CNA Programs in Lubbock | Top Training Classes to Apply To

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for details on CNA classes in Lubbock. This article will focus on these offerings to assist you in selecting the training program that best suits your career goals.

On this page, we’ll review their program outline, length, and enrollment requirements. Now, let’s get started.

CNA Programs in Lubbock, Texas

A CNA attends to patients’ needs while supervised and guided by RNs and LPNs. Strong work ethics, compassion, and dedication are necessary for this position.

These professionals help patients with everyday tasks like eating, dressing, and caring for themselves. They can also help with surgery and other clinical duties, like taking vital signs.

However, to work as a CNA in Lubbock, a candidate must finish a certified CNA training course. Community colleges and vocational centers offer these programs.

They address communication, safety, and patient care. Additionally, every course includes practical experience through clinical training.

  • CNA Study Structure in Lubbock

Nursing aide programs can benefit both aspiring and experienced CNAs by enhancing the care they give their patients.

You must finish at least 75 hours of didactic and clinical nursing assistant training before calling yourself an expert in this medical sector.

You can enroll in any of the Lubbock CNA courses on your own or sign up for all three classes to save money. Your training will cover the basics of nursing.

Once your degree is over, you should be qualified to give them exceptional care. Furthermore, the lessons are designed to assist you in passing the national tests.

During your studies, you will learn about basic nursing ideas, rehabilitative treatments, and the recording of vital signs.

You’ll also need to learn about patient rights, effective communication strategies, and rules and regulations related to the profession.

Top CNA Training in Lubbock

In Lubbock, there are plenty of nursing assistant courses to choose from. But the top three will be highlighted in this part so you can choose.

These consist of the following: nursing aides and dementia & Alzheimer’s disease; nursing aides and older adults; and nursing aides and preventing abuse and neglect.

Would you mind if we looked at them one by one?

  • The Nursing Aide and the Older Adult

This seminar course is appropriate for you if you are currently a CNA. It is intended to preserve and improve your professional expertise.

Additionally, the course will examine the nursing assistant’s role in caring for older adults, especially the physical changes associated with aging.

That’s not all, though. The program aims to teach you about the psychosocial components of elder care and safety precautions unique to older adults.

After finishing this course, participants will get a certificate of completion that entitles them to 8.0 hours of Texas DADS in-service training.

  • The Nursing Aide and Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease

Same here; this seminar course is designed for currently certified nurse aides. The class will train them to maintain and enhance their professional knowledge and skills.

Moreover, the course will focus on dementia and Alzheimer’s, including the disease process and clinical manifestations.

After completing this program, a certificate will be issued to qualify you to fulfill 8.0 hours of in-service training for Texas DADS.

  • The Nursing Aide and Prevention of Abuse and Neglect

You can also look into this fantastic CNA course in Lubbock. The intended audience is present-day CNAs. The course’s purpose is to assist them in preserving and improving their professional expertise.

Thus, the main focus of the course will be the prevention of abuse and neglect in vulnerable populations, including youngsters, older people, and people with disabilities.

This lesson also covers the definitions, types, and principles of abuse and neglect. Once you have completed this course, you will receive a certificate, allowing you to complete Texas DADS’s 8.0 hours of in-service training.

The Best CNA Schools in Lubbock

Many schools in Lubbock offer top-notch CNA classes to prospective and practicing CNAs.

In this section, we’ll examine each of these schools so you can decide. We’ll discuss their courses and the criteria for enrolling. Let’s proceed as we are.

You will be happy that you chose this school to complete your CNA training. The school wants to ensure students receive the best instruction possible to succeed in their chosen fields.

To achieve this, their study program consists of 75 credit hours of classroom instruction, practical laboratory work, and supervised clinical experience.

The school also offers day and evening class schedules for the pupils’ convenience. The small class sizes also enable individualized attention and review sessions, increasing students’ chances of passing the state nurse aide competency exam.

Three Star Medical Training does not require applicants to have a GED or high school graduation to attend. However, they must pass a background investigation and achieve flawless attendance to graduate.

To be eligible for admission, they must also exhibit reading and comprehension skills equivalent to those of the eighth grade.

Additional enrollment requirements include a criminal background check, a TB clearance, an immunization record, the results of a physical examination, and a drug test.

Aspiring CNAs can also expect an excellent education from South Plains College.

Their approach combines practical training with classroom education. Before you graduate, you’ll spend an average of 60 hours in class and 40 hours in clinicals.

Students enrolled in CNA programs at South Plains College graduate with the skills required to work in hospital, home health, or long-term care settings.

Some of the courses can be transferred to a nursing degree program. Students must speak with the counseling team before assuming their credits will transfer.

This school’s CNA courses take three to four months to complete. However, they offer accelerated programs that can be finished more quickly. You will be eligible to sit for the national exams upon program completion.

In the interim, you must fulfill specific criteria to be admitted to this institution. In addition to submitting proof of MMR, TB, TD, Hep B 1, 2, and 3, varicella, and flu shots, applicants must also complete a criminal background check.

A reliable provider of CNA classes in Lubbock is Elite Quality Nurse Aide Training.

As with other universities, you can receive the best education possible. Their CNA program aims to give students the necessary abilities to play a crucial role in the healthcare industry.

Your instructors will be supportive and professional, holding themselves to a high standard of academic achievement and having a positive outlook.

Modern medical manikins, fully functional manual and electric beds, and a large assortment of medical equipment will also be available to students.

This will provide them with a natural setting to practice and develop.

However, specific requirements must be fulfilled to qualify for this school’s CNA program.

One of them is to take a drug test and have your criminal history checked. This is to ensure that you are the best candidate for the position.

There’s a lot to discuss regarding the Lubbock CNA courses. However, due to time constraints, we can only meet some of your needs.

Nevertheless, our minimal contribution can assist you in becoming the CNA of your dreams. All you have to do to get into the health sector is prepare well for these programs.