9 Best Autism Schools in Jacksonville, FL

Here, we have provided a list of the best autism schools in Jacksonville, FL.

Every child is different because of their unique qualities and abilities.

They do, however, also have significant difficulties of their own, especially when it comes to kids with special needs like autism. Such people need programs, therapies, and support services to develop mentally, socially, and emotionally.

Special Needs Schools in Jacksonville, Fl

If you reside in Jacksonville, FL, you’re in luck. The state is home to several autistic schools.

These schools offer a range of specially designed programs to meet the specific needs of children and young adults with autism.

As you read this article, you will encounter these schools. Alright, let’s get started now.

The Jericho School is a private special needs school serving children and families in Northeast Florida. In addition to an academic curriculum, the facility provides individual ABA therapy.

For autism spectrum disorders and other learning difficulties, this is to make use of the finest and most efficient treatment available.

Additionally, they provide thorough, customized, science-based instruction not found in the community elsewhere. Additionally, they think that kids with autism and other developmental disorders need to have the chance to realize their full potential.

For this reason, the school’s curriculum offers ABA and verbal behavior-based treatment and education programs that benefit kids and their families.

Jericho School for Children with Autism is located at 1351 Sprinkle Dr., Jacksonville, FL 32211, U.S. Their contact line is +904-744-5110.

Hope Academy is another excellent, approved private school in Jacksonville, Florida.

The school is a residential organization with a non-denominational, nonprofit curriculum—nonprofit, meeting the needs of those with autism and other learning disabilities for a long time.

The school offers morning preschool and kindergarten sessions for those who are interested. Children from six weeks old to kindergarten age are eligible for these programs.

Older children are also welcome to apply for before- and after-school care.

Hope Academy of NE Florida is located at 4231 Walnut Bend #200, Jacksonville, FL 32257, U.S. Their official contact line is +904-446-0510.

You can rely on this school to provide your child with an excellent education. For kids with autism and other developmental delays, they offer behavioral therapy and instruction.

Your child will be able to receive behavioral services and a thorough, reasonably priced, individualized education.

In addition, the school values behavior, communication, and academics. It uses the ABA style of instruction to instruct its students.

It’s a systematic, scientific approach to enhancing socially relevant conduct. The approach addresses deficiencies and excesses in behavior in several categories.

Children aged 2–12 are eligible to participate in their programs. However, those who suffer from autism spectrum disorders and other cognitive limitations are given precedence.

Little Star Center for Children is located at 8011 Philips Hwy., Suite 10, Jacksonville, FL 32256, U.S. You can also reach them by phone at +1 904-928-0112.

This school has served Jacksonville, Florida, parents’ academic needs for several years.

It specializes in providing full-day education for kids lost in regular schools. Its team of experts in neuropsychology, education, and customized remediation also works for it.

Their goal is to meet the unique needs of every student at their facility. If you want to enroll your child in the school, the address is 106 Julington Plaza Dr., Suite 1, Jacksonville, FL 32259, U.S.

You can also reach them over the phone at +1 904-448-1956.

This academic center secures your child’s future. They offer Jacksonville students with exceptional needs a first-rate, all-inclusive learning and support center.

Youngsters with behavioral and intellectual disabilities are welcome to apply. The school will take care of them and prepare them for the next phase of their lives.

Mainspring Academy knows the difficulty of finding a school where students with academic and behavioral challenges can thrive.

As a result, they have constructed a school that meets all of your child’s needs. They are certified educators, licensed behavior technicians, and board-certified behavior analysts.

For more details, visit the school at 6700 Southpoint Pkwy #400, Jacksonville, FL 32216, U.S. Their contact line is +1 904-503-0344.

Morning Star School is one of the most significant schools in Jacksonville, Florida. They offer excellent education to students with different learning styles in kindergarten through 12th grade.

Candidates with high-functioning autism, ADD, mild intellectual disabilities, specific learning disabilities, and processing deficits are eligible. Autism is eligible.

The school is located at 725 Mickler Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32211, U.S. You can reach them by phone at +1 904-721-2144.

You can rely on this school to assist in treating your child’s learning disability. This private, nonprofit K–12nonprofit focuses on teaching pupils with autism and other developmental disorders.

They offer small-group and individual instruction to directly meet the individual learning needs of each of our students.

Children between the ages of 15 and 21 are eligible for these programs. The school teaches and reinforces independent living skills through classroom and real-world professional experiences.

Reach Academy is located at 9857 Old St. Augustine Rd. #6, Jacksonville, FL 32257, U.S. Their phone number is +904-268-9111.

Enrolling your child in this school will not be a regret.

They offer First Coast families behavior and learning support. Additionally, the school offers programs that help students succeed in their daily lives, at work, and in school.

The most effective behavioral, social, educational, and interactive interventions are available for children with developmental problems.

Your child will reach their full potential regardless of whether they have anxiety, impulsive control, or neurodevelopmental issues, including dyslexia, autism, ADHD, or other language and learning impairments.

For more details, visit the school at 13121 Atlantic Blvd., STE 200, Jacksonville, FL 32225, U.S. Their official line is +904-491-2111.

  • Autism IS

You are welcome to add this school to your list.

It provides care for kids with autism and other developmental disabilities. To better understand and serve the needs of autistic individuals and their families, it hires personnel who have received training in this area.

Autism IS is located at 1300 Shetter Ave., #5212, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250, U.S. You can also reach them via this phone number: +1 904-247-0122.

It makes sense to consider enrolling your autistic child in school. As previously said, helpful programs are in place to assist their success in society.

Still, there are a few important choices to be made when choosing the best academic building.

These include the curriculum and teaching methods used, the school’s expertise in working with students who have ASD, the availability of therapy, and other factors.