10 Best Private Grants For Fire Departments | Apply

Private grants are among the funding options for fire departments. They are sponsored by individuals, families, or corporate entities.

As you read through, you’ll discover some private fire department grants. In addition to that, we’ll outline their eligibility criteria and how to apply.

Let’s get into specifics.

Private Grants For Fire Departments

The fire departments in the U.S. play essential roles in ensuring both lives and properties are secured.

They contribute to EMS delivery, dangerous chemicals, catastrophic events, terrorism-related incidents, and specialized rescue. However, the sector needs more resources and tools to maintain essential fire and EMS response abilities.

Therefore, most fire departments seek financial support to keep the sector running optimally. They use such funds to acquire new equipment, enhance their training courses, and promote their overall operations.

Private Grants for the Fire Department

Several financial awards are open for the fire sector in the U.S.

As noted above, these grants are provided by private hands. But before receiving any, you must meet specific eligibility requirements.

  • Fraternal Order of Eagles Foundation

Local fire departments can seek financial aid from this charitable organization. Their grant is worth $1,000 and will be channeled to purchase CPR equipment.

Beneficiaries are not to use the funds to cover any class instructor study costs linked to organizing a CPR class. For more details, visit their official website.

  • The Hormel Foundation

The fire department around Austin, Minnesota, will find this grant ideal. They’ve been around since 2009 and provide financial aid worth $200,000 for fire departments.

Such funds can be obtained to purchase various tools necessary for their jobs. However, before receiving this grant, certain conditions must be met.

One of them is that the department must be ruled tax-exempt and must be managed for charity, research-based, and academic purposes.

Single individuals are not allowed to apply for such funding.

  • Brant Chesney Memorial Grant Program

Fire departments in Georgia can benefit significantly from this financial aid.

GFBF specially formed the grant in memory of Brant Chesney—a Forsyth County Fire Department volunteer who died trying to combat a fire disaster.

Beneficiaries will use the grant to develop new schemes or enhance daily safety programs in society.

You’ll need to meet certain essentials to qualify for this award.

One of them is to be a Georgian-licensed fire department. Interested departments should also have set objectives that can be achieved within six months of receiving funding.

  • Monsanto fund

Every fire department nationwide can seek this grant to cover their expenses. The financial aid is valued at $20,000 to $30,000.

Interested departments must consult with the Monsanto Fund regional or local officials before applying. Entry essentials include submitting a proposal that entirely describes your project.

Before recognizing applications, applicants must obtain a referral from the local rep. The referral will carry a unique code to access the application portal online.

  • OMNOVA Solutions Foundation

If you want to buy new equipment or expand your county’s fire department, seek this private grant. The financial assistance comes from a corporate foundation worth $5,000 to $100,000.

It is awarded to non-profit and tax-exempt firms established for community use. However, such organizations must have an active designation under the IRS rules.

  • Automated External Defibrillation (AED) Grant

Do you want to purchase AED devices at reasonable prices? Then, include this grant provider in your list.

It’s an organizational buy-down initiative funded by generous individuals, AED manufacturers, and corporate bodies. Those eligible for this award include enterprises, fire departments, and private and public organizations.

  • The Fireman’s Fund Heritage Program

The Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company was established to assist firefighters in promoting environmental safety.

They provide financial assistance for firefighting instruction, fire protection training, fire prevention equipment, and community disaster response schemes.

Fire departments around the country are the primary entities that are eligible for this grant. However, other agencies related to firefighting can seek this grant.

But they must channel it to the areas highlighted above.

  • Allstate Charitable Foundation

Fire departments can also seek financial assistance from this charitable foundation.

They release thousands of dollars annually to create secure cities where people will live. Such towns are financially buoyant and free from crime.

The inhabitants have a greater sense of commitment and loyalty.

Besides fire departments, other eligible candidates include federal and state agencies and municipalities. Meanwhile, the grant is divided into three parts.

We have healthy and vital neighborhoods, inclusion, diversity, economic empowerment, and tolerance. You can pick one of them, depending on your needs.

  • FM Global Fire Prevention Grant Program

Those in a firefighting group or brigade can seek financial assistance from this scheme.

Other eligible candidates include national, state, regional, local, and community groups. The foundation offers many firefighting schemes, including monetary assistance.

One of the programs is pre-fire preparation for industrial, production, and organizational infrastructure. Others include fire and property destruction mitigation & inquiry, firefighting education, and training schemes.

To be qualified for this grant, you must belong to any of the groups listed above. For more details, you can visit their official website. You can also reach out to them via their email and contact line.

  • International Fire Relief Mission (IFRM)

This is another charitable organization that offers financial assistance to firefighting departments across the U.S. Their objective is to provide potentially lifesaving support and assistance.

Therefore, they engaged fire crews and emergency responders in areas needing more academic tools and benefits.

Besides financial assistance, they also provide a particular purpose for using donated firefighting and emergency response devices.

They also expand global partnerships for continuous encouragement, training, and preparedness. By doing so, they will promote effective and long-term support for individuals and communities.

Some firefighting equipment supplied by this foundation includes PPE, SCBA, compressors, gear, EMS supplies, and other lifesaving equipment.

There are many private grants open for fire departments in the U.S. The ones listed above are just a few. They aim to create a safe and enabling environment where business and other activities will thrive.

While some grants have restrictions based on location, others are open to all departments within the country.

Before choosing these grants, ensure you research more about them. Learn about their eligibility requirements and how much you can receive.