Free Portable Oxygen Concentrator

In this article, we’ve discussed how to get a free portable oxygen concentrator, among other relevant details.

Over the years, technological advancement has led to better healthcare delivery with the development of medical equipment. The portable oxygen concentrator is one such innovation.

Research and new technology advance as hours become days, months, and years.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Financial Assistance

A portable oxygen concentrator is one of the handy tools of advanced technology. It is a machine that administers oxygen therapy to patients with low blood oxygen levels.

In other words, it helps people whose breathing is compromised due to conditions like asthma, the flu, COPD, or lung cancer.

That said, portable oxygen concentrators are expensive. Getting one will cost you hundreds to a few thousand dollars. Therefore, people who can’t afford such amounts resort to cheaper or free alternatives.

But are there free portable oxygen concentrators? The answer is yes. You can explore and obtain this device without paying a dime. Just keep reading this article to find out.

What’s a Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC)?

Before continuing our chat, let us offer you a brief overview of this equipment.

It is a medical system, as was already stated that offers oxygen therapy to clients who call for more oxygen than what is present in the air close to them.

The device is similar to a home oxygen concentrator but smaller and more mobile. You can carry them around; some operate on a battery for added flexibility.

When your battery runs out, you can charge it. But there are typical ones that use direct electricity.

POC works by pulling in the air and filtering out the nitrogen. A thin tube runs from the device to your face, giving you purified oxygen. The oxygen is supplied through two open prongs below your nostrils.

You can use a face mask for a higher concentration and oxygen flow.

What Health Conditions Are Portable Oxygen Concentrators Used for?

Here, we start with the most essential aspect of portable oxygen concentrators.

As the name suggests, this equipment is used for treating respiratory conditions. Several respiratory diseases include respiratory failure, pulmonary fibrosis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

More respiratory conditions that may require the use of portable oxygen concentrators include sleep apnea, and asthma.

These medical devices are specifically designed to help provide supplemental oxygen therapy while offering greater convenience through increased mobility.

Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators to Consider

Before discussing ways to get free portable oxygen concentrators, it’s necessary to identify some of the best brands available. In no particular order, the top brands include OxyGo Next Portable oxygen concentrator and Inogen One G5 portable concentrator.

Other top brands include Precision Medical EasyPulse Portable oxygen concentrator and the Precision Medical Live Active Five portable oxygen concentrator.

More brands in this category include Precision Medical EasyPulse, the Inogen One G5, Caire Freestyle Comfort, and the O2 Concepts OxLife Liberty portable oxygen concentrators.

Where to Get Free Portable Oxygen Concentrators

You may ask, ‘Where can I get a free oxygen concentrator? We will be looking at some options.

Having identified some of the best portable oxygen concentrator brands in the market, it’s time to shift our focus back to the topic being discussed; getting free portable oxygen concentrators.

Like other forms of medical assistance, free portable oxygen concentrators are provided for several reasons.

These include research & data collection purposes, easy access to quality medical treatment, disease prevention & management, and financial assistance.

Free portable oxygen concentrators may also be provided for philanthropy and to improve the overall quality of life.

Great sources for free portable oxygen concentrators include government assistance programs, non-profit organizations, and insurance coverage.

Also, these pieces of equipment may be made available to people during research studies and clinical trials. Let’s further discuss each of these points as follows:

i. Government Assistance Programs

Different government assistance programs for medical equipment may cover portable oxygen concentrators.

Now, states may not often publicly advertise these programs due to a limited budget for such. However, it’s best to inquire about what applies to your state.

These government assistance programs often provide durable medical equipment, mobility devices, and computer hardware & software.

Others include environmental controls, augmentative communication & sensory aids, and daily living aids.

Free portable oxygen concentrators may be offered under different categories like durable medical equipment or mobility devices.

It’s also important to note that actual pieces of equipment may not be available. Instead, low-interest loans and grants may be provided to purchase a portable oxygen concentrator.

While that is true, it must be stated that getting these low-interest loans and grants isn’t automatic. You’ll have to qualify for the same. To find out, explore federal or state-funded grants for your area.

This is a great starting point for getting a free portable oxygen concentrator.

ii. Non-Profit Organizations

Nonprofits play a crucial role in providing free portable oxygen concentrators to persons dealing with respiratory conditions.

Many charities exist, from local community foundations to more known entities like the Breath of Life Foundation.

