Here are the best charities that help with medical equipment near me.

Are you looking for charities that help with medical equipment? This article is just for you as it offers ample examples of some of the best-known medical equipment donors.

These charities help bridge the gap between surplus medical devices & equipment & shortage, especially in third-world countries or areas of disaster.

Charities for Medical Supplies

Also, underfunded medical facilities get a lifeline through the activities of these charities.

The importance of medical equipment & supplies is never in doubt as they help with patient diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment. As with all tools, this equipment offers precision, thus helping with more effective healthcare.

Types of Medical Equipment Supplied by Charities

If you’re wondering about the types of medical equipment supplied by charities, you only need to look at the categories to appreciate the diversity of these tools.

With the help of these types of equipment, various healthcare challenges are diagnosed and treated.

Understand that the field of medical technology is vast. Due to this reality, we’ve only identified some equipment categories.

Good examples include patent transfer & transport, endoscopy, anesthesia, imaging, laboratory, supportive, monitoring, therapeutic, and diagnostic equipment.

More equipment donated by charities includes those for rehabilitation, surgical, endoscopy, dental, and pediatric & neonatal. While there are still more, we won’t dwell on all such medical equipment.

Instead, let’s proceed to identify some of these charities.

Who Bears the Cost of Free Medical Supplies to Nonprofits?

For every medical supply delivered to nonprofits, an organization somewhere takes up the burden of funding.

Most free medical supplies provided to nonprofits are borne by pharmaceutical companies, government programs, fundraising & community donations, and foundations.

International aid organizations also foot the cost of medical supplies offered freely to nonprofits for onward patient disbursement.

As always, such supplies are provided to empower worthy causes or programs of nonprofits.

Donors bear the cost of these supplies to fulfill their social responsibility objectives, collaborate or partner with nonprofits, and lessen the financial burden on nonprofits.

Other significant reasons for providing free medical supplies are for purposes of support to public health initiatives, etc.

Where to Find Free Medical Supplies for Nonprofits

Nonprofits seeking reliable partners for free medical supplies must take strategic steps toward actualizing their objectives.

There are effective ways to go about the process. These include assessing your needs, researching potential sources, contacting these sources, and keeping in touch.

i. Assessing your Needs

Every nonprofit has its unique needs. In other words, medical supply needs aren’t necessarily the same.

While some nonprofits may require supplies like medications, others may go for medical equipment & devices, while some might be more particular about diagnostic tools & laboratory supplies.

Some other nonprofits will be open to any medical supply donations. These will include first aid, dental & oral health, surgical, wound care, accessibility & mobility aids, and more.

As a nonprofit, you must assess your needs to determine your specific needs. This way, your efforts at getting or attracting free medical supplies are better organized.

In other words, ambiguities are eliminated, and donor organizations get comprehensive requests.

ii. Researching Potential Sources

This is one of the most crucial steps in finding free medical supplies as a nonprofit.

We’ve stated that many organizations are interested in working or collaborating with nonprofits. These sources include the United Methodist Church and the American Red Cross.

Other likely sources for free or discounted medical supplies include the National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics, Boston Scientific, and the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Hill-Rom, Medtronic, Sunrise Medical, USAID, and the HHS, are more sources to focus your research on.

iii. Contacting the Sources

Having identified some sources for free medical supplies for nonprofits, you’ll need to take action by making inquiries.

There are lines of communication that are always open to requests for help. It’s important to note that independent research will help your application process.

iv. Keeping in Touch

It’s never enough to apply for free medical supplies and sit back without checking or keeping in touch.

You need to know the status of your application, and the only way to do that is by letting the donor know you’re expecting a response. This way, your application is taken more seriously.

Free medical supplies for nonprofits can be sourced from several sources. We’ve identified these and provided tips on how to go about the process.

You must abide by instructions governing the application process for any potential donor.

Charities that Donate Medical Equipment

There’s a long list of charities that help with medical equipment. Good examples include Miracle Flights and Free Wheelchair Mission.

Others include The ARC, Samaritans Purse, Convalescent Aid Society (CAS), MedSurplus Alliance, Project Cure, and Shriners Hospital for Children.

More charities for medical equipment include United HealthCare Children’s Foundation (UHCCF), Pure Hands, and Catholic Medical Mission Board.

Others include Map International, Afya Foundation, MedShare, Easter Seals, Direct Relief, Intervol, MedWish International, etc.

i. Miracle Flights

As the name suggests, Miracle Flights provides free complimentary flights to medical destinations.

This is mainly targeted at low-income households located far away from medical institutions. Miracle Flights provide ready access to medical care at no added cost to children & their families.

ii. Wheelchair Mission

Free Wheelchair Mission is a faith-based charitable organization that offers the transforming gift of mobility to people with disability.

Its primary focus is on persons with disability in developing nations. Since its inception, Free Wheelchair Mission has distributed over 1.3 million wheelchairs worldwide.

iii. The ARC

If you work closely with persons with intellectual & developmental disabilities, The ARC is one organization you’d find helpful in providing necessary medical equipment.

