Have you been told that your child requires braces?

Well, it’s critical to determine how much braces cost for kids. As you walk through this post, you’ll find out the average cost of this dental procedure.

In addition to that, you’ll see what different types of treatment are available. Let’s begin our discussion by explaining why kids’ braces are expensive.

Braces For Kids

While growing into teens, your kid may experience misalignment of the teeth. This can make their mouth look less than perfect.

Orthodontic treatment, such as braces, is an effective way to correct such defects.

However, the procedure can be expensive. It ranks among the heftiest health-related costs you’ll likely face while raising a child.

Are Kid’s Braces Expensive?

Generally, tooth braces are an expensive venture, not only for kids but even for young and older adults. There’s no particular reason why kids’ braces are costly.

Orthodontists often determine the cost of kids’ braces. They’ll take into account the specific treatment needs of your child.

This may include the level of treatment, the type of braces, and how long they will need the brace.

Average Cost of Tooth Braces for Kids

Although oral braces are universally expensive, braces for children are a little cheaper than for adults. That’s because less material is required to reach all of their teeth.

Meanwhile, the number of appointments and duration are almost the same. There’s no considerable time or cost difference between the two age groups.

Now, the average cost of children’s braces is determined by several factors.

The type of braces, material, location, length of time, complexity, and hospital you visit. Other factors include their age, specific oral needs, orthodontists’ rates, and the orthodontist’s experience level.

While this is true, metal braces for kids cost around $2,500–$7,000. Ceramic, Invisalign, lingual, and at-home clear aligner braces cost $3,500–$13,000.

Dental Payment Plans for Kids

Did you find the above cost of tooth braces for kids overwhelming?

Then you can consider looking for oral payment plans. Luckily, most orthodontists offer payment plans for brace treatment. So you don’t have to fork out a lump sum to pay for the remedy immediately.

However, the type of plan, flexibility, and payment essentials will depend on your orthodontist and personal situation. If you have private coverage, check with your provider to see how much they’ll cover.

Other Ways to Cut Down Expenses

Besides dental payment plans, there are other ways to reduce the cost of your kid’s braces. You can check to see if your family’s Medicaid plan covers braces.

Medical insurance is a federal program that can pay either the whole or part of the cost of new ones. Luckily, children from 0-21 fall under the eligibility criteria for such coverage.

You can also find a discount program around. It will allow you to pay for oral services at a fixed or low monthly rate.

Consider calling Kool Smiles Kids Club partners. They can speak to a friendly staff member about your available options for the discount program.

What About Insurance Coverage?

We can’t say yes or no to whether the insurance plan will cover the kid’s braces.

But we have dental insurance that can partially cover the cost of braces for children under 18. However, treatment must be recommended by an orthodontist.

As for how much they’ll cover for a kid’s braces, it depends on the insurance scheme you’re dealing with. But most companies will offer to pay up to 50% or more of the overall treatment cost.

This coverage is specifically for standard braces. You may pay from your pocket if your child requires a different style.

Types of Braces for Kids

Several types of tooth braces exist, but they are inappropriate for kids. They include metal, ceramic, Invisalign Teen, lingual, and at-home clear aligners.

Let’s briefly review a few of them.

  • Metal Braces

The traditional metal brace is one of the kids’ most common tooth braces. They are usually the cheapest option available. This procedure requires a bracket to be affixed to each tooth, and a metal wire joins them.

The dentist gradually manipulates the teeth after tightening the wires in certain places with regular adjustments.

Furthermore, metal braces offer effective tooth straightening for all alignment problems. The procedure can take an average of 18 to 24 months.

Children’s metal braces can carry some fun elements as they can be customized in different colors.

  • Ceramic Brace

This type of brace is similar to a metal brace, but the materials used make it less noticeable. The bridge often comes in explicitly colored material to blend better with the teeth.

The wire may still be metal but will have a tooth-colored coating. However, it costs more to have a ceramic brace. That’s because the materials to be used are pretty expensive.

  • Lingua 

The lingual brace uses metal brackets and wires attached to the tongue. It’ll give you all the comfort of a traditional metal brace with the additional perk of being hidden.

The position where the wires will be kept will make it easy to spot them. This is a perfect option for kids afraid of being bullied because of their braces.

  • Invisalign Teen

Do you have a teenage kid who loses all his teeth? Then this is another astonishing brace for them. The system offers an entirely different way to straighten the teeth.

Instead of having brackets fixed, a series of clear and removable aligners will be installed. This is to guide the teeth into position.

The Invisalign Teen brace comes with a few perks for children. First, the aligners are challenging to spot and can be removed for 2-4 hours daily.

The child can also use water to clean their teeth, allowing new teeth to come through. Each aligner also has a wear indicator to show if it is being worn enough.

Teeth braces are standard among kids with crooked teeth for many reasons. As a parent, there are many decisions you must make for their treatment.

When considering teeth braces, the cost implication is another factor to consider. As you can see above, starting oral therapy for your kid is expensive.