Charities like the American Lung Association and Make a Wish Foundation may also provide free portable oxygen concentrators.

Crowdfunding Platforms can provide free portable oxygen concentrators. There’s also the HelpHOPELive Organization, amongst many others.

This is one of several places to visit for free portable oxygen concentrators.

It’s a faith-based organization that caters to members’ needs, including providing helpful assistance to people with respiratory conditions.

You might want to explore and make inquiries to see if you qualify.

This well-known non-profit caters to lung needs while helping prevent lung diseases.

The American Lung Association offers various resources, including information on how or where to get free portable oxygen concentrators.

At Make a Wish Foundation, children battling critical illnesses, including lung diseases, get their wishes fulfilled.

This could include getting a free portable oxygen concentrator. If your child suffers from such a condition, you can explore ways to take advantage of the opportunities provided.

  • Crowdfunding Platforms

Your desire to get a free portable oxygen concentrator can be achieved through crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe. As the name suggests, people can come together to raise funds for any purpose.

You can launch a campaign for this purpose.

Getting a free portable oxygen concentrator is possible through organizations like this.

HelpHOPELive is involved in medical fundraising to cover expenses that insurance doesn’t cover. You can start by exploring the site for details on this program and the extent of its healthcare assistance services.

  • Insurance Coverage

If you have comprehensive insurance coverage, getting equipment like a portable oxygen concentrator wouldn’t be a problem.

Technically, due to the insurance coverage, the provision of such medical equipment won’t be considered free.

iii. Medicaid or Medicare

Medicaid is a federal health insurance program that covers medical expenses for low-income families, individuals, seniors, and children. It can also cover POC costs if eligible.

They consider this device durable medical equipment. You can visit your local Social Security office, apply, or check their official web page.

iv. Financial Hardship Options

Fortunately, we have some manufacturers of portable oxygen concentrators who have applications for reduced costs related to financial hardship.

One of them is the Partnership for Prescription Assistance. They provide financial aid for those who satisfy their conditions for economic challenges.

Apart from them, several other agencies provide POCs at no cost. You only have to do private research to see how they can help.

v. Rental Options

Short-term portable POCs are ideal for people in transit or tourists. You can opt for the short-term POC device to vacation without taking the regular oxygen tank.

It will be provided at a meager cost within the requested time frame. Such systems often come with extra batteries. You can rent them for special events, flights, and other long trips.

vi. Payment Plans

If your insurance firm denies your claim, this is another excellent way to access a portable oxygen concentrator. Some POC distributors accept monthly payments made directly into their accounts.

Apart from them, there are medical credit options that can offer you lines of credit once you satisfy their requirements. One such creditor is “CareCredit.”

Furthermore, your financial institution may assist you in setting up a payment plan to pay for this device without stress.

But before you do that, ensure you speak to your financial planner for guidance on these lending options.

ii. Research Studies

Free portable oxygen concentrators can be made accessible for persons with respiratory conditions.

You might be lucky to get this equipment as part of the studies conducted by research teams from universities or colleges. Start by researching any ongoing research programs of this type.

iii. Clinical Trials

Similar to research studies on respiratory conditions, clinical trials may also provide free portable oxygen concentrators to participants.

You might want to explore such opportunities by researching for and contacting research centers around you.

Average Price of a Free Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Even though you need a free POC device, it’s essential to understand the market’s actual price range.

The price of POC devices typically ranges from $2,995 to $3,586. But such a price can be influenced by the brand and type of gadget you purchase,

Tips for Choosing the Best POC Device

You should also know how to select the best portable oxygen concentrator.

Doing this will optimize your money usage and enhance your breathing. It would be best to consider the cost, ease of use, and variety of options while choosing the best equipment.

You should also check the battery life, time, weight, ability to recharge, and warranty fully. These are the critical things to check for in the best POC device.


Portable oxygen concentrators might be small, but the amount isn’t tiny.

As highlighted above, you can spend thousands of dollars to secure one. You can explore the cost-effective options described in this article to save money.

They’ll help you acquire this device at a significantly reduced price since there’s less possibility of getting one for free. But before that, you should get more details on the free options.

So far, we’ve seen that getting free portable oxygen concentrators can be achieved in several ways. All you have to do is make as many inquiries as possible.

There’s always information to lead you to your goal.

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