How Long Does It Take to Become a Dog Groomer?

Keeping dogs in your homes doesn’t make you a trained dog groomer.

You’ll need to get professional training and experience. The training includes several steps before for you to reach the pro level.

 How Long to Become a Pet Groomer

Having said that, how long does it take to become a dog groomer? This is precisely what we’ll be talking about in this article.

We’ll look at the qualifications to become a dog groomer, what you need to learn, and how long it will take you to complete your training exercise.

If you’re set, let us ride on.

  • What Credentials Do I Need to Become a Dog Groomer?

Becoming a skilled dog groomer doesn’t require a formal capability. You don’t have to present your CV to get started. However, you need to possess some vital skills to be fit for the job.

Such skills include physical fitness, effective contact, tolerance, attention to detail, and good organization.

How Long Will It Take to Become an Experienced Dog Groomer?

The time frame to become an experienced dog groomer depends on the training route you opt for. There’re preening dog schools, online classes, apprenticeship programs, dog grooming courses, and self-education.

Let’s go over these paths of becoming a trained dog groomer.

  • Time to Attend a Dog Preening School

Passing through a preening dog school is an efficient way of becoming a professional. There’re several dog grooming schools across the counter.

Most of them blend classroom knowledge with hands-on experiences. Their curriculum is robust and more in-depth. However, you’ll get the primary education you quest for.

The only drawback is that most dog grooming academies are expensive and time-consuming. Additionally, the scheduling of classes could be more favorable to those on full-time jobs or family care.

How long it will take you to complete a dog nurturing school depends on which institution you attend. While in some schools, the program lasts from 2-5 months; it might take a year in others.

  • Online Dog Grooming Classes Duration

To be a skilled dog groomer, you do not need to quit your primary jobs.

Online classes will allow you to learn at your own pace. You’ll not be pressured by external deadlines or at risk of transportation. Within six months to a year, you can be done with your studies.

However, online dog grooming courses do not offer hands-on experience. There you’ll need to go elsewhere to obtain such proficiency.

  • Dog Nurturing Courses

Taking preening dog courses is similar to attending a grooming school or online classes.

You’ll be taught the basics of preening dogs, how to identify issues and problems, and the necessary skills to examine bodies or know the standard breeds of dogs.

After completing your courses, you’ll also attend animal safety, health, and sanitation training.

As for the duration of dog grooming courses, it depends on where you take them. But for the most part, such courses last from six months to a year.

  • How Long is Self-Education on Dog Preening?

As mentioned earlier, obtaining formal training in professional dog grooming is optional. You can groom yourself right in the comfort of your home.

There’re numerous books and videos on skilled dog preening. You can also attend seminars to expand your knowledge and experience.

While opting for self-education might take time to reach the pro level, it’s less expensive than formal education. It will also suit those who need more time to enter a classroom or sit for someone to teach them.

  • Dog Grooming Apprenticeship Programs

This is another efficient way of becoming an expert in nurturing dogs. Here, you’ll learn from an experienced groomer who will give you a detailed guide on dog preening.

Education and training are significant because you’ll obtain valuable insights about this career path. You’ll also learn about the best business practices and get clients and real-time help.

Most dog grooming apprenticeships last for one year. But you can decide to stay longer if you want more experience.

  • Volunteering and Practicing Dog Grooming is Essential

After acquiring all the theory and foundational knowledge about dog preening, you may need some years of on-the-job experience. It is imperative to your success, as it will make you more confident in your abilities.

Moreover, when volunteering with a company that nurtures dogs, you’ll significantly enhance your skills and expose yourself to different temperaments and styles of preening.

Animal shelters or interning at salons are good places you can volunteer. You’ll learn how to brush, bathe, trim a dog’s coat, clean ears properly, offer CPR and first aid, and more.

You can volunteer for as long as you want. But to obtain professional experience, you need at least five months.

What You Need to Know Before Enrolling in Dog Grooming

Before you take a step to learn how to nurture dogs, you’ll need to assess your career goals.

Are you learning to groom dogs and work long-term at a pet salon, or do you want to set up a dog preening business? Once you can answer these questions, you’re halfway set for the career.

But ensure your choice suits your personality and lifestyle.

  • Places You Can Work as a Professional Dog Groomer

There’re a variety of places you can work as a skilled and experienced dog nurturer. Among them are kennels, veterinary clinics, pet shops, mobile units, and more.

While working in these establishments, you can perform a variety of roles.

These include scheduling appointments, sanitizing shears and combs, maintaining the dog’s physical appearance, reporting assessments or issues to owners, and more.

  • What’s the Pay Structure of Dog Groomers?

How much you’ll earn for preening dogs depends on a few factors—your experience level, style of dog preening, workplace, and location.

However, you’re likely to earn around $30,053 annually. You’ll need to run your dog preening center to make more than this amount. But that will cost you bucks, though.

It’s a great idea to learn how to groom dogs. You can make these animals more resourceful than just being a pet. The knowledge and experience you’ll obtain can fetch you a job.

If you’re financially capable, you can open up a preening dog center and benefit significantly from its value chain.