8 Registered IVF Grants in Colorado to Apply For

This article has a list of IVF grants in Colorado. As a state resident, you can use these options to cover the treatment costs.

IVF is one of the most costly fertility procedures. You’ll spend nothing less than thousands of dollars from start to finish.

IVF Grants Colorado

Going through such treatment can be challenging if you don’t have a solid financial source. In most cases, you’ll be forced to empty your savings account or take out loans in exchange for your assets.

But don’t worry; your case won’t reach that extent. There are grants for IVF in the state that you can explore. All you need to do now is keep scrolling down your screen.

Does Health Insurance Cover IVF in Colorado?

The answer is no. Colorado happens to be among the states in the U.S. where health insurance doesn’t cover fertility treatment.

Anyone going into such a procedure will foot the bills out-of-pocket. As stated above, it costs thousands of dollars to go for such therapy in the state. Usually, the price is between $10,500 and $12,000.

If you can’t afford this amount, you’ll need financial assistance. There are grants for IVF in the state. Qualified candidates will receive free funding to cover their treatment expenses.

Dependable Grants & Scholarships for IVF in Colorado

Many financial aid programs are open to those who need assistance to cover their infertility treatment.

The government, private entities, charitable establishments, and other nonprofit agencies provide the funding. Before qualifying for any financial award, certain conditions must be met.

Below is a list of grants for IVF in Colorado. We’ve included their eligibility criteria, application procedures, and worth. Scrutinize them to see which one will fit your needs.

You can count on this nonprofit group for financial support for IVF.

Since 2010, they’ve been helping couples struggling with infertility with free funding. Before qualifying for their assistance, you must be over 18.

Moreover, you must have vital financial needs.

This financial award is for you if you live in Colorado Springs or the surrounding areas.

This grant is awarded to couples struggling to have a child every month. You can use the funding to pay for IVF, including cryopreservation and retrieval.

Eligibility depends on solid financial need, and it’s issued to only a few applicants. Successful candidates will receive up to a $3,900 IVF package, including assisted hatching, anesthesia, fresh transfers, and more.

If you live outside the area, you’ll receive a $1,000 gift card to cover medication bills and 7-night accommodations.

However, you must note that the qualifying criteria vary from one month to the next. So, you’ll need to check their official site for updates regularly.

There, you’ll also find information about their application procedures and deadlines.

  • AAAA Family Formation Charitable Trust

Whether you live in Colorado or not, you can benefit from this financial aid. The foundation is interested in the practice of adoption and assisted reproduction law.

As such, they provide grants for IVF to couples needing children via surrogacy, adoption, egg donation, and other ART-related matters.

Before qualifying for their assistance, certain conditions must be met.

These include being a citizen of the U.S. If one of your parents is a citizen of the country, you can also be eligible. Winners will receive $500.00 to $2,000.00 towards their IVF treatment.

For more details, visit their official website. You’ll see some steps to take when sending a request. But note: you’ll be required to pay $25 for each application.

The CRAC provides free funding to cover the cost of fertility treatments, including IVF. Their objective is to help gay and lesbian couples build their own families without breaking the bank.

You can use the funding to cover sperm or egg donation, artificial insemination, gestational carriers, and more. Check their official website for more details.

Whether you’re a heterosexual, same-sex couple, or single, you can get free IVF funding from this foundation. They’re dedicated to helping people who can’t afford infertility treatment.

But before you receive their grant, you must meet certain conditions. The most important of them is being a permanent resident or U.S. citizen.

You’ll also be required to provide proof of solid financial need and hand in all medical documents. Once qualified and received the grant, you can use it at any U.S. fertility clinic.

The funding covers the cost of egg and sperm donation, gestational surrogacy, embryo donation, and more.

Whether you live in Colorado or other states, you can take advantage of this financial award.

The foundation offers IVF grants for couples and individuals needing assistance paying their bills. They also provide emotional support, education, and other resources besides their grants.

Target beneficiaries are U.S. citizens. However, it would help if you met other criteria before you qualified for their assistance.

One is to receive treatment from a reproductive endocrinology specialist in the country. You’ll also be required to show a solid financial need to establish a new family.

Before sending an application request, you must pay at least $50. Within two weeks after the application deadline, the scholarship board will review your request and notify you of success or failure.

  • Bob Woodruff Foundation

You can win up to $5,000 to cover the IVF treatment cost in Colorado or anywhere in the U.S. The foundation is aimed at helping military veterans who are infertile due to injuries obtained during their period of service.

Victims can use the financial award to cover the cost of their infertility treatment.

You can receive up to $10,000 from this foundation to cover the cost of IVF.

Since 2004, they’ve been helping nationals who are struggling with infertility treatment expenses. You can use their financial aid to cover every IVF treatment except egg freezing.

Those qualified to apply for their IVF grants are permanent residents or U.S. citizens. If you’re medically determined to be infertile, you can also use it. When sending a request, you’ll be asked to pay a nonrefundable fee of $50.

Grants for IVF are the best option to cover the cost of infertility treatment. If you live in Colorado, there are many grants you can explore to pay for such treatment.

The ones we’ve listed above are just a few out of many. However, they can go a long way in helping you set up a new family without breaking the bank.

Just pick the one that fits your needs and pursue it.