This article looks at these medical supplies distribution companies and specific equipment or supplies provided.

It’s also important to note that the healthcare industry relies heavily on these suppliers as they help with product distribution. You’ll find all the valuable tips you need to get started as you read.

USA Medical Equipment Dealers

Are you involved in healthcare preparedness & emergency response, or do you want to find the right medical supplies for your needs?

A great way to start is by comparing prices. You’ll need a list of medical supply companies in the USA to do this. The USA is home to thousands of these companies.

  • Types of Medical Supplies Provided by US Companies

With thousands of medical supply companies in America, the main objective is the distribution of various healthcare supplies within the industry.

Broad categories of these supplies include sterilization & infection control supplies and orthopedic supplies & equipment.

Others include pharmaceuticals, mobility & rehabilitation aids, surgical instruments & equipment, diagnostic equipment, and laboratory equipment & supplies.

These medical supply companies also distribute personal protective equipment (PPE), medical furniture, and first aid supplies.

Medical Equipment Distributors in the USA

When it comes to identifying medical supply companies in America, the list is almost endless. In other words, these companies are in the thousands.

However, we’ve identified some of the best companies, including Cascade Healthcare Solutions, Discount Medical Supplies, and Allegro Medical.

More companies involved in medical supply in the USA include McKesson, GE HealthCare, Henry Schein, Cardinal Health, and Zimmer Biomet Holdings, Inc.

Others include 3M Health Care, Smith & Nephew Plc, Philips Healthcare, Hologic, Inc., Owens & Minor, Inc., and Stryker Corporation.

You also have medical supply companies like Midmark Corporation, Hartmann USA, Inc., and Hillrom Holdings, Inc. Sage Products, Teleflex Incorporated, Derma Sciences, Inc., Invacare Corporation, Ferndale Pharma Group, Welch Allyn, and Moore Medical LLC are more medical supply companies in the USA.

i. Cascade Healthcare Solutions

This medical supply company offers a variety of equipment and supplies.

These include cushions & mattresses, wheelchairs, bathroom assists, wound care, incontinence, exam gloves, skin care, respiratory therapy, surgical supplies, urological supplies, and patient room products.

ii. Discount Medical Supplies

Discount Medical Supplies has a wide selection of healthcare supplies and equipment, including syringes, exam gloves, and massage equipment.

Others include diabetic meters, bandages, socks, mobility accessories, kinesiology, wheelchairs, skincare, bed pads & under pads, and pediatric equipment.

iii. Allegro Medical

What medical supplies do you need? Allegro Medical has a wide selection.

This American medical supply company provides hearing assists, eating aids, scooters, walkers, wheelchairs, exam gloves, syringes, enteral feeding, dressings & bandages, tape, cleaners, adult diapers, wipes & washcloths, and protective underwear, etc.

iv. GE HealthCare

GE HealthCare is a renowned medical supply company in the USA. A wide range of medical supplies are categorized under imaging, ultrasound, and healthcare IT.

Other categories of medical supplies include contrast media, anesthesia delivery equipment, diagnostic ECG, maternal infant care products & resources, etc.

v. Henry Schein

At Henry Schein, a variety of medical supplies are available.

Broad categories include veterinary supplies, laboratory supplies, and dental supplies. Others have home health care supplies, medical uniforms, medical cleaning, and medical office supplies.

vi. Zimmer Biomet Holdings

Zimmer Biomet Holdings has various healthcare solutions ranging from sports medicine to shoulder, hip, robotics, and knee.

It also offers restorative therapies covering areas like foot & ankle, limb salvage, pharmaceuticals, cement, diagnostics, thoracic, and elbow.

vii. 3M Health Care

What types of medical supplies do you need? 3M has a range of products to choose from. Product categories range from dental and patient monitoring.

Others include casting & splinting, adhesives & tapes, orthodontics, vascular access, health information systems, medical device & optical components, etc.

viii. Philips Healthcare

Regarding medical supply companies in the USA, Philips Healthcare is one of the trusted brands.

Its product categories include emergency care & resuscitation, diagnostic ECG, hospital respiratory care, enterprise telehealth, image-guided therapy, magnetic resonance, and neurology.

ix. Owens & Minor, Inc.

Owens & Minor, Inc. is a medical supply company with many medical supplies ranging from pharmaceuticals, diagnostic equipment, hospital beds, wheelchairs, and patient monitoring systems.

Others provided include medical and surgical kits & and trays, laboratory supplies, etc.

x. Stryker Corporation

Stryker provides various medical supplies, including power tools, personal protection equipment, and patient room furniture.

Other supplies include patient positioning, orthopedic disposables, oral hygiene, navigation, emergency response & resuscitation, and emergency patient transport.

xi. Midmark Corporation

This medical supplier provides various dental, medical, and animal health supplies.

Products include diagnostic instruments, examination tables & chairs, medical cabinetry & casework, medical lighting, patient monitoring systems, sterilization and & infection control products, etc.

xii. Hartmann USA, Inc.

Hartmann USA, Inc. is a medical supply company that provides a variety of medical supplies and equipment for skin care, incontinence management products, and compression therapy.

Its wound care products range from topical medications, bandages, dressings, gauze, skin cleaners, adhesives, etc.

xiii. Hillrom Holdings

Broad product categories provided by Hillrom include smart beds & surfaces, patient monitoring equipment, and care communications.

Other categories include surgical workflow & precision positioning, non-invasive respiratory therapy, and several others.

xiv. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is a renowned medical supply company from medical devices to consumer health products and pharmaceuticals.

Under its medical devices product category are products like wound care devices, surgical devices, orthopedic devices, vision care devices, diagnostic devices, and therapeutic devices.

Its pharmaceutical supplies include prescription drugs, diagnostic tests, vaccines, and over-the-counter drugs. Johnson & Johnson supplies consumer health products like Neutrogena, Band-Aids, Listerine, Tylenol, Neosporin, Clean & Clear, and Rogaine.

xv. Abbott

Abbott is a trusted brand in America and beyond regarding pharmaceuticals and medical devices supply.

Under its pharmaceuticals category, products include vaccines, prescription drugs, diagnostic tests, and over-the-counter drugs.

xvi. Medline Industries

Medline is another industry leader when it comes to medical supplies.

Products provided include equipment & furniture and infection control supplies. Others are lab supplies, therapy & rehabilitation supplies, catheters, wound supplies, urology supplies, etc.

We can go on and on to add to our list of medical supply companies in the USA. However, there are thousands of these companies hence the need to pause here.

You can explore any of the options provided for your medical supply needs.