Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers Near Me

Here is how to find durable medical equipment suppliers near me

Are you planning on establishing a hospital, clinic, long-term care facility, or home health care agency? You’ll need the services of durable medical equipment suppliers.

Here, we set out to provide a comprehensive guide to work with. The correct information is needed to find durable medical equipment suppliers near you, and this article comes in handy.

Durable Medical Equipment Companies

As you read, you’ll find tips on choosing medical equipment suppliers, how to find these suppliers, and common pitfalls to avoid.

In a nutshell, you’ll get discover all the basics there is to know about starting a durable medical equipment supply business. With that said, let’s delve into the discussion properly.

  • What Types of Durable Medical Equipment Do You Need? 

There’s a long and almost inexhaustible list to discuss durable medical equipment types. Finding suitable suppliers near requires knowing what you need.

There are varying categories of types, including orthopedic devices, mobility aids, hospital beds & mattresses, respiratory equipment, and home infusion equipment.

Other durable equipments you may need include bathroom safety equipment, diabetes management supplies, and prosthetics & orthotics.

There are more equipment categories like assistive devices for daily living, medical compression garments, wheelchair accessories, incontinence products, personal emergency response systems, etc.

Where to Find Durable Medical Suppliers Near You

To have any progress in finding durable medical suppliers near you, you must know where to look. Places to find these suppliers include local medical supply stores.

You can also visit online marketplaces, local directories, DME equipment rental companies, local yellow pages, government agencies, online retailers, and health provider referrals.

Durable medical suppliers may also be found using resources like support groups or associations, online review platforms, and recommendations from physical or occupational therapists.

Let’s further discuss some of these sources for more clarity.

List of Durable Medical Suppliers Near You

It’s not enough to know or find durable medical suppliers. You have to choose the right supplier to work with. This requires following specific tips like finding out the supplier’s location.

Other things to consider include getting recommendations from your healthcare provider and reading customer reviews about the company.

You’ll do well to also ask about the supplier’s return policy, speak directly with the supplier, and ensure they’re licensed and insured. Does the supplier provide financing in any form?

What type(s) of support services are included? Using these tips, you’re better positioned to make informed decisions.

i. Local Medical Supply Stores

You can search for durable medical equipment suppliers by visiting local medical supply stores. These offer various services, including sales of medical supplies & equipment.

Other services include medical supply & equipment delivery, medical equipment rental, consultancy services, and education & training.

ii. Online Marketplaces

Another effective way to find durable medical equipment suppliers near you is by visiting online marketplaces. Wherever you are, you can place an order and have your medical equipment shipped to your doorstep.

Online marketplaces to visit include eBay, Amazon, Medical Supply Depot, Carestream Health, Alibaba, Henry Schein, etc.

iii. Local Directories

Online directories are available to get helpful information about durable medical equipment suppliers.

Examples of local directories to start your search from include Whitepages, Yellow Pages, and Healthgrades. Others include Aging & Disability Resource Centers, Healthcare Bluebook, Medicare.gov, etc.

iv. DME Equipment Rental Companies

In your search for durable medical equipment suppliers, you can search for DME equipment rental companies. These provide equipment for short and long-term use.

Some reputable DME brands include ConvaTec, BSN Medical, Amedisys, ResMed, Pride Mobility Products, Soma Technology, and Enova. Find out what they offer by comparing services between brands.

v. Local Yellow Pages

Local yellow pages can be a good starting point for finding durable medical equipment suppliers near you. Your search can be much simpler when you narrow it down to the needed medical equipment.

Filters are great tools to use for this purpose. Next, read reviews about the supplier, and if convinced about their service, establish contact directly.

vi. Government Agencies

There are government agencies that offer helpful information on practically anything you need. Those to visit for durable medical equipment supplier needs include Veterans Affairs and State Health Departments.

You can also inquire from government agencies like the National Supplier Clearinghouse (NSC) and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

vii. Online Retailers

Tons of durable medical equipment suppliers can be reached online. These companies can cater to your every need wherever you stay.

Examples of online retailers of durable medical equipment include Carex Medical Supply, 1-800-MED-EQUIP, Allegro Medical, Edgepark Medical Supplies, Vitality Medical, Home Care Delivered, Cascade Healthcare Solutions, etc.

viii. Health Provider Referrals

Healthcare provider referrals can be valuable sources of information on finding durable medical equipment suppliers. Professionals within the field of healthcare can help with such information.

Examples include surgeons, primary care physicians, podiatrists, cardiologists, pulmonologists, dentists, dermatologists, rheumatologists, etc.

ix. Support Groups or Associations

Support groups or associations can be instrumental in finding durable medical equipment suppliers.

Through events organized by these support groups, you can network with industry players, thus increasing your chances of finding suppliers.

Examples of these support groups include the National Organization for Rare Disorders.

Others are the American Diabetes Association, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the United Ostomy Association, and National Association for Home Care & Hospice.

Other support groups & associations in this category include the American Paralysis Association, the Caregiver Action Network, and the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging.

x. Online Review Platforms

Online review platforms hold a wealth of information on durable medical equipment suppliers. By visiting these platforms, you can find and assess a supplier’s professionalism.

In other words, you determine a supplier’s capacity before doing business. Examples of these online review platforms include Healthgrades, Yelp, and Google Reviews.

There are more review platforms like NurseAdvisor, CareDash, Trust Pilot, etc. On any of these platforms, you’ll find thousands of reviews about all the major durable medical equipment suppliers.

Those with the most positive reviews are likely to be more reliable than others with the majority negative reviews.

Durable medical suppliers can be challenging to find when you don’t have the correct information. Here, we’ve provided several tips and guidelines on how to find these suppliers.

Also included is information on choosing the right.