Top 10 Housing Grants for Dialysis Patients

Check out some excellent housing grants and rent assistance for dialysis patients.

Dialysis patients face a wide range of challenges when their kidneys malfunction.

Through dialysis, waste and excess fluids are artificially removed from the bloodstream, but that isn’t the focus of the discussion. Here, we’ll be discussing housing grants for dialysis patients.

So, are you a dialysis patient needing assistance like a housing grant?

Housing Assistance for Dialysis Patients

Whether you’re an American citizen or live abroad, this article is helpful as we’ve covered the different assistance programs targeted at kidney patients.

You’ll need to read through and explore any more suitable for your needs.

  • Do I Need Housing Grants as a Dialysis Patient?

Absolutely! Dialysis patients go through a wide range of challenges as they battle their medical condition.

One of the significant impacts of dialysis treatment is that it reduces your ability to work. Your finances will be negatively impacted unless you have saved up enough not to have to work (which is unlikely).

Due to dialysis’s added financial burden, proper housing arrangements are affected. What more? Accessibility might pose a challenge to the patient due to the demanding nature of the dialysis procedure.

In other words, you must visit a dialysis center multiple times a week for treatment.

This would mean moving close to a dialysis center if you live far off. However, when a dialysis machine is to be brought to your home, adjustments might be necessary to accommodate the same.

This can be costly, thus requiring some form of financial assistance.

Best Housing Grants for Dialysis Patients

This is where we look at grant-awarding organizations or charities for dialysis patients.

While some readily provide such grants, others may offer helpful information on where to get these grants. Great examples include the Kidney Foundation of America and the American Kidney Fund.

More grant sources for dialysis patients include the Renal Support Network, Modest Needs Foundation, and the Assistance Fund.

You may also get housing grants from local faith-based organizations, the Kidney Foundation of Canada, and Kidney Health Australia.

Explore other sources like Kidney Care UK, the Irish Kidney Association, and the American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP).

Again, it’s important to note that there’s no certainty of getting housing grants from any of these charities; as such may only be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Also, some of these charities are mostly known for the support services and resources provided. However, they may have helpful information on where to go for housing grants.

So, it’s still necessary to make further findings about each option.

i. National Kidney Foundation

As a dialysis patient seeking housing grants, you might want to look the way of the National Kidney Foundation for helpful resources on how to access grants.

It offers various support services, including assistance for coping patients, insurance, travel, clinical trials, and more.

ii. The American Kidney Fund

Among the support services the American Kidney Fund offers is its Safety Net Grant Program. This program assists with healthcare expenses not covered by insurance.

Here, over-the-counter medications cost of transport, and several other expenses are taken care of. Inquire if a housing grant is included.

iii. Rental Support Network

The Renal Support Network has as its primary objective the empowerment of people with kidney disease to live better and fuller lives.

So, does this include the provision of housing grants? Providing a definite answer will be pretty challenging as there are lots of resources offered. We recommend making further inquiries.

iv. Modest Needs Foundation

At Modest Needs, you can apply for various assistance services, including housing grants, as a dialysis patient.

Here, low-income workers at risk of slipping into poverty due to different circumstances are assisted. To explore the types of grant opportunities offered, start by contacting Modest Needs today.

v. The Assistance Fund

The Assistance Fund is another charity that caters to the needs of low-income individuals, focusing on those recovering from illnesses.

Of course, dialysis patients make the list of qualified recipients. So, how much housing grant is provided by the Assistance fund? You’ll need to make inquiries about that.

vi. Local Faith-Based Organizations

As a dialysis patient, you might want to explore local faith-based organizations, as several will cater to your housing needs. Are you wondering where to start?

Consider organizations like Lutheran Services, Islamic Relief USA, and the United Methodist Church.

You can also get assistance from local faith-based organizations like Catholic Charities, Jewish Family Services, and many more. An internet search will bring up tons of results.

vii. The Kidney Foundation of Canada

The Kidney Foundation of Canada has also been added to our list of possible housing grant providers for dialysis patients. However, there’s no certainty you’d get the assistance you seek. This non-profit may have helpful information or resources on where to find housing grants for dialysis patients.

viii. Kidney Health Australia

Since its establishment in 1968, Kidney Health Australia has helped advance the cause of providing the needed help and assistance to patients in various ways.

One of the critical areas is improving the quality of life and duration of life for persons with kidney disease.

ix. Kidney Care UK

This is one organization that’s dedicated to the assistance of people living with kidney disease.

As a dialysis patient, you can enjoy Kidney Care’s aid in several ways, including emotional and financial help. It ensures you don’t have to go through the challenging process alone.

x. Irish Kidney Association

As an Irish citizen undergoing dialysis treatment, you can explore the support services offered by the Irish Kidney Association.

Such services include peer support, counseling, patient holidays, membership, and information on housing grants. The Irish Kidney Association may not directly offer such grants but may have helpful information on where to look.

xi. American Association of Kidney Patients

Because kidney disease has several costs, the American Association of Kidney Patients offers you all the assistance you need. Again, we need to state that this non-profit may not provide housing grants but may hold valuable information on how to get them.

We’ve just identified the different housing grant sources for dialysis patients. While such information might not be definite due to some factors, it points you toward making your findings.

Getting a housing grant as a dialysis patient isn’t as difficult as you might think.