With over 70 years of dynamic growth and over 600 local chapters, you might want to find out what help you can get from this charity.

iv. Samaritans Purse

Samaritans Purse is an international disaster relief organization that follows the teachings of Christ by reaching out to persons in need worldwide.

Part of its intervention strategies includes helping with medical equipment and other supplies, especially in disaster-hit areas.

v. Convalescent Aid Society (CAS)

Do you live in the San Gabriel Valley and want medical equipment loans? The Convalescent Aid Society (CAS) is ready to offer all the needed assistance.

This non-profit also recycles donated medical equipment by fixing and sanitizing items. You might want to visit to make inquiries.

vi. MedSurplus Alliance

MedSurplus Alliance offers various interventions, including emergency donations and hospital and health system donations.

Its mission is to engage and inspire cross-sector medical product donation partners to advance equitable access to health by providing quality medical products when needed.

vii. Project Cure

This is another charity you can apply to for your medical equipment. Since it launched its operations, it has served 135 countries with 2,401 containers of equipment shipped.

You can partner with Project Cure by volunteering, donating, or requesting medical supplies.

viii. Pure Hands

Pure Hands is one charity at the forefront of Yemen’s humanitarian crisis. Its services include food security and WASH (water, sanitation, & hygiene) projects.

There’s also its health intervention, where it provides urgent healthcare services, including the provision of medical equipment.

ix. Catholic Medical Mission Board

The Catholic Medical Mission Board targets women, children, and other vulnerable members of the community through its outreach programs.

You get to partner with this faith-based charity by joining its volunteer program, becoming an angel investor, or joining its medical donations program.

x. Map International

This charity responds to the lack of qualitative access to healthcare in third-world countries.

This faith-based (Christian) organization caters to the health needs of persons in need by providing medicines and other medical equipment & supplies.

xi. Afya Foundation

The Afya Foundation caters to the medical equipment & supply needs of communities in need.

Besides surgical instruments and other equipment, Afya Foundation provides supplies like bandages and sutures, amongst other critical supplies.

xii. MedShare

When it comes to the efficient delivery of medical equipment and supplies anywhere in the world, MedShare is one name to trust.

Whether you’re seeking international shipment of medical supplies or simply applying for supplies as a medical team, MedShare has you covered.

xiii. Easter Seals

Besides its noble objective of employing persons with disabilities, Easter Seals also improves access to healthcare and education. This includes helping with medical equipment.

Visit its website for details on the services provided.


Faith-based organizations offer various support services, including donations to worthy causes. This covers free medical supplies to nonprofits.

You must explore its Global & US Disaster Relief program to determine what’s available. You’ll need to be attentive to the process of application too.

Have you considered partnership opportunities with the American Red Cross?

As a humanitarian organization interested in assistance and support, your nonprofit can explore ways of partnership, especially under its disaster relief and recovery program.

Research the type(s) of assistance provided regarding medical supplies.

The National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics has valuable resources to help you get much-needed assistance through medical supplies, among other things.

This charity partners with major donors like Direct Relief, Heart to Heart International, Project Hope, and Many others.

Like many faith-based organizations, the Unitarian Universalist Association is involved in various charity projects. You might want to discover what is covered by exploring its website.

You can determine if this organization can source free donations through this action.

At Direct Relief, you can apply for assistance with your medical supply needs through many partnership provisions.

This humanitarian organization is involved in many worthy causes scattered across the world. It’s one of several opportunities to explore free medical supplies.

Project Hope is a humanitarian organization involved in various interventions, such as disaster & emergency response and global health security.

It’s open to working with nonprofits to provide better healthcare to underserved communities.

You can also seek partnership opportunities with Amercares due to its vast impact in handling health crises through its various emergency programs.

This is a great option to consider when researching available donors. You can also get resources or links to other donors.

This is a program of the United States government that aims to drive development across the world.

Part of its intervention programs includes the provision of grants that may cover free medical supplies to nonprofits. Please don’t take our word for it, though, as you can research for more information.

This is a government-backed program aimed at providing critical support to nonprofits with a particular focus on healthcare. This is a great place to visit for your medical supply needs.

As other sources mentioned, there are definite application guidelines to follow.

Free Medical Supplies for Non-Profits | How to Apply

Having listed and discussed some of the most popular charities known to donate medical equipment, it’s left to you to make a move.

As expected, the process isn’t haphazard, as you’ll need to follow set procedures, including meeting minimum requirements.

While that is true, each charity will have its unique requirements.

In other words, all criteria and processes for getting medical equipment aid aren’t the same across the board. However, general guidelines typically include researching these charities and being attentive to their eligibility criteria.

Having found the right charity, proceed to establish contact. You may be asked to provide necessary documentation, including financial need.

Proceed with the application and wait for a response. Here, your request may be approved or declined. If approved, make arrangements for pickup or delivery of your medical equipment.

These are great examples of charities that help with medical equipment. You can explore any of these for all your medical equipment needs.

You’re redirected to their pages to get things started by clicking on any of the links provided.