Online Athletic Training Courses

Are you interested in enrolling in an online athletic training course?

Such online courses offer the added convenience of remote study. Plus, you get to apply skills learned to real-world problems.

Online Courses in Athletic Training

In this article, the focus is on identifying and discussing such courses.

As you read, you’ll find helpful information that broadens your knowledge about different athletic training courses or programs.

You can choose what course or training to go for based on the knowledge provided. Before we go on, let’s first overview what it’s about.

Can You Get an Athletic Training Degree Online?

We’ll need to introduce the subject under discussion to start on the right footing. Athletic training encompasses several things.

As the name suggests, it’s a training that includes examination, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of emergent and chronic medical conditions.

This allied health care profession is recognized by several agencies, including the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the American Medical Association (AMA), and the Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA).

Before joining an athletic training program, it’s necessary to ensure it is fully accredited. The Commission on Accreditation of Athletics Training Education (CAATE) is an accrediting body.

By joining an athletic training program, you undergo training as an athletic trainer who also doubles as a health professional.

You’re trained to specialize in preventing, assessing, treating, and rehabilitating injuries and illnesses affecting athletes or anyone involved in physical activity.

  • Online Athletic Training Courses are Influenced by Type of Degree

It’s important to note that the courses you take are likely to be influenced by the type of degree.

There are four different degree types: bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and bridge. Also, specific courses may be determined by the mode of attendance.

For example, there may be courses specially designed for online students as well as those having a preference for in-person instruction or learning.

Whatever the case, online athletic training equips you with all the skills and knowledge you need.

Accredited Online Athletic Training Courses

Online athletic training consists of a long list of courses. As mentioned earlier, procedures may vary from one program to the next due to multiple reasons and needs.

Some of these courses include effective communication, critical thinking, care, treatment & prevention of athletic injuries.

More courses include health promotion & wellness protection, injury prevention & wellness clinical, and recognition & evaluation of injuries.

Others include emergency care for acute injuries lab, emergency care & lower extremity evaluation clinical, and recognition & assessment of injuries.

More online athletic training courses include therapeutic modalities, theory of prescribing exercise, physiology of movement, and therapeutic interventions.

General medical conditions, kinesiology, and health care administration in athletic training are additional courses.

Some other online athletic training courses you may take include pharmacology & advanced therapeutic interventions, general medicine & health care administration, athletic training capstone, and athletic training board of certification exam preparation.

Some online athletic training courses will include advanced principles of sports performance and advanced athletic training clinical.

Let’s go a bit further to describe some courses mentioned.

i. Effective Communication

The practical communication course equips students with skills for rhetorically effective communications suitable to diverse audiences, occasions, and purposes.

This consists of sign language, English composition, foreign language, communication, and critical reading.

ii. Critical Thinking

Through the adoption of a variety of analytic & problem-solving skills, students can evaluate, examine, or challenge arguments & ideals.

Many subjects are covered, including ecology, chemistry, theology, mathematics, physical geography, physics, logic, etc.

iii. Care, Treatment & Prevention of Athletic Injuries

As the name suggests, this online athletic training course provides a basic understanding of the principles of sports medicine.

Also, it provides detailed knowledge of the use of proper conditioning principles for injury prevention and the care and treatment of athletic trauma.

iv. Health Promotion & Wellness Protection

This athletic training course covers a detailed study of health promotion and maintenance principles.

You’re also taught the role of exercise, strength training, flexibility, and cardiovascular conditioning in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

v. Injury Prevention & Wellness Clinical

One of several vital areas or courses covered includes injury prevention & wellness. Under a clinical setting, students can apply and demonstrate proficiency in athletic training skills.

It involves selecting, evaluating, and modifying appropriate standard protective gear.

vi. Recognition & Evaluation of Injuries

By taking this online athletic training course, you get the opportunity to gain specific knowledge and practical skills for effectively evaluating the upper and lower body.

Among several things learned are the palpation of body and soft tissue structures and active, passive & resistive range of motion testing.

vii. Emergency Care for Acute Injuries Lab

This online athletic training course guides students in adopting practical, caring techniques through recognizing emergent and catastrophic conditions and proper treatment.

Things you learn include wound management, spine boarding, immobilization, etc.

viii. Emergency Care & Lower Extremity Evaluation Clinical

Provided under clinical settings, students are trained to apply and demonstrate proficiency in athletic training skills clinically.

Extensive and comprehensive clinical assessment of patients with lower extremity conditions is performed. Management of patients with emergency conditions is also taught.

ix. Recognition & Evaluation of Injuries

This online athletic training course allows students to apply skills related to the components of injury evaluation of the upper extremity.

Other areas covered include joint stability tests, palpation, history taking, manual muscle testing, etc.

x. Therapeutic Modalities

Another course included is therapeutic modalities which help heal injuries while providing or stating the theory and the proper use of treatment modalities.

xi. Human Anatomy and Physiology

This is another athletic training course you’re likely to take.

It’s one of the two-course sequences that examines the structure and function of the human body and its mechanisms for maintaining homeostasis.

Here, study coves genetics, skeletal, muscular, nervous, etc.

Online athletic training courses may vary from one program to the next. Whatever the case is, you get to gain the needed expertise necessary to practice as an athletic trainer.

You’ll do well to research the top online athletic training programs before joining.