. You can enroll in certificate courses, which last a year when taken full-time.

There are associated degrees with a two-year timeframe. Moreover, you can opt for doctoral courses, which can be completed within three to four years of full-time commitment.

Depending on your program type, you’ll take several courses during your study time. These classes include anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, chiropractic principles, the fundamentals of diagnostic imaging, and more.

  • Program Cost

Knowing the cost implications of becoming a chiropractor in Louisiana is essential. This will help you make adequate financial plans before embarking on this journey.

The amount you’ll spend on your studies varies from school to school. However, you’re more likely to pay around $16,129–$19,428 per term.

Accredited Chiropractic Schools in Louisiana

Many colleges and universities in the state offer this type of program. In this section, we’ve outlined a few schools fully certified by the authorities listed above.

Life University can provide you with a quality education in this field of expertise.

They offer a doctor of chiropractic degree, which lasts around four years when taken full-time. Students will learn to investigate the human body process in top-of-the-line facilities with unmatched resources.

Moreover, the study curriculum combines hands-on training with chiropractic academic rigor. This prepares students for real-life practice and for establishing a successful business.

Students will also learn the theoretical groundings of vitalism, self-development, understanding the body’s consciousness, and self-healing organisms.

Students will also learn to counsel chiropractic patients about restoring, maintaining, and promoting optimal health. You’ll take courses on basic life sciences like anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry.

Others include chiropractic assessments and techniques, as well as practice management skills.

This school has been providing top-notch education to aspiring chiropractors for several years.

Students can pursue a one-year certificate or a two-year associate degree in this field. The school employs a semester-based curriculum calendar system and offers 64 major courses.

Students can pursue careers besides chiropractic programs in nursing, business, medicine, management, and general studies.

However, the school has a low student retention rate of 52 percent and a graduation rate of 15 percent. However, you’re sure to enjoy your stay at school, and the student-faculty ratio is reasonably decent.

For over a century, this school has been offering the best education.

They provide chiropractic courses that are fully certified by CACCE. Students will receive both classroom instruction and clinical experience in a practical setting.

In class, you’ll learn chiropractic history, case management, business management, diagnostic studies, record keeping, ethics, and more.

From the beginning of your studies, you’ll participate in hands-on clinical training. The school also offers preceptorship and internship opportunities.

However, you’ll need to meet certain conditions before you qualify for their program. To mention a few, you’ll need a minimum GPA of 3.0. You’ll also be required to have at least 90 prerequisite hours.

If you live in Kansas, you can obtain your Doctor of Chiropractic at this university. The school offers doctorate courses in this field that can be completed within three or four years.

You can enroll in a 10-trimester program that lasts 3.3 years. During this period, you’ll receive intensive classroom instruction and hands-on experience in a clinical setting.

The university also sponsors a preceptor program for new graduates. This program allows you to work alongside certified chiropractors and gain the competencies needed to thrive in the industry.

You’ll appreciate completing your chiropractic education at this school. With many decades of providing exceptional education, you’ll be equipped with the needed knowledge and experience.

The school is the first chiropractic educational provider to receive a grant from USHRSA and offers a fully certified doctor of chiropractic program.

Students will learn from a 12-quarter curriculum, which can be completed in three years. During this period, you’ll receive quality teaching in class and hands-on experience in a practical setting.

Moreover, students can pursue a master’s degree in nutrition, sports and exercise, sport and performance psychology, and more.

Completing your chiropractic studies at any Louisiana school is worthwhile. As you can see above, the schools offer fully certified courses.

Students will also receive quality classroom instruction and field experience in a practical setting. You’ll surely obtain a degree in the field in a few years.