How To Become a Dog Groomer

This article provides information on how to become a dog groomer.

There are many factors to consider when planning your career as a dog groomer. How you go about the process will determine whether or not you succeed.

Luckily, you have this guide on how to be a dog groomer.

How To Become a Pet Groomer

Dog groomers provide an essential service by helping owners pamper and clean their dogs. If this career interests you, then you might want to put some of your creativity to work.

It’s a good option for pet lovers seeking ways to put their passions to work while earning a decent income.

  • How do you become a dog groomer?

In your quest to become a dog groomer, there are certain things you’ll need to know of.

These include essential duties or responsibilities, work settings, and potential earnings. These details will always attract aspiring dog groomers and determine whether they find a career worth pursuing.

With that said, dog groomers have various responsibilities ranging from reporting issues or assessments to dog owners and maintaining a dog’s physical appearance.

Dog groomers also bathe dogs, clip their nails, brush and cut fur, lean dog ears, schedule appointments, dry skin, and carry out fur styling.

Other responsibilities include sanitizing grooming equipment like combs & shears, amongst others.

Regarding working settings, dog groomers can find employment in pet stores, kennels, pet clinics, veterinary facilities, and animal shelters.

Groomers can also find employment in mobile units.

So, how much do dog groomers earn? This depends on various factors, including location, experience level, and employment place.

On average, dog groomers earn around $30,053 per year.

As expected, there are variations across different states.

Dog Grooming Requirements

This is where we focus on paths to becoming dog groomers.

You should take these steps seriously if you wish to actualize your desire. Start with getting the essential qualification, getting acquainted with the job, practicing to acquire experience, and volunteering at a dog shelter.

Becoming a dog groomer also requires serving as a groomer’s assistant, attending a dog grooming program, and learning styling details for different dog breeds.

It’s also essential for a dog groomer to identify signs of trouble and alert owners for urgent intervention when necessary.

i. Get the Basic Qualification

Do you know where to learn dog grooming?

While dog grooming won’t require any significant level of formal education, you’ll do well to have a high school diploma or GED. Now you may wonder why such is necessary.

This is important to boost your chances of being picked by an employer. Even formal dog training programs or apprenticeships look for such qualifications as the basics.

ii. Getting Acquainted with the Job

It’s essential to have in-depth knowledge of what this career is about. In other words, knowing what it truly entails is necessary.

Beyond brushing pet fur, you must understand that it can be messy, challenging, and physical. Based on these realities, you can determine if you’re suited for it.

There will always be situations where you’ll notice dogs with skin conditions or matted fur. Under such circumstances, solutions need to be found.

The dogs you encounter during your job won’t always be healthy. Knowing all of these scenarios help prepare you for what’s to come.

iii. Practice to Acquire Experience

One of the essential steps needed to become a dog groomer is practice.

You’ll need to have a pet dog or a friend or family member who has a pet dog to practice on. Of course, permission is required if the dog isn’t yours.

While this step is crucial, it’s essential to understand that the circumstances involved in grooming a familiar dog can be much different from those involved in grooming a random dog.

In the case of the latter, such dogs might have different personalities from the ones you’re used to.

Constantly seeking new or unfamiliar dogs to groom will help you acquire the needed experience, which can help you achieve your objective.

iv. Volunteer at a Dog Shelter

Have you thought about volunteering at a dog shelter?

This can be a great way to find and cater to dogs that have had a rough experience and are in dire need of care. You get to give them all the affection they need while gaining vital experience with different dog breeds.

With such interactions and care, you can determine whether or not this line of work is meant for you.

As a dog shelter volunteer, you get to receive advice on dealing with all kinds of dogs, including those that are aggressive, large, or sick.

v. Serving as a Groomer’s Assistant

One of the best ways of getting hands-on experience is by becoming a dog groomer’s assistant. This training route gives you a great deal of experience.

However, be prepared for all sorts of assigned tasks like bathing the dogs. You can visit your nearest pet store to inquire if they need a dog groomer assistant.

vi. Attending a Dog Grooming Program

Formal dog training programs help equip dog groomers with the knowledge to carry out their duties. When choosing a dog grooming program, it’s necessary to only go for accredited ones.

However, hands-on training may not be offered. You may have to find places to acquire such.

vii. Learning Styling Details for Different Breeds

Every dog breed you come across as a dog groomer will have its unique grooming needs.

In other words, not every grooming style suits a dog breed. These grooming styles include exotic, kennel cuts, show groom, teddy bear trim, and full coat.

viii. Identify Signs of Trouble

As a professional dog groomer, you’ll often come across warning signs that signal a problem with the animal’s health.

Such may include itchiness due to ticks, signs of injury or illness, indications of mistreatment or abuse, and changes in temperament or activity level.

These are straightforward ways to become a dog groomer. The multiple paths provided all help in arriving at achieving the main objective.

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