That said, how long does it take to become a kinesiologist? This article will talk about the time commitment in this healthcare field.

In addition, we’ll talk about the academic and certification essentials needed to join the industry. But before hitting the nail on the head, let’s review the subject matter.

How Long To Be A Kinesiologist

The study of kinesiology is crucial to the healthcare industry. Muscle testing is used in this distinctive natural therapy to identify the body’s strong and weak points.

The treatment can be used alone or in combination with other methods such as exercise physiology, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.

However, the industry demands a distinctive academic background demonstrating experience and expertise in essential fields. In this manner, professionals can use particular workouts to identify, stop, and treat injuries.

Who is a Kinesiologist?

This healthcare professional examines how the human body moves and uses its knowledge for medical or educational goals.

They learn movement control, exercise enhancements, injury avoidance, and overall wellness.

You can become a kinesiologist by obtaining a degree in one of the several therapeutic specialties. These include breathing exercises, Pilates, soft tissue therapy, cardiovascular care, and concussion recovery.

Through movement and exercise, a kinesiologist can assist clients in enhancing their general health and mobility.

They can also pick the most effective herbal medicines, dietary changes, and physical therapies to treat patients’ health issues.

Kinesiologists can also develop a care plan for individuals with muscular injuries or illnesses related to them.

How Long to Become a Kinesiologist

Ensure you understand the time commitment required for studying and earning certification before entering a career you enjoy.

How much time you’ll invest in becoming a kinesiologist depends on your educational program and institution choice.

However, becoming a kinesiologist requires 2 to 5 years of training.

Having graduate training in this field is both commercially and personally helpful. It will let you focus and offer more job odds and earning potential.

Length of Kinesiologist Training

To begin a career in this industry, obtaining specialized academic credentials such as a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree or higher is advisable.

You can study exercise science, physical education, and general medicine through degree programs in this area. Let’s get more in-depth information on these certificates.

  • High School Kinesiology Certification Length

A career in kinesiology can be started by earning a high school diploma. You will develop a solid math and science foundation throughout your courses.

The biology, calculus, chemistry, and physics courses are also helpful. With this certificate, you can swiftly enroll in a bachelor’s degree program.

Most certificate courses may be finalized after two years of full-time study in this discipline.

  • Timeline for a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology

This academic background is typically the entry requirement for this field. You will learn techniques for movement analysis, rehabilitation, and sports upkeep.

Additionally, you’ll acquire theoretical knowledge and a sociocultural understanding of kinesiology to implement that.

You can concentrate on anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and physiotherapy. You’ll learn the foundations of human anatomy and motion with the aid of these majors.

Before selecting a bachelor’s degree program, ensure the college or university you apply to is accredited. We refer to a facility that satisfies particular academic requirements imposed by CAAHEP and other recognized organizations.

Kinesiology undergrad studies typically last four years to finish.

  • Duration of a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology

You can work in this field without having this credential. The possibility of advanced physical therapy and sports training professions does exist.

Genetics, health science statistics, muscular physiology, professional practice, biomedical modeling, and other topics are included in the coursework.

You may also do a significant practicum to satisfy requirements and your theoretical coursework. The objective is to give you priceless field training experience.

Spending 400 contact hours or more is possible, depending on the program and institution you enroll in.

Learners may take two or three years to get their master’s degree.

Accelerated Options to Become a Kinesiologist

Kinesiology programs can be completed in under four years, providing a quick and effective alternative to traditional education, while dual degree programs can be completed in under five years.

Licensing and Certification for Occupational

Before you’ll be allowed to practice unrestricted, you’ll need a state-issued license. On the other hand, an attestation will showcase your kinesiology competency to potential employers.

Some qualifications you can obtain include ACE, ACSSM, and NSCA. The National Board provides these attestations for Certification in Occupational Therapy.

However, these credentials aren’t awarded for free. Candidates must meet certain essentials, including earning one of the academic certificates listed above.

You’ll also be required to pay a specified amount to sit for the professional exams. The test is a multichoice question from different areas of kinesiology.

After receiving your desired qualification, you’ll be required to renew it after a year or two. You’ll also be required to meet certain conditions when updating these credentials.

These include paying the renewal fee and completing some hours of continued education in the field.

Cost of Becoming a Kinesiologist

Before committing significantly, you must know the cost implications of becoming an expert in this field. This will help you see whether you’re financially fit to embark on such a mission.

How much you’ll sink to become a kinesiologist depends on several factors. That’s your choice of institution and type of educational certificate you wish to join the industry with.

Advanced degree programs in this field are expensive. You may invest anything from $9,000 to $29,670. Some fees might handle extra charges such as room and board, textbooks, transport, etc.

However, you must still know that specific variables can impact how much time you’ll spend on your education. These pertain to your location, program of study, choice of school, residential status, and more.

The commitment to becoming a kinesiologist is lengthy compared to some healthcare fields. As you can see above, you’ll possess at least a bachelor’s degree to get on excellent footing.

This will take you roughly 4years to complete. But the profession is worth the time and resources you’ll invest. It comes with excellent pay, job security, and many more advantages.