This guide will focus on the health information technologist certification (RHIT) exam and licensing.

A few things to learn are where to receive attestation, requirements, qualification exams, and how to maintain your credentials.

These details will guide you through receiving such certificates and proving your worth to employers.

Health Information Technologist Certification RHIT Licensing

Health information technology is an overlooked discipline in the wellness industry. However, they play critical roles like any other expert in the field.

They are vital in ensuring all patient data stays intact and that the right people can access it electronically. Likewise, they make it impossible for unauthorized users to access such vital data.

HIT also controls the data flow behind all medical decisions, service referrals, insurance disbursements, and more. To become a registered technologist, you must meet certain conditions.

These include having an academic background and getting certified by relevant agencies.

  • Who is a Registered Health Information Technologist (RHIT)?

This is simply a certified expert who stores and verifies the accuracy and completeness of electronic health records. They also analyze patient data to control hospital costs while improving patient care.

Some health records these experts manage include insurance coverage, billing statuses, medical oversight, patient symptoms, and medical diagnoses.

RHIT may not be directly involved with patient care, but they interact frequently with doctors and other clinical experts. The aim is to ensure efficiency and precision.

Most of these experts typically work in hospitals. But some work in nursing homes, physician’s offices, and mental health clinics.

Organizations that use patient data, such as law firms, insurance firms, pharmaceutical firms, and health product vendors, are other places to find these professionals.

  • About Registered Health Information Technologist (RHIT) Certification

Obtaining an attestation in this field is critical.

The credential will indicate your competencies in specialized areas. Moreover, it will demonstrate your skills, knowledge, and abilities to potential employers.

That way, they can make informed decisions about hiring you. Finally, you can get your desired job in the healthcare industry by holding this certificate.

Now, a few choices exist to become a certified HIT. They are the AHIMA and the CAHIIM. These two agencies are renowned for administering the national exams for these experts.

The test can be challenging. So you must study well to pass.

RHIT certifications obtained from AHIMA are intended for new graduates. However, those with bachelor’s degrees or colleagues in leadership can also apply.

Before taking the national exams, you must meet certain conditions.

Requirements for RHIT Certification

As stated earlier, you must meet certain conditions before sitting for the national exams.

First, you must hold an associate degree in wellness informatics and leadership. Moreover, the certificate should be obtained from an institution certified by CAHIIM.

Those with a bachelor’s degree in this discipline t or related two-year programs are eligible to apply.

Some accredited degree programs include medical information and ethics, data extraction, computer science, and pharmacology. Other programs that may be accepted are ambulatory care coding and clinical insurance oversight computer applications.

You may also be required to provide supporting documents, such as an official school transcript or attestation letters.

Early RHIT Testing

This test is designed for candidates in their final term in a CAHIIM-accredited program who wish to take the qualification exam. Such candidates are required to meet specific essential criteria.

These include graduating from the program but waiting for their official transcript, finishing coursework but not graduating, or enrolling in their last term.

RHIT Certification Examination

Before acquiring the RHIT qualification, you must write and pass the professional test.

It’s a computer-based exam that AHIMA offers. Applicants must answer 130 to 160 questions in under three and a half hours. The test is intended to test your knowledge and skills in six domains.

These domains include privacy and security, revenue cycle leadership, data analytics and use, compliance, and gathering health care statistics.

Additional subjects are validating legal health, leadership, accessing liabilities and risks in patient care, and educating others on HIM.

Furthermore, RHIT certification exams are categorized into three levels. These include recall (RE), application (AP), and analysis (AN).

Recall is to test your ability to recognize specific details. Then, application evaluates your ability to comprehend, relate, and apply knowledge to new or changing situations.

Finally, the analysis tests your ability to analyze and synthesize data, determine solutions, and evaluate the usefulness of a solution.

  • Exam Registration

Before sitting for the RHIT certification test, you’ll be required to get registered. You can send your application via the official website of AHIMA or mail in a handwritten application.

The application typically costs around $229 for AHIMA members and non-members. Meanwhile, the price for premier members is lower, at $217.

Once your request is approved, you’ll receive an authorization test letter (ATT). You’ll be given a four-month window to schedule your exam appointment.

Failure to do so within the stipulated time means you’ve forfeited your exam fee.

Your enrollment will be refunded for those who aren’t eligible for the test or request to withdraw their request. However, a processing fee of $75 will be deducted from the overall cost.

RHIT Certification Renewal

Having obtained your certification, you’ll be required to renew it every two years. The aim is to reflect acknowledged changes in the industry.

Before renewing your credential, you’ll be required to meet certain conditions. These include paying a renewal fee and finishing 20 credit units of continuing education in this field.

You’ll also be required to publish RHIT research or participate in the relevant academic program to become eligible. The renewal fee is around $325 for NCRA members and $425 for non-members.

RHIT Licensure

Unfortunately, HIT isn’t a licensed profession. There are no formal state licensure requirements for certified experts in this field.

However, the work receives qualification from relevant authorities. These agencies are nongovernmental but are recognized worldwide. We speak of AHIMA and CAHIIM.

RHIT certification obtained from AHIMA is the most sought-after in the U.S. Most employers prioritize candidates who hold such accreditation because of its standards.

The credential shows your current professional commitment to the field.

However, certain conditions must be met before acquiring such a qualification. All the details you need about the certification and exams are above. So read carefully.