Phlebotomist Certification Cost

How much do phlebotomy classes cost?

This article takes a close look at the cost implications of becoming a phlebotomist.

As you’ll find out below, different things affect the cost of training. Knowing these gives you a heads-up on what should be included in your budget.

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Phlebotomist?

To undergo any formal study, you’re likely to attract all sorts of fees.

Phlebotomy is one of many entry-level medical fields you can go for. The cost is part of the things you’ll need to sort out in your bid to become a phlebotomist.

So, how much does a phlebotomist course cost?

About Phlebotomy

This is a medical practice that involves the surgical puncturing of a vein to draw blood.

As expected, you’ll find phlebotomists working in all clinical settings, from laboratories and hospitals to others. Training could last from a few days to several months.

With that said, how much cost are you likely to incur for training? This is where our focus lies. Thankfully, this training isn’t as costly as some people assume.

Different aspects of phlebotomist program costs have been included to provide a more comprehensive outlook, thus helping with a more in-depth understanding.

What’s Covered

Before embarking on this training, it’s essential to know what’s included.

Phlebotomy training covers classroom and hands-on experience, patient interaction, learning how to draw blood, and taking courses in human physiology, anatomy, etc.

Cost of Phlebotomy Training

To train as a phlebotomist, the cost of training will be determined by several factors.

Some of the most common include how or where the training is offered and the program or institution you enroll into.

For a more detailed discussion on training costs, we’ll need to consider different scenarios, including training at a technical facility or school and community colleges.

Other options include online training and training at a private facility. These training options will attract varying fees.

So how much does it cost to become a certified phlebotomist? Let’s go into the breakdown.

i. Cost of Phlebotomy Training at a Technical Facility or School

There are lots of technical schools or facilities that offer phlebotomy training.

Here the typical cost of training is around $700 and $1,400. While some people might consider this relatively expensive, some schools include lab fees, membership fees, and textbooks, among others.

Some others charge these separately. In some facilities, you may be charged a membership fee of around $35. This may exclude textbook fees which may go for about $40 or higher.

In a nutshell, different training facilities have their unique program costs.

The high and low range of $700 and $1,400 covering tuition costs are determined by the type of program you attend. Short-term phlebotomy training courses tend to cost less than those for long-term training.

Short-term training is likely to go for around $700.

ii. Phlebotomy Training Costs at Community Colleges

You can also train as a phlebotomist at community colleges.

Here, training is charged at an hourly rate. Community college training costs typically go from around $600 to $2,500. The training duration lasts anywhere from a month to 8 months or higher.

Obviously, the longer the training duration, the more it’s likely to cost you. Training expenses usually cover uniforms, books, liability insurance, and laboratory fees.

Certification fee mainly varies from state to state. You’ll have to find out what applies to your state.

On average, you’ll pay around $50 for certification as a phlebotomist. This is, of course, after training is completed. Payment for certification only depends on your passing the preliminary state test.

Sometimes, you may find phlebotomy being included as part of medical assistance programs in some technical colleges. Here, phlebotomy isn’t a stand-alone course of study.

Under such circumstances, the total cost of training will be around $29,000.

iii. Cost of Online Phlebotomy Courses

Online education and training as become a growing trend in recent years.

It offers more convenience as people get to enroll in all kinds of studies, including phlebotomy. The main advantage of this method is that it costs a lot less compared to other options like those discussed above.

A downside with online training is that you’ll have to enroll in hands-on training, which may attract more fees. In terms of the cost of online training, you’re likely to pay anywhere from $300 to $700.

Some online programs, such as those offered by the Family Health Services Training Center, provide a combination of introductory and advanced phlebotomy courses at a much-subsidized rate.

This may go for around $600 or a little higher.

State certifications typically cost less compared to national accreditation. For a state certification, you’re likely to pay anywhere from $50. On the other hand, becoming nationally certified as a phlebotomist is expected to cost you around $80 to $150.

A complete and detailed inquiry about certifications can be made by visiting the National Phlebotomy Association.

iv. Phlebotomist Training Costs in Private Facilities

Another option you have is to go for training at a private facility.

Such facilities offer all kinds of training to different groups of people. The needs of persons seeking to upgrade their level of movement and those changing careers are all met here.

Not only do you get the needed training, but some private facilities also offer good accreditation after course completion. An excellent example of a private facility is The Complete Phlebotomy Training.

Here, all kinds of classes or training are offered.

These include primary, advanced, and clinical classes for $550, $550, and $675, respectively. Also, a deposit fee of about $616 and a one-time non-refundable registration fee of $250 are charged.

v. Investing in Phlebotomy Training Kits

Becoming a phlebotomist requires all kinds of investments, including getting the needed training kits.

This is especially necessary for persons just starting. Speaking of training kits, how much is required to get these? $300 should cover basic phlebotomist training kits.

Such kits will include practice veins and practice injection arms, amongst others. All these will add up to your training costs.

Training as a phlebotomist will attract a wide range of expenses, as discussed above. Your preferred training method will likely determine how much cost you incur.

There are lots of opportunities for career advancement you might find interesting.

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